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ISSUE: 03-29-2017

Articles in this Issue:

1981 budget a good lesson for Liberals

After brief sojourn at the Star, Paul Wells prepares to return to Maclean’s

Agriculture complicates Trump’s trade bluster

Bill Rompkey and me: How a young PC staffer and a Liberal MP sparked a 20-year friendship

British, Canadian attacks show terrorists come in all forms

Canada and the EU can shape globalization together

Canadian envoys lack security training: internal report

Canadian officials complicit in U.S. border troubles

Feds should take another look at electoral reform

How to make NAFTA great again

Indian high commissioner remains ‘hopeful’ pulses trade spat will be resolved before deadline

Innovation Minister Bains hires new press secretary

IRA violence might not die with McGuinness

Jumping the gun on terrorism, again

Latvia lobbying other EU member states to follow its lead, ratify CETA

Liberals won’t commit to meeting platform promises on transparency by next election

Marine Le Pen, the New World Order’s mercenary Marianne

Newfoundland and Labrador: a gift to last

Ottawa’s innovation strategy should focus on cities

Parliament’s budget nearing $700-million, up almost 18 per cent in Trudeau era

Politics This Morning: Amarjeet Sohi to speak at Canada-U.S. infrastructure event in Washington, D.C.

South Sudan deserves your attention

Status of government bills

The week ahead in committees

Time to fully cut fossil fuel subsidies

Turkey’s take on the conflicts in its neighbourhood

Unfathomable jihadist forces Britain to confront ever-changing terror threat

Vital bee colonies shouldn’t be killed by pesticides

Yurdiga biggest spender in the House for most of 2016, Speaker Regan among the thriftiest


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