Sunday, July 5, 2015
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House can change Standing Orders to make it more democratic, now

The NDP is pushing to limit the government’s control over time allocation and in-camera House of Commons committees.

Toews' office contradicts RCMP on when it received potentially embarrassing report on long-gun registry

RCMP says Public Safety Minister Vic Toews received Commissioner's report on long-gun registry Dec. 16. Mr. Toews' office says it wasn't until Dec. 20. The government tabled it in the House in mid-January.

Feds to focus on budget, economy, massive cuts, foreign policy, as House resumes sitting

But opposition parties say they expect the majority governing Conservatives to bring down the hammer on bills and debates, again.

Feds likely to fight Quebec's appeal to courts to save long-gun registry records

'I cannot comment on any specific matter that may be before the courts, however we will not support the creation of a backdoor long-gun registry,' says Michael Patton, communications director for Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.

Week Ahead in Parliament

Status of government business

Tories call House session ‘very productive,’ opposition parties say feds ‘abusing their majority’

Government House Leader Peter Van Loan says the government has a clear set of priorities and is focused delivering results.

Tory government using 'authoritarian tactics' to push through Wheat Board, long-gun registry bills, says Mendes

'With the Wheat Board it’s farmers. With their Reform Party roots you would think they were in favour of going back to the grassroots to seek their opinions, but suddenly with a majority government all that has disappeared,' says University of Ottawa professor Errol Mendes.

RCMP confirms records of make, model and serial numbers of guns sold no longer required when long-gun registry is dismantled

This contradicts what prominent anti-registry spokesmen and the government were saying as late as this week.

Attawapiskat doc filmmaker says Duncan must have known earlier, she asked him for an interview last year

Angela O’Leary also criticized Duncan’s scrutiny of $92-million over five years when for two-day G8 summit, the government spent $50-million.

Week Ahead in Parliament

Status of government business

Conservative MPs 'hypocritical' if they attend commemorations of the 1989 Montreal massacre after helping to eliminate the long-gun registry, says Rathjen

Conservative MP John Williamson said all politicians have the right to attend commemorative events for the shootings.

Tories will have 'blood on their hands,' if long-gun registry is eliminated, says survivor of 1989 Montreal massacre

Heidi Rathjen told The Hill Times that the loss of a registry of seven million rifles and shotguns is being made worse by a clause in Bill C-19 that removes current mandatory requirements for gun buyers and sellers to report firearms acquisitions and sales or even transfers from one individual to another.

New House seats bill fails to address urban-rural riding divide, say experts

Riding boundary commissions can adjust ridings within 25 per cent above or below the average population in the province, but experts say it should be changed to five to 10 per cent.

The Week Ahead in Parliament

Status of government business

Former Mountie says gun owners fear future government will use long-gun registry records to confiscate privately-owned guns

In the final round of witness hearings for Bill C-19, women’s groups against violence squared off with Conservative MPs, gun owners, hunters and the most prominent university expert who has fought against the registry since its inception, each side battling with conflicting statistics to make their case.

Bill to eliminate long-gun registry will also make records of rifle and shotgun sales or transfers no longer mandatory

Registrar of Firearms must not 'retain any record' of inquiries into licence confirmation under Bill C-19, even though the law requires that sellers ensure buyers have valid gun ownership licenses. This could prevent anyone from being prosecuted under the Firearms Act. 'It's crazy,' says NDP MP Joe Comartin.

Tory intention to destroy long-gun records could break two laws, says Information Commissioner

Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault says destroying records could contravene 'spirit and letter' of Access to Information law and Library and Archives Canada Act.

Parliamentary Calendar
Sunday, July 12, 2015
Politicians, Candidates come out for Toronto Pride Parade, June 28, 2015 June 29, 2015

Photo courtesy of Twitter

On Sunday, Toronto didn't have to wait for the rain to stop for the rainbows to appear, or the politicians. Pictured here, federal and Ontario Liberal leaders Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne, joined by MPs Chrystia Freeland, Carolyn Bennett, and Bob Rae. Candidates Bill Morneau, Salma Zahid, and Bill Blair were there, too.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, really playing up the beard thing at this year's pride.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May alongside candidates Gord Miller, Mike Schreiner, and deputy leader of the Green Party of Ontario, Mark Daye.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

A first this year was a Conservative contingent actually walking in the parade. They were calling themselves the LGTBTories. Among them were MP Bernard Trottier, candidate for Toronto-Centre Julian Di Battista, and Status of Women and Labour Minister Kellie Leitch.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

NDP Toronto MPs Matthew Kellway and Craig Scott, with Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and candidate for Toronto-Centre Linda McQuaig.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett carrying the banner with the Women's College Hospital in the parade.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

In an appearance that has sparked some backlash among social-conservative Conservatives, MPPs Jack MacLaren and Lisa MacLeod marched alongside Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leader Patrick Brown.


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