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Stories by Christopher Guly

Mandatory vaccines ‘politically risky’ and ‘a last resort,’ say experts

Experts offer guidance to provinces, territories considering mandatory vaccination policies.
The prime minister has the power to censor reports from the NSICOP for a variety of reasons, and in theory controls who sits on the committee.
Lillian Dyck was awarded the Order of Canada for her 'contributions to human rights and social justice, and for her powerful advocacy of First Nations and racial minorities in Canada.'
The shared responsibility is not something new. Dominic LeBlanc had the mandate last year when he worked with then-public safety minister Bill Blair on parliamentarian security.
The government is projecting a swift decline to the federal deficit, but un-costed election promises or first-wave-style COVID supports could pump those numbers back up.
Phil Fontaine says he hopes that the Christmastime gathering at the Vatican will begin the process of healing and have it come full circle next year when the Pope sets foot on Indigenous land in Canada.
Feature|By Christopher Guly
Friday’s GGPAA crowd included diplomats living in the capital, such as Germany’s and Japan’s envoys to Canada.
Erin O’Toole’s voice is not strong; Jagmeet Singh will be very happy; and the Bloc will be mad about everything, including, Quebec’s Commons seat-count being reduced from 78 to 77, says Angus Reid.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government will need provincial and territorial cooperation, not opposition support in the House of Commons, to make that childcare goal a reality.
Environmentalists who worked with Steven Guilbeault say he's the real deal, now they're hoping he will act like it as he takes the reins of the government's climate change file.
High-speed rail remains an elusive dream. But a high-frequency alternative, led by VIA Rail Canada in partnership with a federal Liberal government, appears to be on the tracks to becoming a reality by the decade’s end.
In May, the government launched the Airport Critical Infrastructure Program, which would provide $489.6-million over five years. But the Airports Council says it airports need much more help.
'People have also been clamouring for significant penalties, which don’t exist in Canada,' says David Fraser. 'But one thing that was clear with C-11 is that it didn’t make anyone happy.'
The growing abundance of hate mail sent to journalists could push people out of the profession, advocates warn.
The People's Party leader urged his followers last month to email journalists and 'tell them what you think of their disgusting smear jobs'.
Feature|By Christopher Guly
A normally must-attend event, Politics and the Pen has for years brought together 'a strange combination of folks,' including cabinet ministers, party leaders, staffers, authors, reporters, and lobbyists.
•In June, most polls indicated the Liberals on track to repeat their 2015 majority win under Justin Trudeau’s leadership. Now they're behind the Conservatives. With such a tight margin, either party could form a minority government. •The pandemic has laid bare 'fault lines' in which increasingly polarized views have emerged on issues, such as 'heightened attention to inequality at the very top; greater interest in climate change; a better balance between society and the economy; and social justice issues like systemic racism and Indigenous reconciliation.'
The prime minister was the prime target in last night's French-language debate and will be again tonight at the English-language televised leaders' debate.
Mary Simon promises to breathe new life into the Office of the Governor General and to help lead Canadians on the road to reconciliation.
Feature|By Christopher Guly
'I didn’t set out to be a politician. I just really wanted to make a difference,' says Catherine McKenna, who announced last month she would not re-offer when the next election is called.
The most revolutionary thing to come out of the pandemic has been the unprecedented use of technology to develop vaccines in record time, but Canada is going to need a transformative change to deal with future pandemics.
Based on the latest Ekos poll, the only threat to a Liberal majority government comes not from the Conservatives, but from the NDP and possibly the Bloc Québécois.
House Speaker Anthony Rota promised MPs he would 'fight tooth and nail' to protect Parliament's autonomy.
'This is in no way a fight between Elizabeth and Annamie, but a fight to save the Green Party. There may be some surrogates of Elizabeth who are trying to make comparisons between 13 years of Elizabeth as leader and Annamie, who’s only been in the job for eight months,' says former interim Green leader Jo-Ann Roberts.
After delivering the admonishment, House Speaker Anthony Rota said he would consider MPs’ comments on the failure to release confidential documents, again, as he deliberates on on the ‘unprecedented situation.’
'Seamus has been quiet in the portfolio, but it appears that he has concentrated on working with industry and stakeholders, and building those relationships,' says former Liberal adviser Scott Reid.
The clock is ticking for federal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinsonto reverse Canada’s current place as a climate-action laggard to the leadership position. But time is running out.
It's go time. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have to get cracking and start showing achievements this fall on the Cannabis Act, NAFTA renegotiations, the Phoenix pay system, Canada's Environmental Protection Act, fighter jets, naval ships, Indigenous reconciliation issues, pre-budget consultations, tax reforms, and much more.
'You can’t teach leadership qualities—they come from within, and Jagmeet’s got it,' says Brad Lavigne, a Singh supporter and former principal secretary to Jack Layton.
Feature|By Christopher Guly
Life at Rideau Hall will be anything but normal, where Julie Payette’s life will be more under a public microscope than it ever has been before—as she already knows. But her former astronaut colleagues say she's more than ready for the country’s top job.
'I was a bit in shock' about the promotion, says Ginette Petitpas Taylor, but it 'made sense' with her mental-health experience.
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