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Stories by Peter Mazereeuw

Liberals move to cut short debate on UNDRIP bill after one day

The government’s time allocation motion will cut off debate on Bill C-15 after just a few speeches.
Filipino-Canadians could rally voters in closely-contested ridings across the country, say the founders of the Filipino Canadian Political Association.
No one seems to know how the sanctions on the human rights subcommittee will be enforced—including the Chinese embassy.
Senators agreed on March 30 to let committees begin meeting regularly, some for the first time since the 2019 election.
The government will have to pick its priorities in the House, with the summer break on the horizon.
The Conservative Party is losing the battle for women voters—badly, according to some polls. The party can do better, and Erin O'Toole is trying to drag it in the right direction, say a Conservative MP and strategist.
The National Capital Commission isn’t paying what towns around Gatineau Park say they’re owed. Federal politicians and departments have entered the fray.
Half of the Senate's committees have held only the odd organizational meeting since the last election, thanks to a combination of disputes, negotiations, and logistical obstacles, many related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Conservative MPs have used up the majority of the time during debates on key government legislation. The Liberals have also asked them to rush through other bills that haven't even been debated.
That's only part of the picture, as much government spending has already been approved, and billions more—including new promises in this year's budget—will be reflected in supplementary estimates.
Voters who don’t like guns often are not ‘particularly bothered around the nuances of some of these things,’ says Angus Reid's Shachi Kurl.
‘It’s only prudent that enough time is given for everyone to get this right for our workers in the offshore,’ says Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan.
The bill would do what a Liberal-struck expert panel recommended. The Liberals don’t like it. 
‘[These] could be game-time decisions for a lot of these measures,’ says Sahir Khan, who spent three years immersed in federal budget discussions in the PCO.
Senators have voted to amend the government's assisted dying bill in five ways so far, but the justice minister and NDP and Conservative critics aren't ready to take a stance on them yet.
Senators aren't happy that the promised parliamentary review to deal with the issue never materialized.
The German online hate speech law which the government may view as a model could lead to social media platforms over-suppressing online speech, says law professor Karen Eltis.
‘I would like to see somebody holding that position who can help to bring the people of this country together,’ says former senator Murray Sinclair.
‘If our rules had prohibited this kind of behaviour, we could have saved at least three years worth of upset,’ says former Sen. Lillian Dyck.
The Liberals can start with low-hanging fruit in bills C-14 and C-18.
PM Trudeau says he doesn’t want an election. ‘Prove it,’ says ex-chief electoral officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley. 
•'Declaring an emergency under the Emergencies Act is unlikely to actually be a helpful route forward at this point,' says pandemic expert Steven Hoffman.
Getting non-Indigenous Canadians to view inequality as more than a First Nations issue is the key to effecting change, says Perry Bellegarde. 
‘It’s a major plank in our platform, and it’s a plan that I can tell that the Liberal caucus is very proud of,’ says Liberal MP Francis Scarpaleggia, the House Environment Committee chair.
Anthony Primerano will serve on what the government calls an independent, non-partisan advisory board on Senate appointments. He worked as a chief of staff for former Liberal Veterans Affairs Minister Albina Guarnieri.
The motion to expel Sen. Lynn Beyak from the Red Chamber has supporters in multiple Senate groups, but Sen. Pamela Wallin says they 'cannot simply banish people ... with whom we may fundamentally disagree.'
Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan is committed to a mandate that includes support for workers, says his spokesperson.
‘We’re bringing people through with no funding, and it’s killing us,’ says Manuela Joannou, an ER doc and the founder of a treatment program for veterans and first responders.
The government is expecting to earn almost $60-billion less this year than it did last, as it continues to spend billions in borrowed money to keep the economy afloat.
Public Safety Minister Bill Blair announced on Nov. 30 that his government was again deferring the Firearms Marking Regulations, likely until after the next election.

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