Menya Solutions – A recognized expertise in AI since 2006

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Artificial intelligence is currently revolutionizing several socio-economic areas and ways of doing things. Menya Solutions, a pioneer in its field, has been active since 2006 in delivering concrete value to several clients and is positioning itself as a leader in AI in Canada. It occupies a niche of exceptional expertise in autonomous robotics, industrial optimization, and complex decision support.

Becoming Levio's AI division in 2019, Menya brings together more than 50 AI consultants, massive data and BI. Its experts, combined with the skilled integrator capabilities of Levio's +1000 consultants, enable stakeholders in the government and private sectors, finance, marketing, cyber security, and supply chains to introduce and advance with confidence capture the full value of the AI.

Menya's strength lies in the development of custom AI solutions, in addition to its ability to perform industrial research and development focused on innovations for commercialization; either as a solution or setting up new projects for its customers.

Space robotics

Menya innovates in the development of solutions for autonomous robots. For example, it has worked in collaboration with MDA, a Canadian aerospace technology company, and the Canadian Space Agency to develop AI solutions for a new generation of autonomous robots, positioning Menya as a leader in this field.

Command and Control Systems

Menya develops intelligent solutions for command-and-control systems to manage complex operations. It has worked in the Defense sector to implement a threat analysis system for coastal operations, such as maritime surveillance or rescue.


The company is also working with a Canadian bank to develop a solution for optimizing the marketing budget using AI.

On the security side, Menya is collaborating with a Canadian company to develop intelligent technology to protect vehicle networks from cyber-attacks.

And these are just a few examples. The potential to develop AI solutions is almost infinite. Menya is creating the most powerful innovations according to the specific needs of each customer.



"Menya is the Canadian engineering company that carries out large AI projects. Regardless of the industry, we work with our customers to put technology at the service of their ambitions and to create solutions tailored to their needs," Froduald Kabanza, Chief Technical Advisor and Founder of Menya.


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Froduald Kabanza leads the Menya AI technical team. Since 1993, he is also a professor and researcher in AI at the University of Sherbrooke.

Dr. Kabanza is one of the two main co-inventors of a medical prescription tracking technology called APSS (Antibiotic Prescription Support System), now used by Lumed Inc.

From 2005 to 2007, he was Vice-President of the Association for Artificial Intelligence in Canada. In 2017, the newspaper Les Affaires named him one of the 5 brains of AI in Quebec.