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Constitutional experts skewer opposition calls for Senate abolition

By Chris Plecash      

Senate elections are a long shot too, but experts say term limits could get the green light from the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the PM could be getting better advice on Upper Chamber appointments.


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While Poilievre, Lewis each pay $50,000 to snub last leadership debate, Charest shows up, but optics weren’t great ‘with the tier-two leadership aspirants,’ says Nanos

News|By Ian Campbell
Absent candidates Pierre Poilievre and Leslyn Lewis made their appeals to voters in-person and on social media, opting to take a $50,000 fine instead of being on stage with Jean Charest, Scott Aitchison, and Roman Baber.

CTV’s McGregor gets into shoving match after cameraman pushed by Lich supporters outside Ottawa courthouse

Feature|By Mike Lapointe
Plus, Michael Serapio has been named CPAC’s new English anchor and Neil Macdonald cheekily responds to Poilievre campaign's depiction of Tom Clark.

For campaigns looking to turn support into seats in Parliament, not all ‘ethnic communities’ are created equal

'These are groups that are very politically savvy, and they understand their power and they understand the influence that they can have,' says Erin Tolley, Canada Research Chair in gender, race, and inclusive politics.

Telford tops 19th annual Terrific 25 Staffer list, NDP’s Salloum voted Best All-Round

Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Coming in at No. 2 on the Terrific 25 list is the NDP’s Anthony Salloum, followed by Liberal aide Jeff Jedras in third, and Bloc staffer Jeff Dufour-Tremblay in fourth.

‘Everybody’s going to be at risk’: some public health advocates warn against focusing monkeypox messaging on GBTQ+ men

News|By Stuart Benson
Community health organizations are calling for targeted financial and ‘wrap-around’ support from the federal government for those required to quarantine as a result of the monkeypox virus.

Visa issues for AIDS conference leaves ‘black mark’ for Canada amid questions over discriminatory processing: opposition MPs

News|By Neil Moss
'This is an international conference and people are already saying that the government is embarking on a process that discriminates against certain participants,' says NDP MP Jenny Kwan.

Do more to address Rohingya and Myanmar crises, say advocates, as Bangladesh’s calls for repatriation grow louder

News|By Neil Moss
Bangladeshi High Commissioner Khalilur Rahman says Canada needs to step it up to repatriate the Rohingya back to Myanmar, but that may not be possible due to the grim safety and security situation.

Trudeau Liberals should be ‘worried’ about bleeding support to Conservatives, say veteran pollsters

A recent survey from Abacus Data revealed that, for the first time since the last election, the Conservatives had marginally more support among those aged 18-44.

‘For the sake of party unity’ Harper should not have publicly endorsed Poilievre, says former cabinet minister LeBreton

News|By Abbas Rana
Lawrence Cannon claims Stephen Harper endorsed Pierre Poilievre because Poilievre doesn't have the required support to win the leadership contest.
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