Belgian frites, Pakistani mangoes, and more: diplomatic parties this week

General Carlos Chavez Cateriano, left, with Colonel Jose Antonio Garcia Morgan, and his spouse, Diana León Vasquez, at the reception on July 22 to mark Air Force Day in Peru. Sam Garcia

Mr. Garcia with Peruvian Ambassador Marcela López Bravo. Sam Garcia

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Representative Rong-chuan Wu with the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Koviljka Spiric, at a reception in honour of Bosnia’s visiting foreign minister hosted at the Bosnian Embassy on July 19. Sam Garcia

Ambassador of Panama Alberto Arosemena, left, shares a laugh with Ms. Spiric and her spouse, Goran Spiric. Sam Garcia

Japanese Ambassador Kenjiro Monji greets Ms. Spiric. Sam Garcia

Slovenian Ambassador Marjan Cencen, left, mingles with Peruvian Ambassador Marcela López Bravo, and Bosnian Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak. Sam Garcia

Mr. Crnadak socializes with Armenian Ambassador Armen Yeganian and Austrian Ambassador Arno Riedel. Sam Garcia

Belgian Ambassador Raoul Delcorde talks with French Ambassador Nicolas Chapuis, as he welcomes him to his national day party on July 21. Sam Garcia

Fries served with mayo: a Belgian treat! Chelsea Nash

Mr. Delcorde delivers remarks to guests gathered in his backyard. Sam Garcia

Outgoing Chief of Protocol Angela Bogdan with Mr. Delcorde, EU Ambassador Marie-Anne Coninsx and her spouse, Kurt Schelter. Sam Garcia

The chip truck parked outside the Belgian residence, cooking up fresh fries. Sam Garcia

Ripe mangoes imported from Pakistan for a special tasting at the high commissioner's residence on July 22. Sam Garcia

Pakistani High Commissioner Tariq Azim Khan with Saudi Ambassador Naif Bin Bandir AlSudairy. Sam Garcia

Mr. AlSaudairy tries some of the mango drink being offered. Sam Garcia

Cheers! Mr. Khan, left, toasts with his guests, Malaysian High Commissioner Aminahtun Karim Shaharudin, second from left, and her spouse, far right, A.G. Shaharudin, and Global Affairs Canada's Rosaline Kwan. Sam Garcia

Japanese Ambassador Kenjiro Monji, left, with Mr. Khan, Ms. Shaharudin, and Chinese Ambassador Luo Zhaohui. Sam Garcia

Outgoing Korean Defence Attaché Colonel Jang Min Choi, Astrid Neuland, business development executive of Thales Canada, and Angela Son, the colonel's spouse on July 13 at the Earl of Sussex pub for the Second Annual Defence and Security Summer Social. Ulle Baum

André LaFrance, chief operations officer and co-founder of the ALRM Group, greets Mr. Choi. Ulle Baum