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Stories by Green Party Leader Annamie Paul

Zero-emission transportation key to a post-COVID recovery

A green recovery offers the chance of a lifetime for the government to lay the foundations for green, safe, and affordable transportation systems and infrastructure
By transforming existing systems and investing in scientific research to fuel innovation, we have the power to solve a number of structural issues with just a handful of creative solutions.
It is not too late for Canada to convene an intergovernmental COVID-19 task force, led by health experts, to develop and deliver a coordinated national response to the pandemic
Government stimulus needs to support and accelerate Canada’s green transition by changing the ways in which Canada produces and consumes energy by investing in deep retrofits and clean technology
As a middle power, we have learned that Canada has more impact within alliances than outside of them.
Soon, we will have the chance of a lifetime to transition towards a climate-neutral green economy based on green infrastructure—one that permits us to tackle the climate emergency and ensure a just society.

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