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Stories by Aidan Chamandy

Throne Speech’s climate promises draws mixed reviews, with NDP saying it’s a rehash of old pledges

The Throne Speech promised action on climate change like the country has never seen before, but some experts and politicians are skeptical the Liberal government can deliver.
Feature|By Aidan Chamandy
The first definitive history of Canada's time on the UN Security Council is a must read for anyone interested in Canadian foreign policy.
Feature|By Aidan Chamandy
The Politics & the Pen event is a night 'to support free expression, deep scholarship, and gifted writers wrestling with historic and contemporary issues that shape our ever-changing and unfinished country.'
Recent Statistics Canada findings indicate socio-economic factors alone can't account for the disparities in educational outcomes between Black Canadians and the rest of the population.
Feature|By Aidan Chamandy
Four Liberal MPs and health experts recently penned an op-ed arguing that challenge trials are worth the risk.
StatsCan has released a number of large-scale, disaggregated studies on the Black population in Canada since early 2019.
Studies out of Trinity College Dublin in Ireland suggest 'there is essentially no correlation between received signal strength and distance' of two phones.
Documents released to the House Government Operations Committee give a glimpse into how lucrative the federal technology procurement space is.
The exposure notification app launched July 31 in Ontario and will be available to residents of other provinces later.
As countries across the globe spend billions in green recovery efforts, dozens of Canadian experts and corporate leaders are urging the government to follow suit.
The governing Liberals 'will pay a heavy political price,' if they don't introduce a new wealth tax, said NDP finance critic Peter Julian.
'I get we're in a pandemic, and I'm very supportive of using the technology, but until I know that it respects the basic rights and has the highest standards, I can't see that it's going to work,' said MP Charlie Angus.
The Ontario privacy commissioner says he hasn’t seen the app in the final form ahead of the planned July 2 rollout, but is ‘satisfied that privacy is being properly considered.'
'There have been a number of programs that were rolled out initially that didn't take into account the unique circumstances of Indigenous business,' says Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business president Tabatha Bull.
A recent OECD study looked at the economic impact of a second wave of COVID-19, and suggested it could cause nearly a double-digit drop in Canada's GDP.
Northern Affairs Minister Dan Vandal says he's hearing most about the need for more money for housing and infrastructure as northerners grapple with the pandemic fallout.
The protest began at 3 p.m. on Parliament Hill and ended at the Ottawa Human Rights memorial outside City Hall.
As the COVID-19 pandemic rages and the American election gets closer, Canadian foreign policy experts weigh in on how the pandemic has affected bilateral relations, and where we go from here.
The Liberal's defence policy, Strong, Secure and Engaged, could be in for post-pandemic trouble. Vance was in the military during the 1990s "decade of darkness" and could be around for another round of big cuts.
The auditor general has had to pause all by three audits as it faces funding challenges and massive commitments to audit the pandemic response.
Some 4,000 people, from scientists, to web developers, to architects, have volunteered their time to help Canada fight COVID-19.
Although there have been high-level talks with his office, as the government discusses with app developers, Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien says he hasn’t heard any of the finer points.
Dr. Alyward was supposed to testify before the committee on April 14. The committee has set a May 1 deadline for him to appear.
Green-infrastructure groups are also hoping to capitalize on Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna's past experience as environment minister.
In April, MPs received a 2.1 per cent pay increase. This raised MPs' base salary by just more than $3,750 annually, from $178,900 to $182,656. If every MP gave to charities, it would be a total of nearly $1.3-million.
Airlines, airports, and the aerospace sectors are all facing unique challenges. Some have been given direct government support, while others are asking for targeted relief.
'The level of correspondence has been hard to describe,' says rookie Green MP Jenica Atwin. 'People are really worried. They're really stressed out.'
Neil Brodie, former ministerial staffer, suggests the situation may eventually breathe new life into efforts by some parties to revisit the per-vote subsidy.
Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller says funds earmarked for Indigenous communities will flow directly to them to allow for 'maximum flexibility to help adapt responses to address local needs.'
The government has already announced funding for artificial intelligence researchers and developers to help fight COVID-19. Experts say the technology could do more, if done right.
The virus-induced economic slowdown comes at a tough time for the agri-food industry, which was already struggling with international trade restrictions, the affects of poor harvests, and fallout from recent rail disrupt

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