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Singh in talks with party over his salary, Caron staffs up NDP leader’s Hill office

New NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has indicated he may wait until the next general election in 2019 to run for a seat, which would follow the example of past NDP leaders.

A lament for O’Leary

Until Kevin O’Leary can clear away his political debts, he may haunt us still. This must terrify some in the Conservative leadership team.

Canadian company the Conservatives used to count leadership vote leads election tech industry on both sides of the border

The Conservative Party praises Dominion Voting for its software, but an election expert is raising security concerns and has condemned the party's choice to destroy the paper ballots.

Tories get leader, but not big tent party needs

Andrew Scheer may have dairy farmers and social conservatives on his side. But Canadians?

Conservative caucus rallies around Scheer; Bernier knew unity would have been tough for him, says Clement

Seventeen caucus members had endorsed Maxime Bernier, while Scheer had almost double.

With Scheer, Conservatives look back instead of forward

Generating fresh ideas, not party unity, is the real challenge for the Tories.

Social conservatives have chosen, and it’s Andrew Scheer and his perma-smirk

Mr. Free Speech seems only in favour of free speech for those with whom he agrees.

Social conservatives propel Andrew Scheer to Conservative leadership

A narrow victory means the new party chief will have to extend olive branches in all directions, says a member of one rival campaign.

As ballots are counted, some Conservatives criticize complicated ranked-ballot voting system, party to review leadership election rules in post-mortem

The crowded field of candidates and the complicated voting system confused a lot of Conservative Party members, say some Conservatives. The party will review what worked and what didn’t once the convention is over.

Conservative leadership frontrunners’ hospitality suites boast biggest crowds, run late into the night

Conservative leadership candidates Erin O'Toole and Maxime Bernier attracted big crowds by renting out entire restaurants.

Bernier wants to scrap it, but poll suggests majority of Conservative voters back supply management

Three of every four Canadians polled said they approved of the agricultural system, the survey shows.

CPC leadership: Bernier’s to lose? Not quite, say insiders

Most say they would bet on Maxime Bernier, but there’s ‘still room for the underdog,’ as Chris Alexander puts it.

Political Insider’s Guide to Conservative Party Leadership Convention

Happening: May 26-27, 2017 at the Toronto Congress Centre

Conservatives say leadership ‘wide open’ and ‘excited’ about party renewal, first leadership convention in 13 years

About 2,000 Conservatives are expected to attend the party's leadership convention this weekend.

Conservative leadership: candidates primer

Conservative caucus support for leadership contenders

Erin O'Toole has the most caucus endorsements, from 31 MPs, and four Senators.

Scheer, Lemieux, Chong score endorsements as advocacy groups release mock ballots

Get-out-the-vote efforts will target thousands of party members invested in abortion, supply management.

Five things we learned from the latest Conservative leadership fundraising data

Ex-Liberal Senator Pana Merchant appears to have donated to Conservative contender Andrew Scheer.

With O’Leary gone, Conservatives dodged a nuclear missile

He was to the Liberals what Michael Ignatieff was to the Conservatives: a dream opponent.

O’Leary supporters have potential to throw Conservative race wide open

They may not follow him so easily into the Bernier camp.

O’Leary is all about return on investment

And Kevin O'Leary discovered that political life is really a lot more difficult than most business people realize.

Conservatives’ rank and file ‘pissed off’ O’Leary quit, wondering, ‘what the hell are we left with?’

Rank-and-file party members are said to be ‘mad’ at former Harper cabinet ministers, like Peter MacKay, John Baird, and Jason Kenney, who they feel would have fared better in an election than who’s left.

Tory leadership candidates courting supply management group for support

Scheer, Chong, and Blaney score photo-ops defending Quebec’s sacred cows.

Less than a quarter of caucus undeclared in Conservative race, with a month to go

Nearly three-quarters of caucus has endorsed a candidate; Scheer and O’Toole are neck and neck. O'Leary, who had four caucus supporters, announced he's quitting the race and supporting Bernier.

Quebec’s 78 ridings ‘extremely important’ in Conservative leadership race: low membership numbers, easier to campaign in and lots of influence

Conservative Party members should elect a Quebecer to lead the party in the 2019 election which will help the party in winning more seats in Quebec, says former Conservative MP John Reynolds.

Conservative MPs shouldn’t get their knickers in a knot over Scott Gilmore’s cross-country dinner tour

Rather than launching black helicopters, those concerned Conservative MPs and other party advocates should go to these Scott Gilmore dinners, listen, and participate. Show a willingness to encourage conversation and a hear diversity of views.

Raitt campaign reaching out to members in leadership race final stretch

Lisa Raitt’s leadership team is 'decentralized,' with a campaign manager based out of Toronto.

Conservative leadership race enters ‘horse-trading phase’ and candidates are making deals

Rival candidates’ and their strategists’ outreach to each other started after the membership-signup deadline of March 28.

Conservative MPs criticize Gilmore for floating Conservative Party shakeup, take aim at his marriage to Liberal minister

‘It doesn’t matter if I’m married to Fidel Castro or to Bill O’Reilly. What matters are the ideas and the reaction to those ideas,’ Scott Gilmore responds.

‘I hope he will stay,’ Bernier would consider O’Leary as Finance minister if he wins leadership and government

Maxime Bernier says the Conservative leadership race has become a two-person contest between himself and Kevin O’Leary.

Conservative leadership results to indicate level of MPs’ influence in ridings, say Tory MPs

The Conservative Party will make riding-by-riding leadership results public after each ballot count, says Conservative Party spokesman Cory Hann.

