Cuba celebrates national day, EU unveils Winterlude ice sculpture: diplomatic parties this week

Canada-Cuba Inter-Parliamentary Group chair Senator Pierrette Ringuette, mojito in hand, toasts with deputy minister for international development Peter Boehm and Cuban Ambassador Julio Garmendia at the Cuban national celebration on Feb. 8, at the embassy.

Ambassador Garmendia delivers a speech to a very full room.

Mr. Garmendia and Liberal MP David McGuinty, who arrived later to the embassy event on Feb. 8 after votes had concluded in the House.

Peruvian Ambassador Marcela Lopez Bravo with Laurence Schaller of the Chateau Laurier.

Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Shevchenko, right, with Norwegian Ambassador Anne Kari Hansen Ovind, centre, and Mr. Shevchenko's spouse, Hanna Homonai.

At a Feb. 4 unveiling of an EU Delegation ice sculpture at Winterlude at Confederation Park is Indonesian Ambassador Teuku Faizasyah, EU Ambassador Marie-Anne Coninsx, with Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde, and Slovenian Ambassador Marjan Cencen.

Melanie Brault, director of Capital Celebrations at Canadian Heritage, with Ms. Coninsx, Mr. Bellegarde, and his partner, Valerie Galley.

Gathered at the Chinese official residence for dinner to celebrate the Lunar New Year on Feb. 9 were, from front left to right: Jennifer Chevalier of the CBC, Camille Labchuk, Kristen Shane of The Hill Times, Donna Jacobs of Diplomat & International magazine, Ulle Baum and Peter Mazereeuw of The Hill Times, Karen Temple of Ottawa Life Magazine and her daughter, musician Guan Yadong. Second row: Chinese Embassy counsellor Mao Zhongying, Lillian Thomsen, Annette Martin; from right, Bill Parker of CHIN Radio (in red), musician Patty Chen, and her assistant. Third row, from left: Chinese Embassy spokesperson Yang Yundong and counsellor Tao Yihong, Stephen Maher of iPolitics, Don Martin of CTV, Mike Blanchfield and Andy Blatchford of The Canadian Press, Pierre-Paul Noreau of Le Droit, Wang Wentian, Chinese chargé d'affaires, counsellor Zhuang Yaodong, David Ljunggren of Reuters, Chinese press director Yang Tianwen, minister-counsellor Yang Xinyu, first secretary Ji Lingpeng, and special assistant to the chargé Qu Wenbo.