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Stories by Aidan Chamandy

Book on toxic masculinity takes top prize at 2019 Politics and the Pen

Feature|By Aidan Chamandy
Rachel Giese's book, Boys: What it Means to Become a Man, won the $25,000 Shaughnessy Cohen prize at the 2019 Politics and the Pen event in Ottawa.
Firms are taking different approaches to a new political ad registry regime meant to protect against interference in the next election.
The privacy commissioner's office is considering changes that could mean getting a person's explicit okay in all cases when their data is to be transferred across the border.
Feature|By Aidan Chamandy
John Delacourt and Stephen Maher held a joint book launch at the Métropolitain on Wednesday night. Both authors celebrated the launch of their third novels. CBC's Adrian Harewood moderated a short discussion.
Paper files are commonly used even when digital copies are available. The Immigration and Refugee Board almost exclusively relies on paper, using fax machines and couriers to share claim information.
Feature|By Aidan Chamandy
The move to West Block has caused problems, presented opportunities, and has some Parliamentarians pining for the past.
Experts say the Canadian icebreaking fleet isn't sufficient for current or future needs. As climate change breaks Arctic ice, the ships will become more important for the safety of communities and marine shipping routes.
‘For a reporter, this is terrible,' says CBC's Julie Van Dusen. Two suggestions for new scrum spots were rejected, but talks to find a solution continue.
Experts say they are excited about microgrids' potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy resilience.
‘There's a very strong feeling that we can't have the wild west of data,’ says innovation expert Arvind Gupta.

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