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Stories by Samantha Wright Allen

Judge backs out of testifying in secret on access to information bill

Tax Court Chief Justice Eugene Rossiter was supposed to testify behind closed doors before a Senate committee on the morning of Nov. 8 on Bill C-58.
This year fentanyl was a hot topic for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime annual visit Canada to make sure its work is part of Global Affairs’ planning.
Committee chair Senator Serge Joyal says it would be ‘irresponsible’ not to hear from those affected by a controversial part of the access bill that could compromise judicial independence.
Engagement on a public policy issue can be a ‘major trigger’ for donors, says former Conservative staffer Kate Harrison.
A new Angus Reid Institute survey found 54 per cent of respondents supported the federal carbon pricing plan after last week’s announcement. That’s up from 45 per cent support in July.
Diplomats representing the resource-rich African nation are packing up their heritage building and heading home after 21 years and three ambassadors to Canada.
The Liberals have more than 100 nominees, just behind the Conservatives' 136, while the NDP has six.
The Liberals’ change in language around carbon pricing a ‘signal’ of challenge to promote policy, says Alex Marland.
Vice-Admiral Mark Norman's legal defence is ‘gold’ for the opposition, says Tim Powers, giving the Conservatives ongoing fodder that feeds into the narrative of Liberal hubris.
From feminist policy to trade to the Latvian mission, Melita Gabrič says the countries are already good partners that can do more together.
The NDP and Bloc Québécois have called for Canada to cancel the sale of LAVs to Saudi Arabia in the wake of the reported murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.
Individual human rights cases ‘can’t be the driver of international policy,’ says Dennis Horak, who was Canada's ambassador to the Middle Eastern power before being expelled in August after what he called an 'ill-advised
There’s likely to be a lot of ‘jockeying’ from interested groups, as rules around non-smokeable products are still undecided.
Learn how each province is approaching legalization.
The Liberals are spending $100-million over six years on public awareness campaigns, which most insiders say are a good start but opposition MPs slam as a ‘failure.’
No progress has been made since a January announcement of a rejigged air transport agreement between Qatar and Canada, says Saoud Abdulla Zaid Al-Mahmoud.
Some trade experts think Canada will ratify the trilateral agreement before the 2019 election, while one warned against rushing through legislation, with the U.S. timeline up in the air.
The government is responding to critics who want to make the information commissioner’s order-making powers immediate, and scrap a requirement that requesters detail the time period, subject, and type of document.
Thomas Winkler says now more than ever there's a need for smaller countries with strong democratic values to 'punch above' their weight and 'hold the beacon high' on the international stage.
Provincial organizers say leader Jagmeet Singh must come to Saskatchewan, 'and look everybody in the eye and give us a sense of him,' following the tumult surrounding Erin Weir's caucus exit.
The Liberal government is offering 'lukewarm' support at best for the Haitian-Canadian ex-governor general, say Francophonie watchers.
Motaz Mounir Zahran says there wasn’t ‘enough traffic’ between Canada and Egypt to forge the necessary political ties.
A Hill Times analysis shows which countries, regions, and groups were most often on the lips of Canadian Members of Parliament.
MPs expressed interest in reforming the process for private members' bills, committee chair elections, and Friday sittings, but no idea earned majority support across parties.
‘It’s ours,’ a DND official told a committee studying Canada’s Arctic, as experts downplayed threats posed by other countries failing to recognize our domain.
Insiders and observers weigh in on who impacts Canada’s decisions on diplomacy, trade, defence, development, and immigration.
Their challenge is to differentiate themselves from the Liberals and say why they’re better, strategists say, to build a 'compelling narrative.'
Despite the government's review, NDP critic Jenny Kwan says ‘those gaps are still very much there.’
Based out of the British High Commission, the new three-person team will work to pursue deeper economic ties out of both the Ottawa and Toronto offices later this month.
The NDP is far behind the Tories and Grits on fundraising, but its new team says they have a plan that will make the party competitive in 2019.
Seven NDP MPs will not be running for re-election, a number that is 'worrisome,' say some strategists, but not a sign people are jumping ship because of leader Jagmeet Singh.
While some groups pull back in summer months, the Mining Association of Canada remained active in July, where industry, trade, and environment were the most-discussed issues.

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