Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014
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Canada’s continuing asbestos scandal: science denied, workers exposed to harm

The Canadian government is decades behind other Western governments in protecting its citizens from asbestos.

Spinning a new tune: what the recording industry isn’t saying about Canada’s internet streaming royalties

The recording industry has changed its tune, claiming the Copyright Board’s decision will ‘undermine the business environment.’

Adieu to a friend, ally in accountability wars

FAIR became a powerhouse of advocacy under the direction of David Hutton, who’s leaving the organization but not advocacy.

Time to engage information revolution for smarter infrastructure, improved environment, energy: Crane

There is a big opportunity staring us in the face where Canada is well-positioned to gain advantage and build future prosperity.

Senate’s future is all behind it: Patrick Boyer

As Senators now realize, a Question Period in the Senate is manifestly ‘a waste of time’ because nothing whatsoever about the Upper House pertains to accountability.

Come back with a warrant: how the Supreme Court upended the government’s Lawful Access Bill

The change in policy, which should ultimately be mirrored by all Canadian providers, will have a massive impact on how law enforcement operates and on the privacy of millions of Canadians.

Why are military sex-based crimes under jurisdiction of military?

The external review of sexual assault in the military should recommend a return of Sec. 70 of the NDA to its pre-1998 wording.

Canada’s Judge Advocate General a product of a bygone era: Michel Drapeau

Canada has taken steps to further empower its penal military justice system instead of eliminating the unnecessary derogations to the common law.

Conservative MPs not listening to critics of anti-prostitution bill, ‘disheartening, angering’: sex worker

While we heard about ‘giving a voice to the voiceless’ throughout the week, sex workers do have voices and we can use them, but that does not mean everyone will listen to what we have to say.

Future of television review is CRTC’s make or break moment

We need a strong economy, and a clean environment: Keith Brooks

Canadians overestimate the economic benefits of the tar sands. And yet they still want a different future.

Prime Minister Harper: Thank you for Julian Fantino

Never in modern memory has a Cabinet minister by his own poor example brought so much attention to the profound cultural problems at Veterans Affairs Canada.

Governance options for the Ring of Fire

A properly-designed transportation authority model could be more effective than a traditional Crown corporation to meet the infrastructure needs in the Ring of Fire.

Heintzman’s Canada 2020 report continues to provoke debate

But I take issue with Gilles Paquet’s argument that super-bureaucrats, starting with officers of Parliament, but including adjudicatory bodies and the courts, have largely usurped the authority of the government and Parliament through ‘mandate creep with gusto.’

Canadian research on social licencing can bridge the gap in technological innovation

It’s important to seek broader understanding and deeper insights on the social impacts of such innovations, both currently and in the future.

It’s not enough for CCCE, Canadian Chamber of Commerce to voice alarm on skills shortage

One more time: Senate can be Chamber for accountability, but thus far hasn’t

NDP has a plan for a prosperous, sustainable energy future

Why Canada needs an energy policy

Canada is the only country in the OECD without an energy policy and one of the only countries in the world not participating as a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Time for Canada’s North to move on to other means of heating, electrifying our communities

Health, prosperity, and environmental correctness need to be our goals for new energy sources.


Parliamentary Calendar
Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Remembering Devon Jacobs Aug. 19, 2014

The Hill Times photo by Jake Wright

Devon Jacobs, right, with Monte Solberg and Jim Armour at the 2012 Manning Networking Conference.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Devon Jacobs with Liberal MP Scott Simms.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Devon Jacobs with former colleague Jim Patrick, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Liberal MP Mauril Belanger at the 2013 all-party party.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Devon Jacobs, centre, with Conservative MPs (from left) Susan Truppe, Colin Carrie, Ted Opitz, Lynne Yelich and Eve Adams.