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ISSUE: 10-16-2017

Articles in this Issue:

‘Plans themselves don’t reduce emissions,’ experts call for more action from Ottawa to tackle climate change

“Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly recently announced the government’s cultural policy road map. What do you think these plans?”

A tale of two strategies

Advocates are right, sexual harassment prevention training should be mandatory

Anatomy of a maverick MP’s rogue vote

Artificial intelligence has huge implications for our future

Canada has options if Trump kills NAFTA

Caribou need large tracts of intact forest to survive, feds should help this northern jewel

Chan’s widow, Jean Yip, considering run at his vacated riding Scarborough-Agincourt

Concrete is meeting the low carbon challenge

Diversity is our global advantage

Ecofiscal Commission: the ‘green’ face of the tar sands?  

Election of Jagmeet Singh Canada’s answer to Trump’s white tribalism, says letter-writer

Energy East cancellation hasn’t hurt Liberals yet, but could haunt them in 2019: pollsters

Four-week Commons sitting a chance for Grits to ‘get up off the mat,’ show what they can do in the House

Free trade rhetoric has never matched reality

How desperate is Trudeau to keep NAFTA? Pretty desperate

Liberal, Conservative MPs denied visas to China should have answered questions, says reader

Morneau was in ‘catch-22,’ couldn’t rebut tax reforms criticism during 75-day public consultations, says Easter

New ISG chiefs shake-up leadership, name negotiating team for committee talks

New rules for Senate expenses, transparency weeks away

Political cartoonist Terry Mosher celebrates 50 years of cartooning at evening shindig

Politics This Morning: House resumes fall session after week-long break; MPs to debate C-55

Singh-led NDP could prove to be ‘double whammy’ for Liberals in 2019, could ‘siphon off’ significant chunk of votes

Subtle form of adult supervision exercised daily in both Pyongyang and Washington, D.C.

The Hill baby boom: Kenzie Potter, Kristy Kirkup, Kate Purchase

The myths about Energy East, just to clear the air

Weinstein story needs to move beyond egregious acts of a single predator

With Trump at the helm, rest in peace diplomacy


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