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Stories by Charelle Evelyn

Power to the people: Maxime Bernier turns to social networks to boost base

His People’s Party could go further than nascent political parties of the past, with social media as a means of stoking the grassroots fires, supporters suggest.
The Senate passed Bill C-65 with seven amendments in the spring, and those along with the regulations put forward in the summer firm up the legislation, say critics.
The court rejection of the Trans Mountain pipeline is set to loom large over debate on the Liberals’ impact assessment bill in the Upper Chamber this sitting.
The normal trajectory for MPs is to want to work their way up to PS, then minister. But Celina Caesar-Chavannes says a barrage of social media abuse was one reason she decided to leave the plum role.
Spending from April 1 to June 30 totalled more than $1.3-million, slightly more than the same period the year prior, but with 10 fewer Senators.
This is the first disclosure since a March policy change to allow the public to see money paid to MPs to cover their legal costs.
Handguns are already so restricted, it might not have a real political impact, says ex-Tory staffer Jim Armour.
While Maxime Bernier readies his new party, one anti-supply management proponent who attended the Conservative convention says he's received interest in a Bernier party from almost two-dozen current and former MPs.
On the road to 2019, the Conservative campaign team is boosting its tech game, but urges patience on policy rollout.
Maxime Bernier’s ideas have a lot appeal among the rank and file, says MP Peter Van Loan, but the Conservative Party is where they can pursue those issues.
Conservative Party delegates voted on 30 policy resolutions on the third and final day of the party's national convention in Halifax on Saturday.
Nearly 30 policy resolutions will be debated Saturday afternoon in Halifax, including proposals on reopening the abortion debate and scrapping birthright citizenship.
The Beauce MP ‘threw a hand grenade to deliberately sabotage the party’s policy convention,' says MP Peter Kent.
The biennial policy session is like ‘one massive counselling session,’ says strategist Tim Powers.
‘We want to defeat Justin Trudeau. It’s the only thing we want. We just want Maxime to work with us,’ says Tory MP Pierre Paul-Hus.
Now without the MRIA, a lack of oversight will turn the industry into a ‘wild west,’ says one pollster, but another suggests the general public doesn’t care.
Communications Security Establishment officials have met with political parties, which are among the most at risk of cyber meddling when Canadians head to the polls next year.
Members said they were left shocked after the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association said it would no longer exist by the end of August.
Ex-Tory interim leader Rona Ambrose and Laureen Harper are behind a new Alberta group, while MP Niki Ashton has launched an online campaign school for the NDP.
The group was ‘contributing to helping to build a broader conservative infrastructure outside of the Conservative Party,’ says MP Michael Cooper.
Of 51 government bills passed to date, 32 don’t have any reference to how individual Senators voted at any stage in the Senate Chamber.
The percentage of Senators appointed by Justin Trudeau who vote in line with Government Rep. Peter Harder has dipped to 84.2, but Tories say it’s still high enough to question their independence.
Though plans are still not concrete, roughly 20 Liberal MPs, nine Conservative MPs, five NDP MPs, 10 Senators, and Senate administration staff will be moving this summer.
‘To use the hockey analogy: we’re not rebuilding, we’re reloading,’ says Scott Lamb as the party prepares to rally troops next month in Halifax.
A pilot project that found no signs of bias in hiring visible minorities to the public service was ‘stretching it,’ says Senate Diversity Subcommittee chair Sen. Mobina Jaffer.
After less than a year in the job, Jacqueline Kuehl will leave the Senate on July 6, leaving two top Senate admin roles without permanent staff to fill them.
According to the Senate rules, Sen. Art Eggleton’s fall retirement should trigger a nearly two-thirds reduction in the Liberals’ budget.
In an end-of-sitting wrap-up, ISG leaders are defending Senate Independents from ‘fake news’ voting stats they say are put forward by the Conservatives.
In MP spending, Liberal Terry Sheehan was the most frugal, and caucus colleague Bob Nault spent the most.
Feature|By Charelle Evelyn
The Caribbean state is wondering why Canada maintains a visa requirement years after it says it’s cleaned up security problems with its citizenship program.
The House chief human resources officer says more MPs have been asking his office for advice since #MeToo.
Senators were told this morning that the Upper Chamber’s interim home at the Government Conference Centre won't be ready in time for the fall sitting this September.

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