Charting the CBC's challenging present and uncertain future

February 22, 2015

Charting the CBC's challenging present and uncertain future: Where it has been and where it is going provides an insider profile of the struggles faced by Canada’s public broadcaster in the 21st century. The CBC has been in the spotlight in both chambers of Parliament bringing to light the threats in a demanding and ambitious media environment in Canada.

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This report considers the future of the CBC debate and where it’s at in 2015. It provides an overview of the Senate’s Transport and Communications study on examining the challenges faced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in relation to the changing environment of broadcasting and communications, with meeting schedules and key witnesses.

Also included: The Wire Report's CBC reporting archive from 2012 to 2015 as well as The Hill Times CBC reporting archive from 2011 to 2015.

The report is designed to save you time on research with 141 pages of archival research as well providing you with an insider look at the people involved and where they stand on the policy and the politics. Important dates, arguments, debates are available in an organized, searchable package.

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CBC: Where it’s in and where it’s going
CBC’s future depends on political winds of 2015
CBC’s biggest challenge is fulfilling mandate after funding cuts, experts say

Parliament Now CBC coverage
Senate committee’s study on challenges faced by the CBC - list of dates and witnesses
Transport and Communications Committee Overview

Wire Report CBC archive
CBC to focus spending on content, Conway says
CBC funding becoming political ahead of budget, election
Lacroix gets rough ride from CBC employees at annual meeting
Olympic rights deal ‘fiscally responsible,’ CBC says
CBC plan’s emphasis on mobile not ‘logical’: analyst
CBC conventional-TV financial performance improves: CRTC
Bigger picture still in question as CBC cuts deep
CBC at ‘forefront’ of digital media: CRTC’s Hutton
CBC chief asks for support, flexibility from government
Give CBC more flexibility, von Finckenstein tells Senate committee
CBC could go non-commercial, Senate committee told
CBC/Radio Canada seeks designs for new Montreal building
Vice-chair of broadcasting dissents with CRTC approval of CBC radio advertising
CBC employees are not public servants, Lacroix tells finance committee
CBC push for daytime ‘branded entertainment’ removes creative power, producer says
Experts urge CBC to sell more programming internationally to help deal with cuts
CBC says it would refuse local advertising on radio networks, accept only national
CBC cites role of ‘financial crisis’ on final day of CRTC hearing
CBC does not need radio ad revenues, private broadcasters say
CBC calls for fewer licence conditions, looks for footing among private broadcasters
CBC says foreign programming key to its revenue, mandate
CBC’s new licence should bar U.S. programming in the evenings, Shaw says
CBC should inform first, and lose ‘obsession’ with ratings: panel
CBC would take $200M hit annually without HNIC: report
CBC programming would suffer if broken into a ‘constellation’ of subscription services: CBC
CBC Music ad revenues a fraction of the service’s costs, CBC says
CBC braces for lower TV revenues under extended NHL lockout
Multi-platform viewing key to Olympic broadcasting success: Hendren
Broadcasters partner in digital ad exchange to take on Facebook, Google
CBC says it will ‘break even or be profitable’ with Olympics rights
CBC says it’s ‘back to the drawing board’ following LPIF decision
CBC to be unavailable on antennas in 604 communities
CRTC clears CBC to shut down transmitters, communities to lose CBC
CBC still going for Olympics rights, if profitable, broadcaster says
CBC’s NHL playoff ratings drop as Canadian teams out early
Stingray complaint ‘vexatious,’ abuse of regulatory process: CBC
CBC defends LPIF funding, says ad revenues still returning
CBC Music’s mix of advertising, public funding, an ‘undue preference’: Stingray
CBC will be fine post-cuts, Moore says
CBC layoffs less than 1990s, will hurt programming: Rabinovitch
CBC to lay off 650, shut down analog TV system July 31
Budget cuts to make CBC’s job harder and draw critics, experts say
CBC to face 2.5% cut this year, rising to 10% in 2014-2015, Tory budget says

