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Stories by Peter Mazereeuw

SNC-Lavalin lobbied Liberal-tied ambassador on corruption case, sought help from ex-aides to Chrétien, Mulroney

The Quebec company had extensive access to government ministers and top staffers, and was the only organization registered to lobby for allowing deferred prosecution agreements for white collar crimes.
‘It all becomes a blur. You can’t possibly read them all,’ said Independent Alberta Senator Paula Simons, who started getting emails on Bill C-69 before she was even sworn into the Senate.
It won’t be easy, however, with several parties in Quebec posturing as environmental champions, says Léger pollster Christian Bourque.
The Senate Environment Committee will be grappling with Bill C-69 until at least mid-April and likely later, and Senators hope to tour cities big and small as part of their work.
After hours of talking behind closed doors, Senators agreed to take their study of the government's environmental assessment reform bill on the road, but left the details to the three-member steering committee.
The Liberal prime minister started off strong on the world stage, but has fallen out a global leadership role in the past few months, says the president of the Canadian International Council.
Sticking the changes in an omnibus budget bill would break a Liberal promise to stop that practice. It's also one of few ways the government could short-cut through another Senate study and packed legislative schedule.
‘Canadians have been heard on this already,’ say five environmental groups following Bill C-69.
Bill C-69, a bugaboo for conservative politicians and target for environmentalists, is in for a long, rough ride in the Senate.
'I will use the tools that I have available,' says Bardish Chagger, as Conservative Candice Bergen decries 'bully tactics'.
The government’s elections bill brought in new restraints on third-party advertising before elections, but there's still plenty of room for unions and other big spenders to advertise before the next federal vote.
Human rights advocates are worried the government is under pressure to break its promise to give the ombudsperson powers to compel witnesses and documents.
‘Listening’ tour or not, Andrew Scheer’s positions on the environment are one of several vulnerabilities for him in La Belle Province, pollsters say.
Construction delays in the Senate and an extra break week for both Houses will keep Senators out of their new Chamber for much of the next few months.
Feature|By Peter Mazereeuw
Pierre Poilievre is having a baby, a Postmedia director is in hot water, and anti-Muslim racism reared its head in Ottawa's Rideau Centre.
The party’s decision to take part of the election expense reimbursement from EDAs was ‘no surprise,’ says a Conservative MP, but the Carleton riding association wants it reversed.
‘It all seemed to be, ‘cart before the horse, it will make for a good story’,’ former Conservative minister Peter MacKay says of Border Minister Bill Blair’s appointment without a mandate letter.
Would-be Liberal candidates in can now submit an application to a party green-light committee, but only where district associations have completed the party’s to-do list.
Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi's experience as a social justice activist could help him to negotiate with some of the Trans Mountain pipeline's opponents, but he's in for the political fight of his life.
'People don’t pay my salary to be polite,' says Conservative MP Michelle Rempel, her party's immigration critic and political scrapper.
Traditional voting patterns could go out the window in Quebec in 2019, says Greg Lyle.
Most Vancouver-area Liberal MPs in B.C. won handily in the last election, but all three parties have reason to think they can steal more seats in 2019.
The former hockey coach and literacy advocate has remained an active Senator, his office says, despite being forced into a two-year recovery from a stroke.
The Conservatives gained seven seats in the province in 2015, but were not competitive in most Quebec ridings.
One group promises to ‘flood’ MP offices with complaints about Bill C-71, while another says it is ‘already hearing from nervous Liberals.’
The Conservatives are more focused on candidate recruitment, strategists say, after scandals derailed multiple nominees in 2015.  
It’s not clear if MPs are ever fined for missing time in the House, as their attendance record is based on an honour system.
A handful of government priorities are stuck in Parliament over the summer, along with a dozen dead-bills-walking.
‘You will be sent home,’ the PM tells economic migrants eyeing asylum claims. Conservative critic Michelle Rempel says the Liberals are trying to ‘normalize’ illegal border crossings.
New Senator Pierre Dalphond worked for the Liberal Party in the early 1990s, but says he has no interest in a Red Chamber beholden to the government or any party.
After six months of study, the Senate had passed 46 amendments to Bill C-45, including 29 written by the government.

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