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Policy Briefing: Aviation Policy Briefing
Sustainable aviation fuel isn't in widespread use, largely due to price and availability concerns, but stakeholders are hoping a little government help could go a long way. Flickr photo courtesy of Jason O'Halloran

Innovation and incentives needed to spur aviation emission reductions

Sustainable aviation fuel is a big part of stakeholders' eco-friendly aviation push, but they say they need the government's help to foster a competitive market in Canada.
The federal government must step in to provide financial assistance for the struggling airline sector and provide an evidence-based plan for a return to the skies. Anything less and the sector will not be able to recover.
Opinion|John Gradek
The Canadian airline industry could come out of the pandemic looking very different. The fallout from the worst year in industry history could lead to a bifurcation of domestic and international carriers.
Aerospace is trending green, with some significant innovations that require updated aviation infrastructure and regulations.
Sending cash to the airlines won't raise the demand for plane tickets, and without that, airlines have little reason to rehire pilots or start flying cancelled routes, say some experts.
Opinion|David Zingg
The public perception of aviation's contribution to climate change doesn't match reality, but even with outsized attention the government has failed to sufficiently invest in aviation sustainability.
Opinion|Ramy Elitzur
The crisis facing the aviation industry has no simple solutions. Uncertainty over the course of the pandemic, the vaccine rollout, the future of business travel, and leisure travellers' hesitancy to board a plane post-pandemic complicate planning and make both government and industry's job harder, writes Ramy Elitzur.

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