Hill Times CBC compilation
CBC Parliamentary bureau bolstered by Beeby’s addition
CBC, Radio-Canada Hill bureaus largely spared, but feel sting of cuts
Mansbridge says if Senate wants to know his salary, change the Privacy Act
The ideology of public broadcasting
Election bill consumes political class, fails to resonate beyond: pollsters
Péladeau has never been one to mince words
The Week Ahead In Parliament — Monday, Dec. 2
The Week Ahead In Parliament — Friday, Nov. 22
When it comes to the CBC, Harper and base on different channels
Unions, CBC funding and abortions all up for debate at Tory policy convention
Government control of Crown corporations directly affects citizens, institutions
Tories use marathon midnight House sittings, majority to push eight bills through Commons
Relentless wave of federal control eroding Canada’s proud history, culture
Tories turning House Finance Committee hearings on budget bill into a ‘sham:’ NDP
CBC wants meeting with feds on Harper Cabinet’s new powers over CBC’s collective bargaining
Feds threatening journalist independence of CBC under new power over wages, benefits, collective bargaining, say critics
Budget bill gives Harper Cabinet new powers over CBC
The Week Ahead In Parliament — Monday, April 22, 2013
Public service reforms ‘step one’ in Conservatives’ 2015 re-election plan: Lee
CBC President Hubert Lacroix hits back at Sun News
Duncan made a mistake, and resigned, period, says Tory pundit Powers
Laurier LaPierre was never afraid to speak his mind: Copps
CPAC celebrates 20 years on air
National media face ‘enormous’ challenges in 24-hour news cycle, says Waddell
National media’s political coverage declining, resembling sports reporting
Layton movie reigniting calls to privatize CBC
What if you called a blackout and nobody came?
Tory MP Del Mastro accuses CBC’s O’Malley of ‘inappropriate’ conduct, says reporters not allowed to approach MPs while House committees under way
Bonner shows people how to say what they mean and stay on message
CRTC chair appointment likely any day now
Don’t cut my CBC, says reader
CBC’s historically split on what it should be, says Stursberg
CBC sends out pink slips, Mother Corp faces overall $200-million shortfall CBC cuts will strangle it
Health Canada to cut 840 jobs, DND to cut 1,119 jobs, as public servants brace for more cuts
CBC a useful prop for the Conservatives, just watch them
Without support for arts and culture, government ‘doesn’t have a plan for economic growth and recovery’: Minister Moore
Where’s Eugene Forsey when you need him? Moore says a government without a plan for arts and culture is one that has no plan for economy
Feds should embrace vision of a culturally-vibrant Canada
Feds needs to do more to foster a vibrant arts and culture sector in Canada Weston breaks some hot political stories
Québécor’s Péladeau unleashes media to aid conservative cause in Canada PM Harper looks to Moore for input from B.C.
Flaherty promises jobs and growth,’ opposition MPs want cuts details in upcoming $256-billion budget
Strategy, tactics, communications, big bureaucracy: welcome to lobbying Reader prefers independent media Facing looming cuts, CBC remains focused on five-year plan
Digital lock provisions of Bill C-11 go far beyond WIPO standards
Canadians get more than money’s worth with CBC Ottawa’s love of envelopes: from Brian Mulroney to the CBC Opposition MPs say Tories divided over CBC’s future, Tories deny it
Kicking over some sacred cows
CBC would lose $532-million annually if forced to give up advertising, loss would have devastating impact on Canadian television production industry: groundbreaking report
An attack on CBC is an attack on Canadian culture
CBC is yours to celebrate
Opposition MPs on Access Committee may boycott meetings after Tories demand that CBC produce documents
CBC in contempt of Parliament if it doesn’t produce documents Access Committee requests: Del Mastro
CBC gets a Parliamentary sucker punch from Conservative government
Tories expected to delay court hearings into 2006 ad campaign expenses
Should the CBC continue to be funded by taxpayers or not?
To privatize or to keep public? We asked Canadians
The Prime Minister’s powers and the rule of law
CBC smart to change channel on why feds should continue to invest in public broadcasting