Sunday, March 1, 2015
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'New Deal' needed for young Canadians facing variety of economic pressures

Senate Liberals host panel discussion at Open Caucus.

Non-cooperation threatens productive fishery

It is time for the Government of Canada to partner with the American and Nova Scotia governments in passing legislation to extend the Canadian moratorium through 2022. To do otherwise will endanger the spirit of cooperation that has developed between the United States and Canada in the management of this rich and sensitive marine area.

Exposing the new feudalism

The moral and ethical rot at the core of these stories can be characterized quite nicely by the word pimping—HSBC for the rich and drug lords, Strauss Kahn for other members of the political and economic elite, and Williams and his ilk for well-paid complicity in the worst excesses of U.S. (and Canadian) militarism.

Five big ideas for Canada, on stage this week in Ottawa

Five of Canada’s boldest visionaries speak about the one great idea they have for our country.

Canada must release its ‘entrepreneurial genie’

Major scientific discoveries cannot be planned. They come from giving creative thinkers the freedom to follow new ideas.

Our national anthem should be gender neutral

Let’s replace ‘thy sons’ with ‘of us.’ Doing so will cost taxpayers nothing, but signals to women and girls across Canada that they’re valued every bit as much as their brothers, fathers and sons.

Updated science strategy expands Harper government’s focus on innovation

Irresponsible of feds to download funding of national research tools to universities

These tools enable our scientists to undertake the basic research that will drive Canada’s ability to compete, collaborate and innovate on the world stage.

Canada’s economic priority must be innovation

Central to our policies is understanding that there is no conflict between environment and economy.

Research at Canada’s colleges a boon for business and social innovation

Given the strong presence of colleges across Canada, and the breadth of college expertise in these disciplines, their work will offer significant benefit to faculty, to students, and to local businesses and communities throughout the country and well into the future.

Four things needed to make pharmacare work for Canadians

Police, first responders exposed to unique, difficult set of job-related stressors

It is important to see so many police and mental health leaders working together to change the culture; promote mental well-being; prevent mental health problems and illnesses; and, make it easier to seek help when needed, say MHCC and CACP.

War on terror is a war of ideas, long-term strategy against insurgencies needed

'Treating the insurgencies primarily as a military rather than an ideological problem has caused the growth of insurgencies,' says Carleton University professor.

Politicians need to think outside box when it comes to seniors' care

When is it okay for doctors to let someone die?

End-of-life care in Canada needs another look, says Charles Wright.

NDP best hope to get country back from grim reaper

But unless something changes, come election time there will be two battles: the Harper Conservatives will be running to win, and the NDP and Liberals will be fighting their own private war. It is a recipe for disaster for the country.

CRTC chair Blais gets in touch with his inner Pete Carroll

The Canadian TV industry gets a blindside sack and Jean-Pierre Blais gets in touch with his inner Pete Carroll, all so a few tweeters can see a Target ad instead of one for Canadian Tire during future Super Bowl telecasts. Somebody should tell them about the internet.

Why handing over Parliamentary security to the Mounties is a bad idea

Mounties generally make poor security guards. Nobody joins the RCMP to check passes or idle outside embassies and federal buildings.

The 18 vacancies: a window of opportunity for Senate reform

The vacancies—close to 20 per cent of the Senate—present an unusual opportunity to launch significant reform. All that is needed is a guiding vision.


Parliamentary Calendar
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Hill media, staffers send off PMO's Jason MacDonald at the Métropolitain Brasserie's bar Feb. 20, 2015

The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
Bloomberg's Theo Argitis and PMO chief of staff Ray Novak.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
The PMO's outgoing Director of Communications Jason MacDonald.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
PMO executive assistant Stephen Staley, PMO special assistant Myles Atwood, and Tory Party national campaign manager Jenni Byrne.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
PMO deputy chief of staff Howard Anglin and Postmedia's Stephen Maher.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
The Ottawa Citizen's Jason Fekete with the man of the hour, Jason MacDonald.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
The Toronto Star's Tonda MacCharles.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
CBC's Chris Hall and Melissa Lantsman, Finance Minister Joe Oliver's director of communications.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
Michael White, Finance Minister Joe Oliver's policy director.