Inside Ottawa Directory 2019

March 1, 2019

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Have Parliament Hill at your fingertips, save time while searching for phone numbers and email addresses.

The handy reference guide includes:

  • Riding profiles
  • MPs by province
  • MP contact details, both Hill and constituency
  • Committee contacts and membership
  • Senators' contact details and committee membership
  • Current Photos
  • Prime Minister's Office and Privy Council Office staff contacts
  • Ministers' offices staff contacts
  • Speaker's office contacts
  • Committee charts with current photos
  • List of shadow cabinet and opposition critics
  • Key political, government and media contacts

The 2019 edition includes special election tip sheet:

  • Election Tipsheets
  • MPs by province
  • Safest seats
  • Most vulnerable seats
  • key indigenous ridings

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Going Green: A comprehensive review of Canada’s journey to legal cannabis

October 17, 2018

Katie Schultz and Christina Leadlay

This e-guide contains a list of the key players, committee meetings, debates, highlights from Question Period, press releases (from government and non-government groups) on Bill C-45, The Cannabis Act, as well as stories on the topic published in the Hill Times and the Lobby Monitor. The team at Parliament Now has compiled this data from their own archives, Hansard, and all Hill Times archives. The “Look Forward” explores what’s next on the legal cannabis “to-do” list, from legislation on edibles, future areas of concern, and the mandatory review in 2021.

Election cybersecurity: a comprehensive look at the threats and solutions ahead of 2019

October 4, 2018

Editor: Anja Karadeglija Copy editing: Bryson Masse

Canada’s 43rd federal election will take place in 2019, in what is in many ways a completely changed landscape for democratic elections since the Liberal Party won a majority in October 2015. In fact, an annual report by the Commissioner of Canada Elections published in May this year noted that at the time of the 2015 election,“emerging technologies had posed relatively little concern to the enforcement of Canada’s election laws.”

It will be the first Canadian federal election to take place following major news stories about hacking, foreign interference and social media manipulation of the United States and other western countries’ democratic processes. Various government departments and agencies, as well as private sector players like social media platforms, are taking steps to prepare for a number of threats, from those posed by misuse of social media to spread fake news and misinformation, to hacking attempts targeting internal communications, web- sites and data storage systems of political parties and elections agencies.

Rural Broadband: The challenges and potential solutions

August 8, 2018

Anja Karadeglija

Rural Broadband: The challenges and potential solutions

A guide to the problems, work done so far, the key players, and what needs to be done to get all Canadians access to broadband.

Mauril and Me

January 2018

A collection of personal reflections and anecdotes in encounters and impacts by colleagues, community leaders and individuals . All net proceeds will go to support ALS research.

2018 Guide to Lobbyist Gifting Rules

April 3, 2018

Edited By Beatrice Paez and Tessie Sanci

The Rules of Giving and Receiving for Federal Lobbyists, Bureaucrats and Political Staff

By The Hill Times

The 2018 Guide to Lobbyist Gifting Rules is the essential resource for your work on federal issues. Whether you are an association professional, government-relations executive, politician, bureaucrat or political staffer, this guide will ensure you stay abreast of the latest rulings and interpretations of gifting rules.


The Federal Response to the Opioid Crisis

Updated January 29, 2018

Edited by Katie Schultz and Christina Leadlay

The updated edition of The Federal Response to the Opioid Crisis ebook is now available.

Updates include:
- Additional committee work dealing with opioids from the Fall 2017 sitting.
- An updated list of key players.
- Debates from the house.
- Press releases from government and non-government groups from the Fall of 2017.
- A look forward at the issues the Government may deal with in the coming sitting.
- News and opinion coverage from all Hill Times publications.

The opioid crisis has been at the forefront of work in the House of Commons and the Senate since the Liberal government came to power in late 2015. This deadly issue shows no signs to abating in Western Canada and is slowly creeping across the country.
The opioid crisis touches all levels of government and across non-governmental sectors, including government relations, advocacy and those working on the front lines with people suffering from addictions.
This e-book summarizes the work on the opioid crisis that is going on at the federal level: what the House of Commons and the Senate have been listening to and acting on to help stop and mitigate this tragedy.

CanCon Contributions & Quotas In a Digital Age

February 22, 2017

CanCon Contributions & Quotas In a Digital Age
A complete guide to the regulations on the table in Heritage Canada’s review

As part of Heritage Canada’s review of Canadian content in a digital age, various parties are proposing changes to how digital services are regulated and taxed. Proposals for a “Netflix tax,” an Internet Service Provider (ISP) tax and extending the kind of regulations that are currently in place for traditional TV to streaming services have been floated, drawing both support and criticism.

