Friday, Sept. 19, 2014
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Veterans trapped under government’s sweeping budget omnibus steamroller: Sean Bruyea

Sex workers’ advocacy day aims to rebalance debate

Criminalizing the purchase of sex means that sex workers are still pushed underground, away from safety, unable to work with each other, and unable to screen out potential aggressors posing as clients.

Canada’s horse slaughter industry needs to be regulated

For too long the Canadian government has overlooked the blatant flaws of this country’s cruel and predatory horse slaughter industry and the fact that horsemeat produced in Canada for human consumption poses serious health risks for consumers around the world.

Reconciling my two Canadas

Leaving the reconciling to indigenous peoples alone will not do. Indigenous people recognize the need to heal from the past, but too often some are being pushed to forgive before they are ready—or before the harm is acknowledged. Canada also needs to recognize its own wounds and the scars that have not completely healed.

Poloz sending wrong message, Canada does need a manufacturing strategy

The emergence of a two-speed economy, or what Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz calls Canada’s ‘hot—and not hot—economy’—the West is hot, Ontario and Quebec are not—could pose big problems for Canada and make us much more vulnerable to future outside shocks.

Parliament has no obligation to fight for veterans, even though veterans fight and die for us

Canadians will hopefully remember this before they walk into a Canadian Forces recruiting centre.

Where next for the Senate?

Incremental improvement beginning with a clear purpose statement for the Senate and specific selection criteria for Senators is where Senate reform needs to go next.

PMO spat with Supreme Court unprecedented, beyond contempt

Whatever the reason, to castigate the integrity of Canada’s judicial system, and McLachlin in particular either out of spite, or to gain tactical advantage, or as some convoluted mix of both, is beneath the Office the Prime Minister.

Government of Canada supports caregivers

The government is helping caregivers through the Family Caregiver Tax Credit, a 15 per cent non-refundable credit to help provide financial relief for caregivers of infirm dependent relatives, spouses, common-law partners and children.

Conservatives ignoring challenges facing Canada’s aging population

No one should have to grow old in poverty, insecurity, and isolation. But families are being squeezed and older Canadians are not getting the care and support they need.

More seniors living at home, policies need to reflect health-care resources needed

Statistics Canada found that 92 per cent of seniors older than 65 lived in private homes while eight per lived in collective dwellings such as nursing homes and other institutional-care facilities in 2011.

We also need an Innovation Agenda for an Aging Population

Social sciences and humanities research provides insights into pressing challenges and opportunities.

Canada and an aging society: An opportunity for federal government

We are now presented with an opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of today’s seniors. The federal government needs to seize it.

Provinces now looking at ways to fill pension void feds opened up

The Ontario government, for example, has seen the necessity to go it alone with plans to develop an Ontario Retirement Security Plan. Inconceivably, Harper has been trying to stand in the way of this, too.

Canada needs a national dementia strategy

Today, it is estimated that three-quarters of a million people have Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia in Canada, and costs our economy about $33-billion a year in direct medical costs and lost earnings.

Speaking of misinformation about federal

Several government MPs used misleading arguments in replying to their constituents on the federal government’s decision to allow the Health Accord to expire.

Home is where the help starts for those battling mental illness

We need to talk about suicide prevention: Conservative MP Albrecht

It’s hard to separate suicide prevention efforts from mental health promotion. The great majority of suicides are due, at least in some part, to mental illness. Mental illness remains one of the last unreasonable taboos in our society. 

Canada’s time to lead on Sudan

Canada is uniquely well positioned to reverse its disengagement, leverage its well-established expertise, credibility, and authority, and lead efforts for peace in Sudan.

Ukraine being scourged by forces sent forth by Kremlin’s Cain


Parliamentary Calendar
Friday, September 19, 2014
Lobbyists, MPs get in on the ice bucket challenge for ALS Sept. 3, 2014

Photo courtesy Summa Strategies
The team at Summa Strategies took the ice bucket challenge last week at the Parliament Pub. Summa challenged board members from the Government Relations Institute of Canada (GRIC) to take it next. From left: intern John McHughan, vice-chairman Tim Powers, senior adviser Louis-Alexandre Lanthier, consultant Kate Harrison, vice-president Jim Armour, vice-president Robin MacLachlan, president Tracey Hubley, senior adviser Michele Austin, and consultant Angela Christiano.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
The Government Relations Institute of Canada board members take the ice bucket challenge.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
GRIC directors feel the chill.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
From left: GRIC president Andre Albinati, secretary Joanne Dobson, board members Kevin Desjardins and Alayne Crawford, treasurer Phil Cartwright, and board members Alex Maheu and Jason Kerr.
Photograph provided Hill and Knowlton Strategies
Health Minister Rona Ambrose gets in on the ice bucket challenge.
Photograph courtesy Hill and Knowlton Strategies
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair.
Photograph courtesy Hill and Knowlton Strategies
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.