Thursday, March 5, 2015
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House moves on restricting political loans bill, Liberals resisted legislation for last year

Bill will further tighten rules on political loans and calls for more transparency, but opposition parties want PM to release his own 2004 leadership contributors’ list.

MPs concerned about ensuring ‘communities of interest’ in redrawing riding boundaries

Ridings can vary 25 per cent below or above the average population. Incumbent MPs are making their cases.

House as ‘boisterous as when we left it’: MPs

MPs returned last week to Ottawa after a nearly three-month break. But their political, partisan games continue, on both sides of the House.

Conservatives say second budget bill a priority, MPs say there could be another House showdown

MPs say economy, energy, foreign policy, immigration, robocalls, crime, and F-35s to be top issues in House.

Tories will pay political price if another omnibus budget bill introduced this fall, say opposition parties

House rules should be changed to prevent 'frivolous' report stage amendments, says former House leader

Restricting amendments at report stage undemocratic, rubber stamp for committees: May

Conflict of Interest Act's five-year review past deadline, opposition MPs frustrated with 'toothless' bill

Ethics Commissioner's 'biggest challenge' to administering Conflict of Interest Act is when it comes to dealing with gifts or other advantages given to public office holders.

Parliament passes new copyright law; Geist says feds caved to U.S. on digital locks

‘This was by far the U.S.’s biggest issue,’ says University of Ottawa copyright expert Michael Geist.

Conservative-dominated Senate pushes through three contentious bills, PMO says PM will not prorogue Parliament this fall

The majority-governing Conservatives are planning to push three of their most controversial major bills through the Senate by Friday, fuelling speculation that Prime Minister Stephen Harper intends to prorogue Parliament this fall to set out an ambitious new agenda for the period leading up to the next federal election in the fall of 2015.

Prime Minister calls session ‘legislatively productive,’ opposition parties call it ‘a full frontal attack on democracy’

Everything you ever wanted to know about Bill C-38, but were afraid to ask.

Opposition MPs say marathon House filibuster was worth it

After 156 roll call votes and 23-and-a-half hours of straight voting, opposition MPs say they made their point on budget bill.

Tories treating Parliament with contempt, 'playing games to avoid scrutiny,' says Queen's professor Franks

Opposition's 1,000 amendments 'pure posturing,' says Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, before preparing for a marathon voting session in the House of Commons.

NDP, Libs, Green table more than 1,200 amendments to feds’ omnibus budget bill

But when the Finance Committee’s report on Bill C-38 comes up for debate this week, the opposition parties won’t have a united front to kill the bill.

Week Ahead in Parliament

Status of Government Business

Grits, Green to table 200 amendments on feds’ omnibus budget bill, expect 60 hours of House roll call votes

The government’s sweeping Budget Implementation Act will change 70 laws, but opposition MPs plan to fight it.

Next four weeks of House session ‘challenging’ say feds

The government’s priorities will be to pass the Budget Implementation Bill, the Immigration and Refugee Reform Bill, the Pooled Registered Pension Plans Bill, the Canada-Jordan Free Trade Agreement, and the Canada-Panama Free Trade Agreement.

Week Ahead in Parliament

Status of Government Business


Parliamentary Calendar
Thursday, March 5, 2015
ITK hosts intimate preview of next week's Taste of the Arctic event March 2, 2015

The Hill Times photograph by John Major
ITK project coordinator Looee Okalik, using an 'ulu' or 'woman's knife' to cut off a portion of 'Nikku' or dried caribou.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
NAC Le Café's executive chef John Morris explaining his take on traditional Inuit menu items.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
First Air's Elisapee Sheutiapik, also former mayor of Iqaluit, with ITK health and social development assistant director Anna Fowler.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
First Air's Ron Lowry, Ms. Sheutiapik, ITK's Looee Okalik, iPolitics' Elizabeth Gray-Smith, ITK's Anna Fowler, The Hill Times' Rachel Aiello, First Air's Bert van der Stege, and ITK's Kathleen Tagoona.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
After the tasting, Chef John Morris joined the guests for the mini-feast of traditional Inuit foods.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
Chef John Morris spoons some jus on Ottawa Citizen food editor Peter Hum's plate.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
First Air's Ron Lowry and Bert van der Stege; and ITK President Terry Audla.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
ITK president Terry Audla digging in to the frozen Arctic char or 'Iqaluk' meat from the Rankin Inlet.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
First Air's Ron Lowry adding a bit of seal fur to his suit.