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Policy Briefing: The North
A CC-177 Globemaster arrives in Resolute Bay, Nunavut, with members from 38 Canadian Brigade Group participating in Exercise Arctic Ram on Feb. 13, 2016. Canada must ensure it is ready and able to provide kinetic force to stop any form of Russian use of force, writes Rob Huebert. DND photograph by MCpl Louis Brunet

Canada has a role in Arctic security amid nuclear arms dilemma

Opinion|Rob Huebert
Canada must energetically maintain its security solidarity with the U.S. and make defence decisions and expenditures that support nuclear deterrence and not nuclear warfighting.
The Government of Canada requires a cultural change to break down departmental silos and synchronize investment plans in and with northern governments, peoples, and industry.
Transitioning northern communities off of diesel power may involve looking at small modular reactors, hydrogen, or geothermal energy as alternatives, according to current and former government representatives for Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.
In the last two decades, the northern housing crisis has only deepened as the annual federal support for social housing nationwide has been gradually reduced—and will be zero by 2037.
Supporting people to have comparable quality of life and benefits wherever they live is a fundamental Canadian value—and an important part of reconciliation.
Opinion|Paul Quassa
Our culture is paramount. But in order to preserve our way of life, to hunt and enjoy our land as our ancestors have done, we Inuit must also embrace a measure of change.
At COP26, Inuit leaders, elders, youth, and others repeated the message that Inuit have been giving since COP1 in 1995: our Arctic homeland is changing, and these changes have global implications.

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