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Stories by Peter Mazereeuw

Trudeau lays out case for re-election in Trans Mountain speech

The prime minister said construction on the pipeline is scheduled to begin this summer. He was less clear about whether more pipelines will be needed, or how the government will recover the cost of the Trans Mountain.
The Senate passed four priority government bills back to the House with amendments late last week.
The amendments would respect the rights of the coastal First nation and give Alberta hope for exporting heavy oil from the coast, says the Independent Senators from Alberta.
Independent and Conservative Senators are drawing up amendments to create a shipping corridor for oil tankers along the northern B.C. coast, despite the Transport minister’s rejection of that idea last month.
The Senate won’t ‘stand in the way’ of the ratification of the new NAFTA, says Conservative Senate Whip Don Plett.
A plan to bury low-level nuclear waste at a site near the Ottawa River is raising opposition from municipalities and environmentalists. The company behind the project says it's safe.
‘Your committee believes that Bill C-48 is a case of bait and switch,’ says the report from the Senate Transport Committee.
The CUSMA trade deal bill was just introduced in the House, but Senators should already be familiar with the deal, says the deputy facilitator of the Independent Senators Group, Raymonde Saint-Germain.
A U.S. Democrat and Canadian Conservative outline the dos and donts for a modern political fundraising campaign.
MPs will debate a motion to extend sitting hours until midnight for the four remaining weeks on Monday, as the government aims to pass the 20 active bills still before Parliament.
Peter MacKay says if Vice-Admiral Mark Norman speaks out about his ordeal, 'I don’t think it will mean good things for the Liberal government.'
While the PM is in France, the NDP will start a debate on a climate change action plan, and the Conservatives will likely have an opportunity to grill the Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan on the Norman affair this evening.
Expect hours of grilling Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the House, and more to follow.
The damage from the SNC-Lavalin scandal has been done, and it’s created an opportunity for the Conservatives to fill the leadership void, says pollster Eli Yufest.
Conservative and Independent Senators worked in good faith last week to hash out amendments to the most controversial bill in the Senate, but were only able to get through a fraction of the proposed amendments.
Sen. Beyak asked Senators for more time to respond to a report on her actions by the Senate Ethics Officer, but none came forward to support her.
The motion's chance of passing this Parliament is 'slim to none,' says one MP, but the government House leader says she is 'more than comfortable' with a committee study on the motion.
The Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP are all using texts to rally supporters, and their counterparts in the United States are leaning even more heavily on texting in their campaigns.
'Senator Beyak appears unwilling or unable to recognize the harm that is caused through the dissemination of racist material,' says the report authored by the Senate Ethics Committee.
As is, the government’s new ombudsperson wouldn’t ‘add value’ and would duplicate its National Contact Point for human rights, says Surya Deva.
Campaign Tech East brought together Republican and Democratic digital strategists to talk about how to use new online tools to reach and fundraise from voters, and win elections.
The CRA used its newly beefed-up budget to run ads touting the Canada Child Benefit and two other tax benefits on buses and in prime-time TV commercials.
Getting tough on refugee claimants could help the Grits to block out the Bloc Québécois in Quebec in the next election, says Greg Lyle.
Bill C-48 would ‘basically trap Alberta oil,’ says Independent Alberta Senator Paula Simons.
Employment and Social Development Canada has had part of its budget re-directed towards ensuring Canada's CPTPP trading partners live up to their commitments around labour.
The Liberals’ ‘ceiling’ of possible support shrank to 38 per cent during a three-day period earlier this month, below the vote share the party won in the last election.
The Mining Association of Canada opposes giving the ombudsperson the power to compel evidence related to alleged corporate wrongdoing, arguing that’s what Canadian courts are for.
Senators struck a deal late last week after the government’s representative in the Chamber withdrew a controversial and unprecedented motion to impose deadlines for 11 bills in the Senate.
All four Senate leaders met April 4 to strike a deal, after the government's representative in the Senate withdrew a wide-ranging time allocation motion.
The motion proposed by the government’s representative in the Chamber would ensure that all of the bills listed are passed by the time the Senate rises in the summer.

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