Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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Funding early childhood education would improve life chances for all

The Harper government appears more focused on shifting scarce federal dollars to families which, relatively, have much less need for federal money, rather than designing policies to help improve life chances for the most disadvantaged.

Climate change and the coffee connection

Climate change has been wreaking havoc in agricultural production systems worldwide. Coffee production in the hemisphere has been particularly affected.

Conservatives making poor choices, continue attacks on public services: Boulerice

NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice underlines his party’s support for unions and workers’ rights.

Oceans warming, more acidic, Arctic sea ice disappearing

The Harper government claims to be a champion of Canada’s North, but claims like this must be backed up by solid actions to protect Canadian interests.

Why better seniors’ care means better health care for all

This isn’t an argument about spending less. Nor is it an argument about spending more. It’s about spending smarter by re-engaging federal leadership in health care.

Global agreement critical: longer we wait, harder to change course, more it will cost

It’s crunch time, we’re running out of time to reduce global emissions

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it

What’s happening in the oil and gas industry these days is a stark reminder of the relevance of that truism.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights not ‘Canada’s museum’: Luciuk

Instead it’s a pretty shell whose appearance distracts from what’s within.

Will retired captain O’Toole be a hero or a zero?

Erin O’Toole, a veteran with a good track record, was an obvious choice for the position of minister of Veteran Affairs. But when it comes to veterans, especially the totally and permanently incapacitated injured veteran, will retired captain O’Toole be a hero or a zero?

New calls for Islamic Reformation post-Charlie Hebdo arise, but what's really needed is an enlightenment, says Bonner

NDP severely wounded entering 2015 election year

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney has boasted that Mulcair is the strongest opposition leader the country has seen since John Diefenbaker, a claim many in Ottawa would not dispute. So what has gone so wrong for Thomas Mulcair?

Why Canadian hospitals outperform U.S. hospitals

If U.S. hospitals ran as efficiently as Canada’s, the average U.S. family of four would save $2,000 annually on health care.

Why Canada’s jobs future is sinking like a stone

Canada’s dramatic decline in research and development has a continuing negative impact on labour productivity as well.

Iran presents an acute case requiring our full attention

While Canada alone cannot bring Iran into compliance with its international obligations or compel the regime to negotiate in good faith, we can continue to lead by example and encourage those who might otherwise waver to join the effort.

New innovation agenda does show Harper government at least learning on job

But the efforts have not delivered the desired results. Canada still seems to be an innovation laggard. Canadian productivity was 82 per cent of the U.S. level in 2000 but just 73 per cent in 2012.

MPs should empower themselves by restricting their powers

MPs could easily establish a process to deal with allegations of sexual harassment between MPs. But they’re playing politics instead.

Outgoing New York Congressman plugs Sir John A. Macdonald bicentennial in House of Representatives

Education biggest issue for AFN national chief and federal government

The future of First Nation youth is too precious for it to be sacrificed on the altar of internecine squabbling, political wrangling, and political games played by First Nation leaders and the federal government.

There’s something romantic about being in a newspaper’s pressroom: Hill Times publisher Jim Creskey

Last Friday night, our entire staff went out to watch The Hill Times be printed at the press, Transcontinental, in Hull. It was a magical evening.


Parliamentary Calendar
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Bottoms up at Hy's post-budget soirée April 27, 2015

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Trudeau advisers Gerald Butts, left, Robert Asselin, Ekos pollster Frank Graves, Postmedia News' Stephen Maher, consultant Andrew Balfour and National Post's John Ivison.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

CTV's Mercedes Stephenson and Rob Rosenfeld of the U15-Group of Canadian Research Universities.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Finance Minister and man of the hour, Joe Oliver, arriving in his New Balance sneakers.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Health Minister Rona Ambrose's Director of Communications Cailin Rogers and Policy Director Trina Morisette with Greenbridge's Sheefra Brisbin.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Joseph Finkle, consultant at National Public Relations, and Navigator Consultant Will Stewart.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

House Speaker Andrew Scheer and his chief of staff Kenzie Potter.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Greenbridge's Patrick Dion and Sheefra Brisbin.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Finance Canada Economist Heather Kay, Canadian Chamber of Commerce's Mary-Anne Carter, Gillian Frackelton, special assistant to Vicki Heyman, Kristina Martin of Capital Comms Group, and Bluesky Strategies' Shannon Donnelly.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Liberal speechwriter Colin Horgan and Global's Laura Stone.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Deputy Chief of Staff in the PMO Howard Anglin.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Treasury Board President Tony Clement.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Liberal Senator Dennis Dawson.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Nanos Principal and Strategist Greg Weston.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

RX&D Lobbyist Sarah Douglas and The Hill Times' Rachel Aiello and Bea Vongdouangchanh.