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Stories by Independent Senator Rosa Galvez

Bring governments back better

We need democracy back—stronger, wiser, and more open to new ideas—with all its checks and balances restored.
We need to increase the sustained mobilization of resources and know-how to build modern infrastructure capable of facing the upcoming challenges of infectious disease events and associated public health concerns.
As Canada searches for its own path towards net zero, let us not be swayed by siren songs of greenwashing.
A Senate committee could not find any acceptable justification to delay by two years adoption of safety regulations to protect workers in a very dangerous sector. It gave the feds until the end of this year instead, and
While major oil companies operating in Canada are laying off rather than creating jobs, the renewables and clean technology sector has demonstrated its resilience in the face of crises.
There is much uncertainty as to the unequal impacts the pandemic will have, but greater outcomes are likely to arise if we grapple with the hard questions.
The heavy lobbying of the last decade which saw an average of six meetings per work day between industry lobbyists and the federal government seems to have carried forward into this crisis.
It's time for Canada to act. We have a moral obligation to leave the world a better place than we found it.
Reducing the use of plastic would not only be a promising step away from a carbon-centric economy, it would also have immediate, and positive, environmental impacts.
Settling humanity elsewhere isn't a feasible option, so we'd better make sure we keep our planet habitable.
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