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Stories by Peter Mazereeuw

House Speaker election could force 338 MPs to rub shoulders in Ottawa amid COVID’s fourth wave

News|By Peter Mazereeuw 4:19 PM ET
House rules say MPs have to elect a Speaker before they can reintroduce the hybrid sitting system that allows them to participate virtually.
A budget bill, media reforms, and the conversion therapy crackdown could lead the Liberals’ fall agenda.
As polls shifted and the pandemic raged, the Liberals and Conservatives pivoted from positive ads and went on the attack. 
More than 700,000 skilled tradespeople will retire by 2028, and Canada's efforts to replace them are falling short, warns a new report from the Royal Bank of Canada.
Polls suggest a three-way race in Canada’s Pacific province, but it’s too early to say whether the NDP can cash in on election day.
With labour groups attacking Erin O’Toole on television, the Liberals have run a mostly clean online campaign.
With MPs gone for their summer break, Senators would not be able to amend Bill C-6 and see it pass it before the fall, said Senator Scott Tannas.
Unifor launched a major advertising campaign Monday going after the Conservative Party leader, while another group with labour support is running attack ads in suburbs where the Conservatives are vulnerable.
The former solicitor general said cabinet ministers aren't always held accountable when things go wrong in their departments anymore. 'That’s how things go astray in governments or departments.'
The government is now gathering input for legislation to aid energy workers who could be pushed out of work by the move towards a net-zero economy.
Len Webber and Matt Jeneroux changed Alberta’s laws around organ donation and caregiver leave in 2013. Then they got elected to Parliament and did it for Canada.
The government announced a ‘mandatory target’ on June 29: that only zero-emission vehicles would be sold in Canada by 2035.
The federal government must meet with the provinces and come up with a better plan for dealing with one of Canada’s most widespread diseases.
Canadian governments must now set targets for greenhouse gas reductions, and release plans for meeting them. Those plans will have to restructure the economy, says an Alberta Senator.
The Liberals were able to pass just a handful of bills focused beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, but MPs outside of cabinet left their own mark on Canadian law. 
The prime minister filled three vacant seats in the House last week, but a dozen more remained empty.
The House of Commons sent four bills to the Senate just days before it was due to adjourn for the summer.
Silly season is in full swing, as the Liberals try to pass bills on GHG reduction targets and conversion therapy before the summer.
The Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability released draft legislation with the backing of two major unions last week.
The Liberals used time allocation to speed up the controversial changes to the Broadcasting Act last week, but may have a harder time finding partners to pass other key bills before the summer.
Ex-military members and opinion columnists have called for the defence minister to resign numerous times over the past three months. 
Bill S-4 would give better pay and official status to the leaders of the new groups in the Senate.
The partisan finger-pointing that has defined the debate around Bill C-10 over the past two weeks is rooted in an attempt by the government, and a few MPs, to make sure that influential streaming companies that rely on uploaded content, such as YouTube, are bound by rules designed to promote Canadian cultural content, and protect Canadian broadcasters. 
Conservative Senator Elizabeth Marshall called out the CRA for changing how it makes rent relief payments before Parliament had approved.
The government’s budget will send $12-billion over five years to seniors over the age of 75.
The lawyer will likely face Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks in the next election.
Voting for the Conservative nomination in York Centre will wrap up Tuesday. The winner will likely face incumbent Liberal MP Ya'ara Saks in the next election.
Government spending that doesn’t create economic growth can have negative consequences, says Josh Nye. Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux says a potential rise in interest rates isn't a major concern.
The government must keep workers on the job, say business lobby groups. The longshoremen's union says the Liberals should publicly rule out the use of back-to-work legislation.
The Liberal government is planning to push the federal debt close to the new ceiling by 2024.
The government’s time allocation motion will cut off debate on Bill C-15 after just a few speeches.
Filipino-Canadians could rally voters in closely-contested ridings across the country, say the founders of the Filipino Canadian Political Association.
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