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Insider's Guide to Fall Session of the 42nd Parliament

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent trip to India has been much maligned by political observers and the opposition. What did it accomplish?”

Status of Women Minister Monsef hires new D. Comms straight from Public Safety Minister Goodale’s team

Justine Villeneuve arrived from Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale's office.

Canadians united in pessimism about energy decision-making

There is a tremendous opportunity to transform Canadians’ views on energy decision-making from pessimism to optimism—but it’s going to take individual and collective action by all governments on the policy, planning and project fronts. Here’s to hoping they seize the opportunity.

Pitfield exits Petitpas Taylor’s office, Moussouni enters as new policy adviser

Emilie Simard is now director of communications to Canadian Heritage Minister MĂ©lanie Joly.

Fall preview: foreign policy and international trade

There’s more than just Trump-wrangling going on in the foreign affairs sphere. Here’s a snapshot of the wheeling-and-dealing Canada will be part of in international circles this fall.

Two new opposition leaders armed with multiple issues prepare for fall face-off with the PM

It's go time. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have to get cracking and start showing achievements this fall on the Cannabis Act, NAFTA renegotiations, the Phoenix pay system, Canada's Environmental Protection Act, fighter jets, naval ships, Indigenous reconciliation issues, pre-budget consultations, tax reforms, and much more.

International trade, environment, top lobbying topics over summer

There were 226 monthly communications reports containing the topic international trade and 219 with environment between June 22, the day after the House the rose for the summer, and Sept. 12, according to a search of the federal lobbyist registry.

Trudeau departs from traditional cabinetmaking thinking on gender, regional representation

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made good on a campaign pledge by continually boasting a gender-equal cabinet, while also forgoing the practice of naming regional ministers.

Revamped legislation and regulatory reinvigoration on the docket for telecom and broadcasting in fall sitting

Despite a dizzying array of issues to keep sight of, expect many eyes to find focus on Heritage Minister MĂ©lanie Joly, who has said that the results of her sweeping review of Canadian content in a digital age will be unveiled in September.

The girls (and boys) are back in town

The upcoming fall session will be the start of the high stakes, high risk, gloves off combination of policy and politics that we junkies love.

Fall’s best events and parties: where to eat, drink, and mingle

CPAC's 25th-anniversary celebration, the Vimy Awards Gala, and the Chicken Farmers of Canada's tailgate shindig: you won't want to miss out on any of fall's parties.

Payette has the right stuff to be the next GG, say fellow astronauts

Life at Rideau Hall will be anything but normal, where Julie Payette’s life will be more under a public microscope than it ever has been before—as she already knows. But her former astronaut colleagues say she's more than ready for the country’s top job.

It’s a globalized world after all

The globalization of corruption, confusion, collusion, cruelty, and cynicism is flourishing, and the president of the United States is doing nothing to fight that.