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ISSUE: 02-20-2017

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“The results of the 2016 census are out. What stands out to you from the findings?”

Anti-Islamophobia motion is only controversial because of politics

Anti-Islamophobia motion puts Conservatives on the horns of dilemma

By abandoning electoral reform Trudeau will lose support of progressive voters, says Ottawa reader

Canada can build on its strengths in Trump, Brexit era

Canada must not lecture, but show progressive global leadership on human rights and inclusive societies

Canada should show true leadership on development, says Calgary reader

Canada-U.S. relationship unfolding as it should: we should let government do its job

Canadians at odds with their government on Israel

Changes south of the border offer both challenge and opportunity for sustainable agriculture in Canada

Changes south of the border offer both challenges and opportunities for sustainable agriculture in Canada

Cheering beginning too soon on Trump-Trudeau face-to-face

Did someone say Joe Trudeau? Trudeau-Trump meeting went smoothly, almost

Feds’ controversial border pre-clearance bill tops House agenda this week

Feds’ Elections Act changes seen as ‘cover’ for broken electoral-reform promise

Grit MP’s anti-Islamophobia motion attracts hate, now has police guarding her riding office

Is the public sector integrity commissioner a friend or foe to whistleblowers?

It’s time for smart policies for smart IT spending

Liberal MP Murray quietly recruiting other Grit MPs to ensure $6.8-billion Kinder Morgan pipeline follows all conditions

Liberals need to toughen up

NATO and the return of deterrence

Ongoing chaos in Washington could actually work in Canada’s favour

PMO hires two staffers, while Mary Ng takes leave as appointments director to run for Markham-Thornhill nomination

Politics This Morning: A holiday for some, but a busy State visit to Sweden for others

Prime minister should be clear about mandate letters and campaign promises

Status of government bills

The Hill Times’ Top 100 Lobbyists: elite players know how to ‘align interests’ with government

The maniac in Pyongyang

Trudeau put Canadian interests ahead of politics for Trump visit

Trudeau’s courage in communication

Trump isn’t going to be impeached anytime soon, numbers just aren’t there

Virtual reality games, chili-poutine, and whisky cocktails was theme of the week

We’ve heard some real concern about how NEB has adapted to changing conditions

What did we learn about Canada in the wake of the Quebec massacre?

What is happening to the Conservative Party of Canada? 

What took Charles Taylor so long to reverse his positions on Quebec’s religious restrictions?

Will budget 2017 help veterans?


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