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Stories by Ian Waddell

There’s a way forward: Trudeau should hold an open, televised federal-provincial conference

Opinion|By Ian Waddell
The Canadian public needs to actually see the politicians struggling with these issues. One forum would be an open televised a federal-provincial conference. The prime minister should immediately call one.
Opinion|By Ian Waddell
Right now, China’s under a world of criticism for its early actions in the COVID-19 global crisis, and judging by its ambassadors’ statements in Europe, Australia, and Canada, it’s lashing out undiplomatically.
Opinion|By Ian Waddell
Seeing images of Canadian polar bears on icebergs, Pacific islands sinking, and ice flows melting is one thing; seeing your mates house burn down is another.
Opinion|By Ian Waddell
The Justin Trudeau government, through Foreign Affairs Canada and the embassy in Washington, in the past has been vocal on caribou protection. Now they have to be really vocal.
Opinion|By Ian Waddell
This generation, as I found out in doing our film, is probably the smartest ever and does care about issues, especially housing and the environment, but it's also easily turned off by conventional politics. However, when young people talk to other young people about voting it seems to work.
Feature|By Ian Waddell
My core constituents in those days would have thought me crazy to be standing on my head in such company—even worse, getting my picture with the swami and PM Trudeau, who in those days was not liked in western Canada. Yoga itself was considered offbeat in the early 1980s.

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