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Policy Briefing: Environment Policy Briefing
Inuit face an existential threat and are experiencing a violation of our fundamental human right to a safe and healthy environment, writes Lisa Koperqualuk.

Inuit are battling an existential threat

So where do we go from here? We go back to our three calls to action we asked global leaders to act on at COP26: unprecedented and massive efforts to cap global temperature rise; valuing Indigenous knowledge and leadership and supporting Indigenous participation; and partnering to protect the oceans and cryosphere.
Canada’s commitment to end deforestation by 2030 is complicated by the fact that deforestation is driven by a growing global population, agricultural production, and increasing per-capita food consumption.
The U.S. appointed John Kerry as a special presidential envoy for climate change on its National Security Council in early 2021, and Canada should consider taking similar action, says Green Party MP Elizabeth May.
Many Indigenous communities felt angry and excluded by the inclusion of more fossil-fuel industry lobbyists than Indigenous participants at COP26, including by Canada.
We need to pay more attention to the potential of municipalities in drastically cutting emissions while promoting more equitable outcomes for all.
Opinion|Bob Masterson
But deepened and sustained collaboration between industry, the provinces, the federal government, Indigenous peoples, and other stakeholders will be necessary to succeed.
It is now time for Canadian legislators to step up to the mark. The need for a national strategy to address environmental racism and to advance environmental justice has become apparent as the country reckons with anti-Indigenous and anti-Black racism.
Climate change is here, unprecedented is the new norm, and we need to engage in coordinated, collaborative, systemic action to prepare for and adapt to this new reality.
We can and must put Canada at the forefront of demonstrating that the expansion of nuclear power, including the introduction of small and advanced reactors, needs to be a key component of our collective climate change action.

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