Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Canada faces huge economic challenges, in danger of being ignored

It is remarkable that, as we head towards a new budget and a federal election, the various political parties are fighting over a redistribution agenda rather than a growth agenda.

Parliament begins review of new national security legislation

As we enter another period of global instability, Western, liberal-democracies, must strive to reshape the security-civil liberties dichotomy. 

Downsize democracy for 40 years, here’s what you get

How far down the road to collapse are we? For my generation it’s not so far that we will see the worst of it. But what is alarming is that all the signs are so dramatically obvious.

Politicians, political advisers all thinking inside same box on economy

The most effective role of government is to shape the medium- to long-term, rather than trying to have a big impact on what happens in the next year.

How Canada fails people with mental illnesses

Canada needs improved access to mental healthcare services

Most Canadians don’t understand food nutrition labels

How simplifying and standardizing food labels can help with better food choices

Main thing going for Harper: NDP, Libs don’t seem to know what to do either

But the Conservatives’ economic strategy was built on a questionable foundation.

Over the horizon: a professional association for the Canadian military?

Combatting corrosion: a naval challenge

The Canadian Navy's corrosion management practices stand in stark contrast to those of two of Canada’s key allies. The U.S. Littoral Combat Ship USS Independence and the U.K. Astute-class nuclear submarines are two examples where deliberately cutting costs on preventative solutions contributed to corrosion.

Have western civilization’s highest moral and social values become cause for discomfort?

It has been rightly observed that the struggle against Muslim terrorism of the sort that motivated the killings at Charlie Hebdo is one of free speech versus totalitarian repression. The same may also be said in the Muslim context, since it is obvious that a great many Muslims want nothing to do with al-Qaida, ISIS, Boko Haram, and their murderous and repressive ilk. But there is a far larger problem that looms above the question of free speech, because the future of civilization is at stake, writes Michael Bonner.

Federal science, technology, innovation strategy 'mostly stale air'

STI report Seizing Canada's Moment a political creed extolling the virtues of the current Conservative brand in support of research and innovation, says U of O prof.

Top 10 issues an environmentally responsible party needs to address in next election

Pipeline protesters should change focus, says UBC prof

Environmentalists protesting the new pipelines appear to believe that by disrupting the transportation of oil sands crude they will somehow reduce the consumption of heavy crude oil. Unfortunately they are looking at the wrong end of the supply-demand equation, says UBC professor Robert Evans..

Oceans warming, more acidic, Arctic sea ice disappearing

The Harper government claims to be a champion of Canada’s North, but claims like this must be backed up by solid actions to protect Canadian interests.

Why better seniors’ care means better health care for all

This isn’t an argument about spending less. Nor is it an argument about spending more. It’s about spending smarter by re-engaging federal leadership in health care.

Global agreement critical: longer we wait, harder to change course, more it will cost

It’s crunch time, we’re running out of time to reduce global emissions

This election should get serious about climate change

Surely the starting point for appropriate enviro-economic policy is to hedge your bets by treating all regions and industries equally so that the inevitable market swings don’t derail the entire country. While it may be good for Harper’s politics to sacrifice one region’s prosperity for another, it is lousy economics and morally reprehensible.

Federal action on greenhouse gas emissions on track

U.S. could breathe new life into UNFCCC multilateral climate deal process


Parliamentary Calendar
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Hill media, staffers send off PMO's Jason MacDonald at the Métropolitain Brasserie's bar Feb. 20, 2015

The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
Bloomberg's Theo Argitis and PMO chief of staff Ray Novak.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
The PMO's outgoing Director of Communications Jason MacDonald.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
PMO executive assistant Stephen Staley, PMO special assistant Myles Atwood, and Tory Party national campaign manager Jenni Byrne.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
PMO deputy chief of staff Howard Anglin and Postmedia's Stephen Maher.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
The Ottawa Citizen's Jason Fekete with the man of the hour, Jason MacDonald.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
The Toronto Star's Tonda MacCharles.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
CBC's Chris Hall and Melissa Lantsman, Finance Minister Joe Oliver's director of communications.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
Michael White, Finance Minister Joe Oliver's policy director.