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Stories by Geoff Russ

Bill 21 and the Liberal love story with Quebec

Opinion|By Geoff Russ
Justin Trudeau and his Liberal successors will soon have to make a decision regarding Quebec, their longtime provincial paramour and ancestral heartland.
Opinion|By Geoff Russ
It is possible Justin Trudeau believes he can still win another majority before handing the reins to Chrystia Freeland. That may have been the plan when he called the snap election last summer.
Opinion|By Geoff Russ
Violent crime never ceases, it ebbs and flows. Right now, it is flowing redder and redder on Canadian streets and no party leader will say anything about it, even the one that should.
Opinion|By Geoff Russ
The Greens cannot move forward with May remaining in Parliament. There’s a reason why Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair stepped down as party leaders and left Ottawa after their time was up.
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