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Stories by Aidan Chamandy

Opposition MPs say they’re worried about lack of defence spending in budget, as experts to future of NORAD

NORAD renewal is likely to take centre stage in defence talks between Canada and the U.S. as the two countries seek to strengthen North American defence capabilities in the face of Chinese and Russian incursions.
Recent polling shows Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney receiving failing grades from voters on their pandemic management.
Feature|By Aidan Chamandy
The 2017 Fundamental Science Review made a number of recommendations. Some were enacted, others only partially so, and panelists from the report say they could've played an important role in the fight against COVID-19.
The motion would create the first standalone House Science and Research Committee in Canadian history.
Conservatives say sending the bill to the Ethics Committee is an attempt to distract the committee from its ongoing work on the WE Charity controversy, while Liberals say Ethics is the natural spot for a privacy bill.
'How is that going to fit with the Competition Bureau and privacy commissioner, because those two agencies have really been leading the charge when it comes to data issues?' asks Ottawa U Prof. Teresa Scassa.
Statistics Canada data shows businesses are still primarily focused on procuring PPE like hand sanitizer and disinfectant, even as the science shows a need for more focus on measures that curb aerosol transmission.
A new approach to healthcare governance and an increased focus on the social determinants of health are two key lessons, among many more, that experts say are crucial to learn from this pandemic to prepare for the next o
The national infrastructure assessment will be the first project of its kind in Canada, and will follow in the footsteps of similar efforts in the U.K. and Australia.
A green recovery, wealth taxes, affordable housing, women's place in the economic recovery are some of the areas where the Liberals and NDP will seek to differentiate themselves from one another.
Sustainable aviation fuel is a big part of stakeholders' eco-friendly aviation push, but they say they need the government's help to foster a competitive market in Canada.
Sending cash to the airlines won't raise the demand for plane tickets, and without that, airlines have little reason to rehire pilots or start flying cancelled routes, say some experts.
Critical minerals are an essential component in a more modern, technologically oriented economy, and Canada's resource wealth presents an opportunity to attract advanced manufacturing to the country.
Past spending on network infrastructure, current debt loads, and the looming June spectrum auction all complicate Canada's 5G rollout and the impact of the Rogers-Shaw merger.
The House Health Committee has played a key accountability role during the pandemic, opposition MPs say, but they've had to fight for information, and are still waiting to see federal vaccine contracts.
The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is set for renewal in 2023 and consultations are taking place this summer, with AgriStability programs likely to be a big focus, stakeholders and Parliamentarians say.
Bill C-206 aims to exempt certain fuel used for drying grain from the carbon tax, while C-208 seeks to lessen the tax burden on intergenerational farm transfers.
'By creating incentives for used vehicles, we’re allowing families with a more modest income to be part of the transition,' says NDP MP Taylor Bachrach.
'If they can make that roadmap fit ... I think it’ll grant them a tremendous amount of confidence because it takes so much uncertainty off the table,' says Indigenous Advisory Committee chairperson Tyrone McNeil.
The Liberal cabinet abstained from the vote, but many Liberal MPs voted in favour of the motion.
Canadian commercial airlines made just $1.6-billion in the third quarter of 2020, down nearly 80 per cent from the same time in 2019, according to Statistics Canada's Daily released on Feb. 19.
On Feb. 10, the feds announced nearly $15-billion in new transport funding over the next eight years. The money is to be doled out in two parts: a $5.9-billion dollar fund, starting this year.
The various funding streams aimed at increasing internet access beget confusion and hurt uptake, says NDP industry critic Brian Masse.
The proposed B.C. regional development agency will be the seventh RDA in Canada, and will make Western Economic Diversification solely focused on the Prairies.
With Canada's supply of COVID-19 vaccines dropping below initially expected numbers in the coming weeks, experts argue this period presents an opportunity to ensure the mass-vaccination campaign runs smoothly.
Murray Sinclair says an Indigenous GG, dedicated to the principles of democracy and reconciliation, could play a significant role in how Canada develops as a nation.
Jim Carr is one of four Liberal MPs elected in the three Prairie provinces, and is now representing the region at the cabinet table.
Apologizing for 'tensions' that became public over the last months, Julie Payette said that 'we all experience things differently, but we should always strive to do better, and be attentive to one another’s perceptions.'
Mr. Bains, who was lobbied 214 times in 2020, took the top spot from the 2019 leader, Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau.
Non-cabinet MPs were lobbied nearly 10,000 times in 2020.
The plan didn't have any funding attached to it, but key stakeholders say they'll be watching for it in the 2021 budget.
The first ministers' meeting will take place just day after Health Canada gave regulatory approval to Pfizer/BioNTech's vaccine, setting the stage for vaccinations to start as early as the middle of next week.
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