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ISSUE: 06-26-2017

Articles in this Issue:

‘A shifting and adapting identity is in our DNA’: MPs, Senators describe what it means to be Canadian

‘There will never be a day when I do zero political cartoons,’ de Adder on cartooning and his surprising bestseller You Might Be From Canada If

“The Trudeau government has passed around half the number of bills as the previous government did over similar time period. What do you make of this?”

Book on Order of Canada recipients profiles those not just desiring a better country, but working towards it

Canada’s proposed new security oversight is a good thing

Charlotte Gray dishes up a literary birthday gift for Canada’s 150th

Commissioner’s report indicates much more lobbying last year

Conservative staffer Keller not ruling out run in Ambrose’s riding

Education key to reaching full potential

Finance Minister Morneau recruits Revenue Minister Lebouthillier’s press secretary

Freeland’s foreign policy recipe amounts to same old soup

Government needs to explain why Bosc passed over for top House job

Government, Senate trade parting shots as Parliament adjourns for summer

Grit MP Fry suggests misinformation led to PM’s quick rule-out of broadband tax

Here’s why the Netflix tax is a non-starter

Innovation really grabs GG Johnston: ‘Yeah it does, doing things better, that’s what innovation is’

Is technological change a huge, dark cloud threatening to create a jobless society?

July 4 party still on at ambassador’s residence, without an ambassador

Kennedy takes bow, departs lobbying leadership position as GRIC holds summer soirée

Kudos to House committee for sound recommendations on whistleblower protection

Liberal MPs want Trudeau to protect them from nomination challenges in 2019 election

New security package positive, but storm clouds on horizon between House and Senate

Politics This Morning: Italian President Sergio Mattarella arrives in Canada for week-long visit

Postponed transparency bill does little to promote access while government increases secrecy

Research community awaits government response to science review

Silly buggers

Some stars shine on the Hill, some not so much

The Week Ahead in Parliament

Top 10 reasons Trudeau is going to win again, you’re welcome

Trudeau’s second year: the cake is half-baked, but the icing is good 

What do you want to do for Canada Day?


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