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'Right Relationship' is a relationship between humans and nature that feels healthy and committed.
Three young Conservative politicians offer their own party advice on how to communicate conservative ideas to the younger generations.
More than 30 GTA Conservative candidates of record have formed an informal group to push leadership candidates to make the area a priority in the next election. In 2021, the Tories only won seven of 57 GTA seats.
Feature|Alice Chen
The Canadian Press' Joan Bryden recently sailed into retirement after more than three decades of reporting on federal politics.
Former Liberal MP Joe Jordan says it's rare for somebody to work their way into a cabinet as opposed to being picked early in their tenure, which is a testament to Mark Holland's skillset.
Brian Clow and Marjorie Michel were appointed as deputy chiefs of staff to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Oct. 25.
Nine-term Liberal MP Judy Sgro says the Liberal caucus will review the party’s election performance once the caucus meetings start.
In many ways, the precarity that most people saw with their jobs during COVID-19 is something that gig workers struggle with near constantly, says the NDP's Daniel Blaikie.
'We’ve been sort of in limbo, so it’s a relief to be able to start organizing everything,' says Liberal Pascale St-Onge, whose victory in Brome-Missisquoi, Que., was challenged in a since-cancelled recount.
Half of the 42 ridings the Conservatives lost in the last election are suburban ridings, which public opinion analysts say proves yet again that any party that wants to form government needs to win the suburbs of major urban centres.
An assistant deputy speaker and four-term MP, Alexandra Mendèz—like Anthony Rota—has begun contacting fellow MPs to ask for their support in the Speaker's election.
Former and current MPs advise rookies to listen more than they speak, reach out to MPs in their caucus 'proactively,' and be principled in their core beliefs.
Will O’Toole hang on and keep trying to sell a moderate-sounding package designed to break through his party’s 34 per cent ceiling with a wider coalition, or is the party about to go in the other direction?
Voters delivered a Parliament that was virtually unchanged from the 2019 contest. As such, all the parties and their leaders, Liberals included, experienced at least some degree of disappointment.   
The four most likely leadership candidates would be Candice Bergen, Pierre Poilievre, Michelle Rempel-Garner, and Michael Chong. Rona Ambrose remains a dark horse possibility.
Opinion|Joe Jordan
There is plenty to do, and Canadians have told their federal politicians to get back at it. If you must pass judgment on the value question, how about you wait and see where we are in a year from now, or three.
Don’t expect too many departures, but expect some renewal as he puts forward a fresh new face on his six-year-old government ready to take on the many big issues waiting for it.
News and Opinion

Liberal leadership speculation a distraction, Trudeau should shut it down firmly, say Liberal MPs, political insiders, and pollsters

If the Liberal leadership speculation does not stop, Liberals could end up in the same situation as Conservatives, says pollster Darrell Bricker. But pollster Nik Nanos says Trudeau could theoretically win another election, but likely a minority.
The 27-year-old New Democrat says reconciliation needs to begin with Indigenous youth, because 'we can't afford to have another generation go by with this pain in their hearts, minds, and spirit.'
The constant messaging about a supposedly pointless election may have also resulted in less voter engagement overall, suggest politicos.
If Erin O’Toole does stick around for another kick at the can, what version of him will we see? 
By extending its mandate to also provide organized and formal debates for non-leader candidates in each riding, the commission can solve one of its major shortcomings.
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