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A photo taken at a first ministers' meeting earlier this year. Photograph courtesy of Adam Scotti

Politics This Morning: Trudeau to host first ministers’ meeting in Ottawa

Opinion|Tim Murphy
First, do sweat the small stuff.To voters, big policy and even bigger dollars aren’t always as easily understandable as extravagant expenses. Liberals seem particularly susceptible to the charge of arrogance so a ruthless focus on getting the little things right will matter.
Other repeating motifs are the grotesques, sprinkled throughout the Centre Block to lighten the mood. Centre Block architect John Andrew Pearson wanted these to help people rest and clear their minds, says House curator Johanne K. Mizgala.
Feature|Rachel Aiello
The Shaw Convention Centre and National Arts Centre are the hot venues for this fall’s social scene.
Opinion|Don Iveson
Tomorrow’s Canada can feature great cities energized by world-class transit—and thriving rural areas bolstered by modern infrastructure that confronts the challenge of climate change.
Like the Conservatives before them, the Liberals running Canada’s government have their hands in several free trade agreements that have industry groups salivating, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with Europe chief among them.
Feature|Kristen Shane
Insiders show off their favourite quiet Hill getaways.
What is unclear at this stage is the weight that will be given to digital and public input when compared to stakeholder input.
Opinion|Tina Pittaway
The commitment of Canadian media to investing in coverage of this commission will be a test of how seriously we take that responsibility. Are we here to make a difference? Or are we simply here to make a buck?
Industry, international trade, and environment are the top three topics showing up in active lobbying registrations, providing clues as to what will be the most lobbied subjects as MPs resume their roles on the Hill.
I’ve seen first-hand the devastation sexual assault causes for victims, and it’s been a personal cause my entire adult life. As an undergraduate student at the University of Victoria, I worked at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre on the crisis line, answering calls from victims who needed help, or someone to talk to.
With a fresh session of Parliament looming and a whole summer of consultation at its back, there’s boundless opportunity for the government to gain some forward momentum on telecom issues this fall.
Feature|Joe Jordan
As year two approaches, last year’s new MPs are becoming the ‘pitcher of record’ and your re-election chances will be directly impacted by how well you do your job, and spending the past three months in your riding should have certainly reinforced the notion that there is a lot to do.
Feature|Rachel Aiello
Your comprehensive guide to the best Hill cafeterias, nearby restaurants and best quick lunch spots.

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