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Stories by Louise Bradley

CMHA Mental Health Week a national opportunity to engage, reflect

Through the leadership of the Canadian Mental Health Association, CMHA Mental Health Week has become a national opportunity to engage and reflect on the strides Canada is making towards a more responsive, flexible, and equitable…
Opinion|By Louise Bradley
Today, in Canada, there are at least 1.6 million people living with a mental health problem or illness who cannot get the care they feel they need to get well. At first blush, the reason…
Opinion|By Louise Bradley
This generation’s political leaders and policy makers have been gifted with an opportunity to redress an inequity entrenched almost 60 years ago. In 1957, when Canada took its first step towards medicare with hospital insurance,…
Opinion|By Louise Bradley
MPs return to the House of Commons this week to discuss medical assistance in dying legislation. It’s a historic issue, and one that will be debated quickly because of the fast-approaching June 6 deadline for…

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