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Stories by Kristen Shane

Trade tops Taiwanese envoy’s priorities

Feature|By Kristen Shane
This is Winston Chen’s third posting in Canada, after previous stints in the country in the '90s in Ottawa and in Toronto from 2011 to 2013.
News|By Kristen Shane
With support from its two biggest donors in limbo earlier this year, the UNHCR’s donor relations chief met with Canadian officials to tell them just how bad the need is to help an increasing number of people displaced worldwide.
MPs working on an hour of sleep wore sweatpants and headphones, read books, and munched on snacks to make it through.
News|By Kristen Shane
Seven of the 10 Bloc MPs rally around former acting leader Rhéal Fortin after they say a staffer close to Ouellet attempted to smear him in the media.
And Global News' Shirlee Engel hangs up her journalistic hat.
The country's de facto leader is set to meet with members of the newly renamed Canada-Myanmar Parliamentary Friendship Group, where the rights of her country’s Muslim minority will be raised.
Feature|By Kristen Shane
Erin O'Toole has the most caucus endorsements, from 31 MPs, and four Senators.
'I’m going to do everything I can to ensure he gets elected,’ O’Leary says of Bernier.
News|By Kristen Shane
A Turkish journalist’s wife and three kids are moving from place to place in Turkey for their safety. It should be easier to bring people like them to Canada, says PEN Canada.
Senate committee is set to hear from top news agencies on bill to protect journalistic sources.
Feature|By Kristen Shane
Why other countries are looking to learn from a unique Canadian program that lets citizens sponsor refugees for resettlement.
News|By Kristen Shane
‘If you’re not getting your first grant till 43...it’s impossible,’ says Kirsty Duncan, who has worked as a scientist herself.

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