Friday, Feb. 27, 2015
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Lessons for government from Afghanistan and Libya: do they apply in Iraq?

The Prime Minister would be wise to establish a Special Cabinet Committee to deal with Canada’s involvement in Iraq.

Where to, Canada? A Canadian looks at country that welcomed him and his family 46 years ago

Canada is being sold down polluted rivers by a man in a bubble.

Solving illicit tobacco: a national strategy

International community stepping up in Iraq, so must Canada

The violence we see from ISIL simply has no place in the modern world.

Railway Association takes railway safety seriously

Transport Canada will in the next few weeks respond to the Transportation Safety Board report into the tragic accident in Lac-Mégantic.

To achieve stronger growth, consumers need to be confident about future

Joe Oliver should think hard about what he really plans is best for Canada in the 2015 budget.

Fresh water central to Canada’s identity

Canada has no legally enforceable national drinking water standards. The numbers of fish consumption advisories are also on the rise. Fish and other aquatic life are the embodiment of the health of our rivers and lakes.

Federal election 2015: bringing Quebec back in

Canada 2020 policy meeting: time well spent

At the Canada 2020 policy conference, panellists talked about how the new normal will be a world populated by sophisticated terrorist organizations creating havoc militarily, but also wreaking a humanitarian toll with increased numbers of refugees looking for safety.

Why new Euro-Canada treaty is a gift to oil firms

CETA’s domestic regulation chapter would be more aptly called, ‘Gifts for the Oil and Gas Industry.’

Fashion flip-flop as government fur-bids RCMP to wear toques

The unusual step of a government overriding the RCMP’s fashion faux pas has nothing to do with protecting the fur industry and everything to do with capitalizing on the current trend of bashing so-called animal rights activists.

Open procurement process could promote innovation and employment in Canadian aerospace

When it comes to military procurement, a transparent process that gets the best value for Canadians’ dollars has become the exception, rather than the rule.

Armed Forces weakened by government’s procurement failures

Aerospace packs a big punch, but feds have cut off vital supports to industry

Canada is proud of our aerospace industry

To make sure that high-paying and highly-skilled jobs are created in Canada, our procurements will now have a rated and weighted value proposition.

It’s time for comprehensive House reforms, can’t be half-hearted

Criminalizing marijuana has no benefit to our society

Marijuana criminalization doesn’t impact rates of use, doesn’t make our communities safer and encourages a black market and organized crime.

Uncharted waters: future holds new frontiers for Canada’s manufacturers and exporters

Now is the time for Canada’s manufacturers and governments to partner on a national manufacturing strategy that supports new frontiers for Canadian manufacturers.

Are Canadians racist? Yes, let’s stop denying it

We must continue to advocate for change within the federal public service—and within corporate Canada. This change is crucial. Canada’s demographic profile is becoming increasingly diverse. Its workforce is aging. Meanwhile, the competition for workers is escalating with the growing global shortage of talent.

Working in the age of anxiety

Expose the secret. Get rid of the cop in your head. Phone your friends. Re-occupy.


Parliamentary Calendar
Friday, February 27, 2015
Hill media, staffers send off PMO's Jason MacDonald at the Métropolitain Brasserie's bar Feb. 20, 2015

The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
Bloomberg's Theo Argitis and PMO chief of staff Ray Novak.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
The PMO's outgoing Director of Communications Jason MacDonald.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
PMO executive assistant Stephen Staley, PMO special assistant Myles Atwood, and Tory Party national campaign manager Jenni Byrne.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
PMO deputy chief of staff Howard Anglin and Postmedia's Stephen Maher.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
The Ottawa Citizen's Jason Fekete with the man of the hour, Jason MacDonald.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
The Toronto Star's Tonda MacCharles.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
CBC's Chris Hall and Melissa Lantsman, Finance Minister Joe Oliver's director of communications.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
Michael White, Finance Minister Joe Oliver's policy director.