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The Hill Times


We’re located at:
246 Queen Street, Suite 200
Ottawa, Ont. K1P 5E4

Telephone: 613-232-5952
Fax: 613-232-9055


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Editorial Department

w: 613-688-8838
m: 613-897-4406
e: kmalloy@hilltimes.com

Managing Editor
w: 613-688-8846
m: 613-558-8244
e: cevelyn@hilltimes.com

Deputy Editor
w: 613-688-8835
e: pmazereeuw@hilltimes.com

Deputy Editor
w: 613-688-8831
m: 613-293-9851
e: lryckewaert@hilltimes.com

Assistant Deputy Editor
w: 613-688-8833
m: 613-314-0614
e: arana@hilltimes.com

Digital Editor
w: 613-288-1147
e: bpaez@hilltimes.com

w: 613-688-8829
m: 613-402-2587
e: swallen@hilltimes.com

w: 613-232-5952
ext. 231
m: 613-700-8191
e: nmoss@hilltimes.com

w: 613-232-5952
ext. 231
m: 416-893-0878
e: achamandy@hilltimes.com

w: 613-232-5952 ext. 231
m: 647-268-7485
e: pmangat@hilltimes.com

w: 613-688-8824
m: 519-441-8414
e: mlapointe@hilltimes.com

Editor, The Wire Report
m: 514-746-8856
e: akarad@thewirereport.ca

Reporter, The Wire Report
w: 613-688-8834
m: 873-288-3476
e: mleemurphy@thewirereport.ca

Reporter, The Wire Report
w: 613-688-8828
m: 613-807-9561
e: alangenberg@thewirereport.ca

Reporter, Parliament Now
w: 613-232-5952 ext. 225
e: cleadlay@parliamentnow.ca

Editor, Parliament Now
m: 613-302-7634
e: kschultz@parliamentnow.ca

Reporter/Editor, The Lobby Monitor, and Hill Times Research
w: 613-232-5952
ext. 232
e: tsanci@hilltimes.com

Reporter, Lobby Monitor
m: 519-878-6005
e: jcnockaert@lobbymonitor.ca


Production Department

Production Manager
w: 613-232-5952 ext. 205
e: bdeneault@hilltimes.com

Senior Online and Graphic Designer
w: 613-232-5952 ext. 206
m: 613-818-8355
e: joey@hilltimes.com

Graphic Designer
w: 613-232-5952 ext. 4235
e: smasonde@hilltimes.com

Web Developer
w: 613-232-5952 ext. 327
m: 819-639-8626
e: jflavoie@hilltimes.com

Web Developer
e: ian@hilltimes.com

Department of Subscriptions and Licensing

e: subscriptions@hilltimes.com

Director of Reader Engagement
w: 613-288-1146
e: crivoire@hilltimes.com

Vice President of Content Licensing Sales
w: 613-288-1145
m: 613-620-4092
e: shansel@hilltimes.com

Subscriptions and Licensing Executive
w: 613-232-5952 ext. 263
e: dblackbird@hilltimes.com

Circulation Manager
w: 613-688-8821
e: dlahey@hilltimes.com

Subscriptions & Licensing Executive
w: 613-263-3013
e: lkrish@hilltimes.com

Advertising / Sales Department

Vice President, Marketing and Multi-Media Sales
w: 613-688-8841
m: 613-290-7797
e: smacdonald@hilltimes.com

Director of Business Development
w: 613-688-8827
e: ccaldbick@hilltimes.com

Director of Business Development
w: 613-688-8836
m: 613-794-8638
e: mreaume@hilltimes.com

Advertising & Sponsorship Executive
w: 613-688-8822
m: 613-240-4622
e: ubaum@hilltimes.com

Director of Business Development
P: 613-688-8825
M: 819-712-2476

Administration / HR

General Manager
w: 613-688-8844
ext. 215
m: 613-889-9973
e: amorrow@hilltimes.com

Reception/Admin Assistant
w: 613-232-5952 ext. 200
e: kmore@hilltimes.com

Human Resources Manager
w: 613-688-8819
e: twale@hilltimes.com


P: 613-688-8843
M: 613-818-1025

w: 613-688-8837
m: 613-612-5877
e: jcreskey@hilltimes.com

w: 613-688-8826
m: 613-324-3785
e: acreskey@hilltimes.com

w: 613-688-8840
m: 613-203-1633
e: ldickson@hilltimes.com

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