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Stories by Charelle Evelyn

Making an equal WAGE: Monsef talks new department

As the last minister for status of women and the first for women and gender equality, Maryam Monsef says she’s cementing a path forged by her predecessors, but critics say the new mandate could 'dilute' the mission.
‘If it is slanderous or defamatory, then we will be held accountable for that, and we will be held accountable by our electorate, in whether they vote for us again,’ says Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen.
One of the lessons learned from the West Block reno was that MPs weren’t consulted enough, says House deputy clerk Michel Patrice.
‘I think we have lots of time,’ says Conservative Sen. Michael MacDonald in response to charges of delay from Independent Senators.
It will ‘inevitably take some time to settle into a new building with advanced technology and security features,’ says the office of Senate Speaker George Furey.
The Human Resources Subcommittee recommends completely redoing the Chamber’s policy, last updated in 2009, with greater focus on independent oversight.
In an apology offered in the Chamber on Feb. 19, House Speaker Geoff Regan said, ‘All who come here must know unequivocally that they will be welcomed with equality, dignity and respect.’
Results from the 2018 Public Service Employee Survey also indicate harassment stats in the public service are relatively flat despite a PCO push for change.
Sen. Stephen Greene is a Conservative member, Sen. Diane Griffin is a member of both the Tories and Greens, while Sen. Marty Klyne disclosed he’s a Liberal donor.
‘There’s no consideration for the experience of Black folks, generally speaking, in those political spaces, and I think that was very apparent,’ says witness Kate Macdonald.
‘I don’t believe that I would be given a position that I don’t have any authority to move things on,’ says Rural Economic Development Minister Bernadette Jordan.
A 12-member Senate committee, with five Conservatives and at least one unaffiliated Senator who, like the Tories, has criticized Bill C-71, means some of those Conservative changes could make it through.
It’s too early to tell how the ex-Tory’s new party will affect this year’s general election, say observers, but he’s appealing to the dissatisfied of all stripes.
Sen. Lillian Dyck says the Upper Chamber will apply pressure to ensure the Liberals keep their promise to remove sex discrimination from the Indian Act.
Feature|By Charelle Evelyn
As Centre Block shuts its doors for its first major renovation in a century, MPs give their wish list for the new-old building.
‘Either [Justin Trudeau] means what he says but none of his ministers have the confidence to fulfil it, or he really is just about broken promises,’ says Prof. Pam Palmater.
She says people from her province, B.C., pushed her to become more independent, leaving the Grit group with nine members.
The 2019-20 main spending estimates for the House clock in at $503-million, including funds for administration staff raises and a new constituency office computer project.
Talk of marking the Government Conference Centre kitchen where three attorneys general hashed out a constitutional compromise doesn't 'bring back good memories,’ says Quebec Sen. Dennis Dawson.
Satellite phones, longer hotel stays, and money for meals were among the policy changes approved by the House Board of Internal Economy last month.
Plus, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen continues to talk up newcomer supports in Western Canada.
Independent Senators says they’re trying to ’accelerate the process’ and build consensus with the Conservatives over external committee membership.
A ‘critical design deficiency’ affecting sound is responsible for the six-sitting-day delay in Chamber work in the new Senate of Canada Building in 2019.
They accuse the Independent Senators Group of not following meeting rules, but the ISG says the Conservatives are attempting to delay the ‘politically sensitive’ bill, C-69.
Conservative and Liberal staffers say they're overworked, underpaid, and some constituency office staffers say they don't feel their work is valued or adequately appreciated by MPs
The Joint Interparliamentary Council approved a new process to step in when parliamentary associations lose confidence in their leaders.
After negotiations, the ISG, which has 53 per cent of members in the Senate, has about half of the Chamber’s committee seats.
Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould says that restoring expat voting rights is the ‘right thing to do.’
The innovation and heritage ministers have been ‘open’ since the beginning on what was coming this year, says a rep for Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains.
Ditch MP petition ‘sponsorship,’ and allow for more flexible timelines, PROC recommends.
The proposed changes are tucked into the government’s omnibus budget implementation bill, and they may not be ‘benign,’ says Liberal MP John McKay.
Up to $7,500 will be made available next year to those whose parliamentary duties and travel schedules put extra pressure on their annual allowance.

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