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Stories by Charelle Evelyn

Tories building on ‘large bedrock of support’ ahead of August convention: party president

‘To use the hockey analogy: we’re not rebuilding, we’re reloading,’ says Scott Lamb as the party prepares to rally troops next month in Halifax.
A pilot project that found no signs of bias in hiring visible minorities to the public service was ‘stretching it,’ says Senate Diversity Subcommittee chair Sen. Mobina Jaffer.
After less than a year in the job, Jacqueline Kuehl will leave the Senate on July 6, leaving two top Senate admin roles without permanent staff to fill them.
According to the Senate rules, Sen. Art Eggleton’s fall retirement should trigger a nearly two-thirds reduction in the Liberals’ budget.
In an end-of-sitting wrap-up, ISG leaders are defending Senate Independents from ‘fake news’ voting stats they say are put forward by the Conservatives.
In MP spending, Liberal Terry Sheehan was the most frugal, and caucus colleague Bob Nault spent the most.
Feature|By Charelle Evelyn
The Caribbean state is wondering why Canada maintains a visa requirement years after it says it’s cleaned up security problems with its citizenship program.
The House chief human resources officer says more MPs have been asking his office for advice since #MeToo.
Senators were told this morning that the Upper Chamber’s interim home at the Government Conference Centre won't be ready in time for the fall sitting this September.
Most collective agreements between the House of Commons, the Senate, and their respective unions expire this year, affecting hundreds of staff.
Parliamentary secretaries are ‘closely associated to the exercise of power,’ says Sen. Serge Joyal, who wants to see them covered in the bill's new transparency rules.
Some Indigenous groups are gearing up for a fight in 2019 over the pipeline.
‘There’s something desperately wrong in the planning process,’ says Internal Economy chair Sen. Campbell. Committees overshoot what they need, tying up funds that could be used by others.
A subcommittee has set four meetings before the Senate rises next month, with a view to present their proposed changes in the fall.
The Safe Third Country Agreement is a worth a second look, as the American situation deteriorates, says Anna Neistat.
Changes the Board of Internal Economy approved last week are aimed at making the Hill more family friendly.
The Liberal appointment process is ‘broken,’ according to a new Public Policy Forum report, but MPs and observers are split on the fix.
Consultations on how to remove gender discrimination following the passage of Bill S-3 have to begin by June 12.
Many of the recommendations were repeated from the 2013 review, say civil society groups, who want Canada to change its human rights-management approach.
Parliament ‘isn’t an instrument of government,’ says Tory Sen. Housakos, who put forward a motion that the next Senate clerk be appointed ‘with the express recommendation of the Senate.’
Senators say a closer look at how money is handed out to each group is needed to help stem ballooning budgets.
Conservative Sen. Boisvenu says the bill should be changed to have zero tolerance for those who smoke and drive, as the committee hears of the potential for court challenges.
Conservative MP Gord Brown, 57, died of an apparent heart attack this morning, leaving two children and his wife, Claudine Courtois, who worked for Conservative Senator David Wells.
Senators and MPs will have to wait until June to hear if they can move this summer into their interim homes in the Government Conference Centre and West Block, respectively.
Government legislation aiming to wipe historically unjust convictions is too narrow when it comes to the types of crimes for which LGTBQ Canadians are wrongly convicted, witnesses told the Senate as it started its study of the bill last week.
A definition of harassment will now be included in the bill, as the House Human Resources Committee takes its first bite out of changing C-65.
Recent accusations of racism against fellow Black Parliamentarian Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes are 'disturbing,' says Independent Sen. Wanda Thomas Bernard.
Union reps say the government should do more to reduce workplace harassment and address stress caused by the Phoenix pay system.
A ‘broad spectrum’ of issues are being tackled in limited time, the government House leader says, but critics say the Liberals are resorting to tactics they campaigned against.
The National Post's John Ivison and his wife Dana Cryderman got stranded in Morocco after their passports were stolen, and the Senate is having a special event to celebrate Indigenous women and their achievements.

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