CPC membership debacle: Tamil Conservative Party members feel unjustly called out

Politically involved Tamils say if the party doesn’t release names of those responsible, it reflects poorly on entire community.

Leitch pictured firing Walther P1 in fundraising email to her Conservative Party supporters, not a Nazi-era handgun, says gun owner 

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch promises 'a common sense approach to firearms regulation,' in email blast to her supporters.

Conservative Party must be transparent about fraudulent memberships or it will ‘undercut credibility of outcome,’ says Kent

'Nothing wrong will happen under my watch,' Conservative Party's Dustin Van Vugt tells Conservative MP Bob Saroya.

Raitt willing to serve in an O’Leary-led Conservative caucus

Lisa Raitt says Kevin O’Leary is ‘wrong’ for Canada and the Conservative Party, but she is willing to turn the other cheek if he becomes leader.

O’Leary says ‘fraud’ occurring in Conservative leadership race, alleges ‘vote rigging’

The businessman-turned politician says he learned that fake memberships are being sold to people who might not even be aware that they’re being signed up.

Leadership race as identity crisis: the Conservatives veer into unknown territory

There's no guarantee that the winner will be a candidate the party establishment supports.

O’Leary leadership campaign focused on business experience, millennials

Chris Rougier is campaign manager to Kevin O’Leary, while Mike Coates is campaign chair.

Conservative Party has ‘double standard’ on leadership campaign rules, and ballots only allow for 10 candidates, not 14, says Trost campaign

The Conservative Party is 'very lackadaisical' on transferring money back to leadership candidates and the leadership election ballot papers allow party members to rank only 10 of 14 candidates, says Joseph Ben-Ami.

We need to talk about Kevin 

There is no quick cure, of course, and nothing very new in O’Leary’s sketchy platform.

Meet Gérard Deltell, the rising-star Quebec MP whose leadership endorsement will be one to watch

Influential in his home province, he’s shot through the Conservative ranks to finance critic in his first year on the Hill.

O’Leary isn’t Trump, but they’re both heat-drawing wild cards

Their policy views don't jive, but O’Leary is Trumpian in that he’s got the potential for previously unthinkable political success.

Conservative leadership debates: it’s not all about you, Kevin

O’Leary seems to be ducking debates because they don’t benefit him. The problem is he isn’t running to be the head of the O’Leary Party, he is running to lead the Conservatives.

Saxton Conservative leadership campaign to unveil economic policies later this month

Former political staffer Paul Seear is Andrew Saxton’s leadership campaign manager.

Peterson running policy-driven leadership campaign, putting focus on Quebec

Campaign director Jeff Bridge and manager Serge Malaison are running Conservative leadership candidate Rick Peterson’s campaign.

Crowded Conservative leadership race means ‘short-term pain for long-term gain’ for party fundraising

The party is seeing fewer donations while money from its donor pool is flowing towards leadership campaigns.

Blaney campaign managed by long-time aide, former Harper PMO assistant

A new issues adviser has been hired in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Raitt risks blood in her quest to sink the big fish

By setting herself against O’Leary, she risks inflating his would-be candidacy. But she’s also conscious that if she doesn’t take some risks she has zero chance of winning.

A word of advice for Mr. Wonderful

Start talking to voters about them, not you.

Quebec, Ontario crucial to Conservative leadership race

Maxime Bernier, pictured centre, and Steven Blaney, two candidates from Quebec, will have to start ‘throwing the odd bodycheck’ at each other, says former Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day.

Early days for Alexander campaign, with hunt still on for manager

Ex-minister Chris Alexander says he’s focused on jobs and the economy, and wants to bring a ‘positive message.’

Memo to Kellie Leitch: Don’t copy Donald Trump

Can the same divisive rhetoric Trump employed resonate with more than a sliver of Canadian voters? Far-fetched, at best.

Conservative leadership candidate Obhrai says he received emails telling him to ‘leave Canada’ after Leitch released immigration plan

Conservative leadership contender Deepak Obhrai, who immigrated to Canada in 1977, said that after he opposed fellow candidate Kellie Leitch's plan to screen newcomers, he received hate mail at his MP office.

First Conservative leadership debate touches on Trump and taxes

Candidates seek to distinguish themselves on issues including supply management and immigration.

Raitt an appealing candidate for Conservative leader

Lisa Raitt comes across as a relatable human being; some contestants in this race seem to fit the other extreme.

Steep fees for Tory leadership race means more candidates will drop by 2017: Clement

Ex-candidate Tony Clement says there is 'donor fatigue' in the party.

Prosperity doesn’t come from spending taxpayer dollars: Bernier

Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier said his strategy is not affected by Peter MacKay’s decision not to run.

Leitch says Trudeau a ‘Canadian identity denier,’ but he’s pointed to ‘shared values, openness, respect’

The Conservative leadership contender appears to have quoted from a Toronto Sun column quoting an extensive New York Times Magazine interview with Trudeau.

With papers submitted, Obhrai begins to form leadership campaign team

Hill Climbers has learned of a number of individuals behind Deepak Obhrai’s campaign, led by former Conservative MP Corneliu Chisu as manager.

Kellie Leitch should be embarrassed and ashamed

Good political leadership should not be about going to the bottom of the barrel to find votes.

The team behind Kellie Leitch’s leadership ‘exploratory committee’

Kellie Leitch has filed her papers to run for Conservative Party leadership, and Hill Climbers has learned of a number of people behind her campaign.

The people working on Chong’s Conservative leadership campaign

A handful of former Conservative Hill staff are helping out on Michael Chong’s bid to become the next Conservative Party Leader.