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Policy Briefing: Universities and Colleges Research
All the national parties have made welcome commitments to increase federal funding for minority language education in their platforms. Missing, however, is a comprehensive vision for post-secondary education in Canada, writes Brenda Austin-Smith. The Hill Times photographs by Sam Garcia and Andrew Meade

Fixing post-secondary education key to fixing social inequities

A commitment to affordable, high quality, accessible, and inclusive post-secondary education for all demands strong federal leadership to close the gap on Indigenous education and better serve minority language students.
The number of international students may rise this year compared to 2020, but travel restrictions related to COVID-19 variants may be a roadblock, according to Universities Canada president Paul Davidson.
Opinion|Paula Burns
Investment in Canada’s colleges and institutions truly is an investment in the people, businesses, and communities that will lead Canada’s economic recovery. We are proud of the role we play in this important work.
Opinion|Sara Asalya
The higher education sector can help facilitate solutions to the most challenging and pressing issues facing our society, and the current refugee crisis is one of these global challenges that we all have a moral obligation to address.
Opinion|Paul Davidson
For Canada to succeed, our universities must be strong. In a global economy that is unpredictable and constantly changing, our higher education system is our competitive advantage.
Opinion|Melody Viczko
Currently only three per cent of refugees access higher education. At a time when the UNHCR has set a lofty goal of increasing access to 15 per cent by 2030, internationalization has to be about more than revenue generation by student mobility.
It isn’t just COVID-19 that led us here. Changes in the federal social transfer in the 1990s shifted the ground beneath the sector’s feet.
Opinion|Vivek Goel
Once the pandemic clouds clear, it’s inevitable that public research budgets will come under scrutiny. But cutting research budgets is tantamount to throwing away your umbrella when the rain stops.
We need to invest to generate the next wave of disruptive innovation. The risk-takers, the curious, the problem solvers, will take us where we never imagined possible.
Opinion|Graham Carr
It’s a challenge best tackled together by universities, the federal and provincial governments, plus industry and public sector partners who benefit enormously from global talent recruitment.
The federal government must use its power of the purse to create new funding arrangements with the provinces to increase mental health care services, and reduce wait times, on campuses across the country.

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