Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015
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PM Harper's rhetoric on Canadians killing terrorists heightening public anxiety during election year, say opposition MPs

'You’ve got the Prime Minister of Canada standing in the House and saying "we want you to kill them." I think he’s dragging us more and more into fights that we don’t need to be in,' says Liberal MP Judy Sgro.

A primer on what’s going on at House, Senate committees this winter session

Work to address Hill harassment continues, MPs still in limbo

‘We’re sort of in a waiting mode,’ says suspended Liberal MP Massimo Pacetti.

Feds could table budget early April then use two-week recess to avoid questions in House, say opposition MPs

Opposition MPs say the House schedule means the government could deliver a budget on April 1 or April 2, then use the two weeks off to sell it across the country without a House forum for opposition criticism and questions.

Plunge in world oil prices means $4.9-billion surplus Conservatives promised for 2015 election year has 'eroded to nothing,' say economists

'Every knowledgeable person I've spoken to believes, and history tells us, that prices will eventually move well above current levels,' Finance Minister Joe Oliver told the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

NDP in 'much stronger position' now than 10 months before last election, says Mulcair

Meanwhile, former Parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page criticizes Conservative goverment's fiscal record, says feds not good fiscal managers and 'secrecy new normal,' at NDP strategy session Friday.

NDP MPs say they're looking to form next government, despite polls showing them in third place

'I think we keep our eye firmly on the target, which is one Stephen Harper,' Victoria MP Murray Rankin told The Hill Times in an interview. 'I think the people of Canada will understand that we are the better alternative; it’s keeping our eye on that ball that’s keeping us busy today. We’re looking straight ahead.'

Parties to lose per-vote subsidy permanently April 1, Liberals now support elimination

But NDP MP Pat Martin says, 'Public financing of political parties is far more fair and equitable than the frantic frenzy of begging and groveling they’ve been reduced to today.'

Liberals raise $5.2-million in fourth quarter of 2014

The last three months has been the Liberal Party's best fourth quarter since 2006 when corporate and union donations were still legal.

PM Harper keeps Fantino in Cabinet because Tories can't afford to lose seats in GTA, say critics

In mini shuffle, Prime Minister Stephen Harper appoints Erin O'Toole as new Veterans Affairs minister and demotes Julian Fantino to associate minister of National Defence.

Too soon to judge how ‘stunning’ NDP MP Thibeault defection to provincial Liberals will play out

In a stunning move, NDP MP Glenn Thibeault quit the federal caucus and announced he was joining Liberal Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s party. Political observers say it’s too early to read too much into it, but say NDP Leader Tom Mulcair’s biggest challenge is to convince his caucus he can win the next election.

Prime Minister Harper does a few year-end media interviews, but still no major National Press Theatre year-end press conference

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has given his normal sprinkling of year-end Parliamentary Press Gallery interviews, but he has had only one news conference in the National Press Theatre since first winning power in 2006 and a comparison of G8 ranks shows Mr. Harper is least likely of the major leaders to open up to journalists who cover them and their governments on a daily basis.

All-Party Women’s Caucus tells Speaker Scheer they’re ‘happy to help’ inform on Hill sexual harassment policies

A handful of MPs on the All-Party Women’s Caucus met with House Speaker Andrew Scheer Monday morning to discuss how they can help to establish a harassment policy as both the Commons Board of Internal Economy and a Subcommittee of Procedure and House Affairs begin work on the explosive issue.

Suspended Senators Duffy, Wallin, Harb repay $465,000

Three of the four Senators who were suspended last year for filing false expense and living allowance claims have repaid a total of $465,000 over the past year-and-a-half, including interest on the money they wrongly received, public accounts and Senate records show.

Two unnamed NDP MPs decline to lodge formal complaints of ‘serious personal misconduct’ against Liberal MPs Pacetti and Andrews

Two female NDP MPs who allege serious personal misconduct on the part of two male Liberal MPs have declined to lodge formal complaints with the powerful House of Commons Board of Internal Economy, a government MP spokesman for the board said Tuesday.

Angry vets mount ‘Anyone But Conservatives’ campaign for 2015 election

Canadian veterans, angry over the government’s closure of nine regional veteran support offices in the past year as the federal Conservatives strove to balance the budget, are mounting an ‘Anyone But Conservative’ campaign to elect another party to government in 2015.

Hill shooter’s unreleased video could be key to defining him as a ‘terrorist’

Video evidence that the RCMP has not made public appears to be a key to deciding whether Prime Minister Stephen Harper was justified on Wednesday to describe the shooting death of a National War Memorial honour guard and the killer’s subsequent attack on Parliament Hill as acts of terrorism.

House Speaker won't talk about Hill security after gunman last week shot dead in Centre Block

House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer has clamped down on information about security details for the Parliamentary Precinct after media scrutiny heightened following a barrage of gunfire that erupted in Centre Block last week when a gunman breached three lines in the security perimeter protecting MPs before being shot dead by security and RCMP officers.

RCMP release dramatic video footage of gunman behind Ottawa shootings

The official statement by RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, delivered Thursday afternoon:

BREAKING: RCMP calls Parliament Hill, War Memorial shootings 'terrorist attack'

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson says RCMP has identified 'persuasive evidence that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's attack was driven by ideological and political motives.'

Parliamentary Calendar
Wednesday, December 31, 1969
World Press Photo 15 exhibit premiere at the Canadian War Museum, July 22 July 24, 2015

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
A woman takes in the third prize for contemporary issues single photos by Italian photographer Fulvio Bugani. His series is called 'Waria: Being a Different Muslim.'
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Cees Cole, Netherlands ambassador to Canada.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Mark O’Neill, president and CEO at the Canadian War and History museums.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
World Press Photo representative Noortje Gorter.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Photographer Chris Roussakis, Hill Times reporter Rachel Aiello, photographer Cynthia Münster and Hill Times online editor Bea Vongdouangchanh.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
The music from these two string musicians flowed through the gallery all evening.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Jeanine DeVos taking in the exhibit.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Mark O’Neill, president and CEO at the Canadian War and History museums, with Silvie Morel.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Cynthia and Yves Bled.


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