Monday, May 25, 2015
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Police, first responders exposed to unique, difficult set of job-related stressors

It is important to see so many police and mental health leaders working together to change the culture; promote mental well-being; prevent mental health problems and illnesses; and, make it easier to seek help when needed, say MHCC and CACP.

War on terror is a war of ideas, long-term strategy against insurgencies needed

'Treating the insurgencies primarily as a military rather than an ideological problem has caused the growth of insurgencies,' says Carleton University professor.

Politicians need to think outside box when it comes to seniors' care

When is it okay for doctors to let someone die?

End-of-life care in Canada needs another look, says Charles Wright.

The 18 vacancies: a window of opportunity for Senate reform

The vacancies—close to 20 per cent of the Senate—present an unusual opportunity to launch significant reform. All that is needed is a guiding vision.

NDP best hope to get country back from grim reaper

But unless something changes, come election time there will be two battles: the Harper Conservatives will be running to win, and the NDP and Liberals will be fighting their own private war. It is a recipe for disaster for the country.

CRTC chair Blais gets in touch with his inner Pete Carroll

The Canadian TV industry gets a blindside sack and Jean-Pierre Blais gets in touch with his inner Pete Carroll, all so a few tweeters can see a Target ad instead of one for Canadian Tire during future Super Bowl telecasts. Somebody should tell them about the internet.

Why handing over Parliamentary security to the Mounties is a bad idea

Mounties generally make poor security guards. Nobody joins the RCMP to check passes or idle outside embassies and federal buildings.

Canada faces huge economic challenges, in danger of being ignored

It is remarkable that, as we head towards a new budget and a federal election, the various political parties are fighting over a redistribution agenda rather than a growth agenda.

Parliament begins review of new national security legislation

As we enter another period of global instability, Western, liberal-democracies, must strive to reshape the security-civil liberties dichotomy. 

Downsize democracy for 40 years, here’s what you get

How far down the road to collapse are we? For my generation it’s not so far that we will see the worst of it. But what is alarming is that all the signs are so dramatically obvious.

Politicians, political advisers all thinking inside same box on economy

The most effective role of government is to shape the medium- to long-term, rather than trying to have a big impact on what happens in the next year.

How Canada fails people with mental illnesses

Canada needs improved access to mental healthcare services

Most Canadians don’t understand food nutrition labels

How simplifying and standardizing food labels can help with better food choices

Main thing going for Harper: NDP, Libs don’t seem to know what to do either

But the Conservatives’ economic strategy was built on a questionable foundation.

Over the horizon: a professional association for the Canadian military?

Combatting corrosion: a naval challenge

The Canadian Navy's corrosion management practices stand in stark contrast to those of two of Canada’s key allies. The U.S. Littoral Combat Ship USS Independence and the U.K. Astute-class nuclear submarines are two examples where deliberately cutting costs on preventative solutions contributed to corrosion.

Have western civilization’s highest moral and social values become cause for discomfort?

It has been rightly observed that the struggle against Muslim terrorism of the sort that motivated the killings at Charlie Hebdo is one of free speech versus totalitarian repression. The same may also be said in the Muslim context, since it is obvious that a great many Muslims want nothing to do with al-Qaida, ISIS, Boko Haram, and their murderous and repressive ilk. But there is a far larger problem that looms above the question of free speech, because the future of civilization is at stake, writes Michael Bonner.

Federal science, technology, innovation strategy 'mostly stale air'

STI report Seizing Canada's Moment a political creed extolling the virtues of the current Conservative brand in support of research and innovation, says U of O prof.

Parliamentary Calendar
Monday, May 25, 2015
Canadian talent centre stage at SOCAN Hill reception May 19, 2015

The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
The crowd dancing and singing along to Alex Nevsky's performance, in the Aboriginal Peoples Committee room.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Liberal MP Stéphane Dion, SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, President of the SOCAN Board of Directors Stan Meissner, and SOCAN Chief Quebec Affairs Officer Geneviève Côté, pictured May 12 at the event.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Conservative MP Gord Brown, chair of the House Canadian Heritage Committee.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
NDP MPs Rathika Sitsabaiesan and Pierre Nantel take a selfie during the concert.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Canadian performing artist Sarah Slean.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
DFATD Director General Marcel Lebleu, Environics Communications' Louis-Charles Roy, Alex Nevsky, and ESDC's Philippe Bernier-Arcand.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Back Row: Stéphane Dion, Sarah Slean, Mr. Brown, Eric Baptiste, Pierre Nantel, Stan Meissner, James Cowan. Front Row: Marc Ouellette, Geneviève Côté, Alex Nevsky, Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, and Gabriel Gratton.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Gabriel Gratton, Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, and Alex Nevsky performing.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner, SOCAN's Geneviève Côté, and Liberal MP Mark Eyking.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Sarah Slean and NDP MP Tyrone Benskin.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Conservative MP Terrence Young, SOCAN's Stan Meissner, and Eric Baptiste.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Tom Mulcair's current, and former chiefs of staff Alain Gaul and Raoul Gébert, with SOCAN's Eric Baptiste.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Sen. Cowan, Sarah Slean, and Stan Meissner.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Environics Communications' Alex Bushell, with NDP MPs Carol Hughes and Djaouida Sellah.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Alex Nevsky and Environics Communications' Greg MacEachern.