Sunday, April 19, 2015
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Is Christianity in decline?

Investing in research to fuel innovation is more essential than ever, says former Cabinet minister

Research fuels innovation. Innovation—harnessing the market potential of new ideas—drives productivity. Productivity is key to competitiveness which, in turn, determines our standard of living and ultimately our quality of life.

Modi's foreign travel shows effort to reach out to other countries in general and to Indian diaspora in particular

Recognizing differences between animal health and welfare

By launching a federally-coordinated national strategy to improve welfare on Canadian farms, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz could give industries the tools they need to shine on the global stage.

A new train of thought: rail regulation in context

Other opportunities for change exist in the air sector, in urban transit, highway funding and more commercialization and privatization of government transport entities.

No, but yes, military intervention in the new era: implications for Canadian Armed Forces

The CAF must focus on capability that is rapidly deployable and seen as a valued, relevant contribution to its friends and allies.    

How to create fair employment opportunities for people with disabilities

When it comes to employment and social inclusion for persons with disabilities, social enterprise can be part of the solution.

New Veterans Charter: marking time and where to from here?

The Harper government needs to be up front with veterans and Canadians and explain why it has chosen to take only half measures for a number of the recommendations.

Youth voter apathy a growing issue in Canada, experts say

Legault’s access reforms aren’t going to move Harper government

Now that Access Commissioner Suzanne Legault has come out with fairly complex and technical proposals, Treasury Board President Tony Clement in an election year may be in no hurry to touch her belated proposals.

Policy choice on carbon price mechanisms important

The policy will be in place for decades and will be difficult to change once businesses and households have adjusted to it.

Will the appointment of government’s new ‘mining counsellor’ change anything? Nope

As competent as Jeffrey Davidson may be, the government has not given him the tools necessary to be an effective regulator of the extractive sector. The proper role of the CSR counsellor deserves further study by government and industry.

National pharmacare: let’s get it right

National pharmacare is about improving patient access, care and outcomes, as well as affordability.

Thank you, Nancy Ruth, for hastening Senate’s demise

Take heart, enraged Canadians: the Senate will now indeed be killed off, and justly so. And it will be killed off not by us, but by the Senators themselves.

‘Lifeblood of democracy,’ access-to-information now an obscenity

It’s long past time we demanded our MPs take action and fix this rotted system.

Tory MPs should support a dementia strategy

Three weeks ago, the Conservative government announced it opposes Bill C-356, a bill for a national dementia strategy introduced by NDP MP Claude Gravelle.

Too many young Canadians getting off to poor start

While we are rightly focused on the one per cent in income distribution, we should also pay much more attention to the 52 per cent of young Canadians whose future life prospects are in doubt.

Civic literacy and the assault on Canadian democracy

The Harper government’s pursuit of its odious Secret Police Act is just another chapter in the most throughgoing, and massive social engineering project in the history of the country.

Harper’s man, Joe Friday

Joe Friday begins his tenure with low expectations in an office that has itself been remonstrated for gross mismanagement.


Parliamentary Calendar
Monday, April 20, 2015
Vickers honoured at Douglas C. Frith dinner April 2, 2015

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
The Château Laurier Ballroom was packed on Tuesday, March 31 for the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians dinner.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
The evening began with RCMP Cpl. Craig Kennedy's rendition of O Canada.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Ambassador to Ireland Kevin Vickers was recognized as an honorary member of CAFP for his heroism as the Sergeant at Arms during the Oct. 22 shooting.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Peter O'Brian, Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett and Steve Paikin.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Rob Nicholson and former Liberal MP Sue Barnes.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Conservative MP Dean Allison.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Kevin Vickers and Conservative MP Ray Boughen.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
International Union of Operating Engineers' Steven Schumann and Canadian Labour's Nathan Rotman.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
House Deputy Speaker Joe Comartin.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Mary Dawson, Senator David Smith, and Sharon Sholzberg-Gray.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Senator Art Eggleton and Conservative MP Earl Dreeshen.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Independent MP Brent Rathgeber in conversation with TVO's Steve Paikin.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Andrew Cardozo, Pearson Centre president.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Conservative MP Jay Aspin and Kevin Vickers.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
Lobbyist Leo Duguay.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
TVO host and author Steve Paikin gave an impassioned speech on what he's learned about the allure of public life.