Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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Is Ottawa ready for an invasion of PhDs? Bring it on!

Congress is a critical gathering of many of Canada’s top researchers in the humanities and social sciences, meeting to test their ideas and share their contributions to community, the economy, innovation and scholarship.

How Patrick Brown won the Ontario PC leadership race

Dismissed with little chance of winning, he has stunned the critics, capturing the leadership of the Ontario PC Party.

Israel: boycott, divest and sanction

When governments such as Canada’s and the U.S. provide carte blanche for virtually any action Israel undertakes it simply signals to Netanyahu that he has not yet crossed a Western democracies ‘red line.’

Inequality is a hot, important topic

But in an exhaustive new report, it is the bottom 40 per cent of the population that should be targeted if we want to address inequality in a serious way, not the broad middle class.

Canada needs to do a better job of managing financial uncertainty

Given the triple threat of uncertain oil prices, a volatile housing market and rising consumer debt, another crisis would likely hit us harder than the last one. It’s worth being well-prepared for that kind of risk.

The Fletcher Effect

Steven Fletcher describes autonomy as a core Canadian value. I remind him that autonomy has its limits, particularly when it causes others to feel more vulnerable and implicates the physician’s role in response to suffering.

The other drug problem in Canada’s cities

How Canada’s piecemeal pharmaceutical drug insurance coverage costs Canadian cities and taxpayers plenty.

Federal government should take leadership role on fighting MS

This month, the MS Society, alongside a group of outstanding MS Ambassadors, gathered together on Parliament Hill to launch MS Awareness Month with a strong message: Canada may be a world leader in hockey and maple syrup, but we’re also a leader in rates of MS in the world, and that’s a reality we’re not willing to accept.

Not enough being done to treat youth with mental illness: experts

The current approach to mental health in Canada also places an unnecessary burden on public finances. Jennifer Vornbrock of the Canadian Mental Health Commission stated that the dollar cost of untreated mental illness in Canada is $51-billion a year, a number which could rise to $300-billion in the next 20 years.

Canada should push for deeper integration with U.S., Mexico

Canada’s distinct global interests cannot be pursued adequately and forcefully without a reliable, entrenched structure of continental integration.

Tackling railway market power: unleashing economic growth

How any future changes to the act may foster a more balanced relationship between producers of economic activity and jobs, and the transportation service providers, is key to the effectiveness and reliability of the nation’s rail-based supply chain.

Being number one is not as easy as it looks

Real and lasting leadership at the highest level, especially in the scrutinized world of politics, is rare and what it takes to be “number one” is a mystery to most. In politics, leadership is mostly about the long game but the focus of many, including almost all members of the media, is about the here-and-now: the newest published poll, the trending tweet and the useless chatter, writes Evan Sotiropoulos.

Bill C-51's provisions against advocating terror should be supported

While terror advocacy may be truly hateful in its content, it is not hate speech in the ordinary sense, writes Danny Eisen.

Notley proves that campaigns matter

Ottawa, pull up a chair. Political change in Alberta is just the prelude. This is going to be a captivating journey.

Russia must be stopped

It is heart-wrenching that once again Ukraine must fight the repeat offender.

We missed yet another opportunity in health care

The federal government should take an ownership position in public health care by either holding the provinces more accountable to the Canada Health Act or establishing a pharmacare program. 

Being part of a family a most universal human experience

The Families in Canada Conference 2015 is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to be engaged in an important conversation.

Parliamentary Calendar
Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Canadian talent centre stage at SOCAN Hill reception May 19, 2015

The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
The crowd dancing and singing along to Alex Nevsky's performance, in the Aboriginal Peoples Committee room.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Liberal MP Stéphane Dion, SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, President of the SOCAN Board of Directors Stan Meissner, and SOCAN Chief Quebec Affairs Officer Geneviève Côté, pictured May 12 at the event.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Conservative MP Gord Brown, chair of the House Canadian Heritage Committee.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
NDP MPs Rathika Sitsabaiesan and Pierre Nantel take a selfie during the concert.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Canadian performing artist Sarah Slean.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
DFATD Director General Marcel Lebleu, Environics Communications' Louis-Charles Roy, Alex Nevsky, and ESDC's Philippe Bernier-Arcand.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Back Row: Stéphane Dion, Sarah Slean, Mr. Brown, Eric Baptiste, Pierre Nantel, Stan Meissner, James Cowan. Front Row: Marc Ouellette, Geneviève Côté, Alex Nevsky, Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, and Gabriel Gratton.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Gabriel Gratton, Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, and Alex Nevsky performing.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner, SOCAN's Geneviève Côté, and Liberal MP Mark Eyking.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Sarah Slean and NDP MP Tyrone Benskin.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Conservative MP Terrence Young, SOCAN's Stan Meissner, and Eric Baptiste.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Tom Mulcair's current, and former chiefs of staff Alain Gaul and Raoul Gébert, with SOCAN's Eric Baptiste.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Sen. Cowan, Sarah Slean, and Stan Meissner.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Environics Communications' Alex Bushell, with NDP MPs Carol Hughes and Djaouida Sellah.
The Hill Times photograph by Cynthia Münster
Alex Nevsky and Environics Communications' Greg MacEachern.