In a constantly changing industry where companies can be streaming services, ISPs and traditional broadcasters and TV service providers all at once, the impact of such changes will be complex. This report is the most comprehensive — but concise — primer you’ll find on the subject.


You Might Be From Canada If . . .


Michael de Adder

You Might Be From Canada If . . . is a delightful, illustrated romp through this country as it celebrates its 150th birthday. Michael de Adder delivers his unique take on this one-of-a-kind country, tickling the funny bone on every page. As de Adder proves, this is a country that is proud of who it is and likes nothing better than a good laugh.

Sharp Wits & Busy Pens

May 20, 2016

It’s been 150 years since journalists arrived on Parliament Hill, covering Canada’s budding confederation. Sharp Wits & Busy Pens, written by current and former Parliamentary Press Gallery reporters, tracks the evolution from the days when political journalism was little more than a written transcript of debates. Close ties turned to clashes with government, booze flowed, scandal brewed, women broke down the door to membership and TV cameras arrived and reshaped how Canadians saw Parliament.

Il y a 150 ans cette année, les premiers journalistes arrivaient sur la colline parlementaire à Ottawa pour couvrir la Confédération naissante. Les coulisses de la Tribune, un ouvrage rédigé par d’actuels et anciens membres de la Tribune de la presse parlementaire, retrace l’histoire de cette institution depuis ses débuts, lorsque le journalisme politique n’aspirait guère plus qu’à retranscrire fidèlement les débats parlementaires. Avec force témoignages et anecdotes, Les coulisses plonge dans le récit d’amitiés et de conflits, d’abus d’alcool et de scandales éventés, de l’acceptation difficile des femmes et de l’arrivée de ces caméras de télévision ayant transformé la façon dont les Canadiens voient leur Parlement.


Questions and Inquiries contact:

Ryan O’Neill
Director of Reader Services

Democracy, Terrorism and Killer Robots: Embassy News covers the 2015 Halifax International Security Forum

December 15, 2015

The Halifax International Security Forum is one of the world’s biggest gatherings of defence and security leaders. Participants at this year’s forum had a chance to rub shoulders with those representing mainly Western interests—even if discussions focused on how the West should deal with China, Russia and nonstate actors in Iraq and Syria.

This report is organized as a comprehensive, thematic look at the forum from the vantage point of an Embassy reporter on the ground at the conference. It includes extensive coverage published by Embassy as well as collections of key quotes from VIP participants.

With security concerns top of mind in Western democracies and in Canada, this roundup offers a look at the priorities of high-ranking members of the Canadian and American militaries, top policymakers and influential personalities.


Special pricing options available for Group Rates, NGO's, and Educational Institutions.


A Guide to Lobbyist Gifting Rules: Updated Edition

December 2, 2015

An updated 2015 guide to the rules of giving and receiving for federal lobbyists, bureaucrats and political staff and MPs.

Can you invite an MP or bureaucrat to your event or to sit at your table at a reception?

Can you serve lunch to a political staffer during a meeting?

Does a pen or travel mug with your association logo violate federal gifting regulation?

This report will help you navigate the world of gifting, helping you plan a strategy that will not leave you or elected officials in violation of the rules.


Special pricing options available for Group Rates, NGO's, and Educational Institutions.


Legislation of the 41st Parliament 1st & 2nd Session

November 30, 2015

A comprehensive guide of Government of Canada legislation introduced in the House of Commons and in the Senate of Canada during the 1st and 2nd session of the 41st Parliament, 2011-2015.


Special pricing options available for Group Rates, NGO's, and Educational Institutions.


Spinning History: A Witness to Harper’s Canada and 21st Century choices

June 15, 2015

Les Whittington

An unvarnished look at the Harper years and what lies ahead for Canadians

Veteran Toronto Star political and economics journalist Les Whittington has seen it all, and then some. In his new book, Spinning History, Whittington chronicles—with remarkable clarity and a cop-like, straight-up tone—the hallmarks of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government. It's a concise, well-written insider's guide on how the government has tried to change Canada over the last 10 years and it offers some suggestions for the future.

Charting the CBC's challenging present and uncertain future

February 22, 2015

Charting the CBC's challenging present and uncertain future: Where it has been and where it is going provides an insider profile of the struggles faced by Canada’s public broadcaster in the 21st century. The CBC has been in the spotlight in both chambers of Parliament bringing to light the threats in a demanding and ambitious media environment in Canada.