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Stories by Peter Mazereeuw

Political ads reaching Canadians, who say they have ‘no impact’: poll

More than half of Canadians polled said they have seen a political ad during or in the few days before the pre-election period kicked in.  
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has issued a series of formal apologies on behalf of the government over the past few years for its mistreatment of Canadian minority groups and those fleeing persecution in the past.
“He actually serves a purpose for the Liberals if he’s not careful,” says pollster Greg Lyle.
Conservative rival Peggy McLean was on the ballot provincially last year, but was only named the party’s candidate on July 18 after the nomination contest winner was disqualified.
Housing, seniors, and climate change are raised often by constituents, but Public Service Minister Carla Qualtrough and other Liberal MPs say their own records will be more important to voters this time than in 2015.
The second time was the charm in the race to replace outgoing MP David Tilson, after the party disqualified the winner of an earlier nomination race for undisclosed reasons.
The committee has decided not to take any action in response to the Senate Ethics Officer's report, which found Don Meredith had sexually harassed Senate staff.
The government is still ‘assessing options,’ says Trade Minister Jim Carr's office, but those close to the file don’t expect any action before the election.
The largest group in the Senate could ‘disintegrate into a number of pieces’ if the ISG chooses a new leader, says ISG Sen. Stephen Greene.
The NDP says it's temporarily pausing its advertising campaign and will be back before the end of the month, but the Liberals and Conservatives are continuing to run dozens of social media ads.
Unifor, the group’s biggest backer, and Conservative rival Canada Proud will both run political ads during the new pre-writ period established by the Liberal government.
The Liberals also surpassed the Conservatives nationally for the first time in a year in polls by the Toronto firm.
A mid-term Throne Speech and a new batch of legislation wasn't necessary, says Liberal MP John McKay: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 'was doing what he said he would do.'
‘This is just not right. And it would not be tolerated, if you did this to an animal, you’d get in trouble with the law,’ says outgoing Liberal MP Frank Baylis.
Many achievements and blunders enshrined in legislation are ancient history in the minds of voters, who cast their ballots based on the next thing you can do for them, say politicos and pollsters.
The drama isn’t over for bills on a tanker ban, solitary confinement, or environmental assessments, even after they passed into law.
'This mischaracterization of Mr. Cooper’s actions is blatantly untrue,' says a letter from the MP's legal team.
The prime minister said construction on the pipeline is scheduled to begin this summer. He was less clear about whether more pipelines will be needed, or how the government will recover the cost of the Trans Mountain.
The Senate passed four priority government bills back to the House with amendments late last week.
The amendments would respect the rights of the coastal First nation and give Alberta hope for exporting heavy oil from the coast, says the Independent Senators from Alberta.
Independent and Conservative Senators are drawing up amendments to create a shipping corridor for oil tankers along the northern B.C. coast, despite the Transport minister’s rejection of that idea last month.
The Senate won’t ‘stand in the way’ of the ratification of the new NAFTA, says Conservative Senate Whip Don Plett.
A plan to bury low-level nuclear waste at a site near the Ottawa River is raising opposition from municipalities and environmentalists. The company behind the project says it's safe.
‘Your committee believes that Bill C-48 is a case of bait and switch,’ says the report from the Senate Transport Committee.
The CUSMA trade deal bill was just introduced in the House, but Senators should already be familiar with the deal, says the deputy facilitator of the Independent Senators Group, Raymonde Saint-Germain.
A U.S. Democrat and Canadian Conservative outline the dos and donts for a modern political fundraising campaign.
MPs will debate a motion to extend sitting hours until midnight for the four remaining weeks on Monday, as the government aims to pass the 20 active bills still before Parliament.
Peter MacKay says if Vice-Admiral Mark Norman speaks out about his ordeal, 'I don’t think it will mean good things for the Liberal government.'
While the PM is in France, the NDP will start a debate on a climate change action plan, and the Conservatives will likely have an opportunity to grill the Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan on the Norman affair this evening.
Expect hours of grilling Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the House, and more to follow.
The damage from the SNC-Lavalin scandal has been done, and it’s created an opportunity for the Conservatives to fill the leadership void, says pollster Eli Yufest.

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