Wednesday, July 1, 2015
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Stability in Middle East nowhere to be found

Both the United States and Europe are too pre-occupied with their own geo-strategic and economic restructurings to be able to remake the Middle East. The region’s indigenous powers are too divided, too weak or too politically fragmented to develop some sort of security framework, whether formal or informal.

Road to majority government smoothly paved for Conservatives

The Conservative Party vote has been the most efficient in the last two elections and likely will be in October as well. During the last campaign, the party converted 35,200 votes, on average, into one seat, whereas both the NDP (43,800) and especially Liberal (81,900) vote was less efficient.

'There will be more disclosure, more oversight and better controls'

Canadians expect us to treat the auditor general’s report and its recommendations with rigour and good judgment. In that regard I want to make it clear that we wholeheartedly embrace the fundamental principles of transparency and accountability that underscore the auditor general’s recommendations, Senate Speaker Leo Housakos says in response to auditor general's report on Senators' expenses.

National pharmacare plan needed, experts tell Senate Open Caucus

'Every developed country with a universal healthcare system provides universal coverage for prescription drugs, every developed county except for Canada,' says Steven Morgan, a professor at the University of British Columbia and founder of Pharmacare 2020.

Missed opportunities: jail and prison a chance to improve health

We need oversight of health care in correctional facilities by people with expertise in health and not only those with expertise in security.

Canada losing competitive edge to attract clinical trials to country: Sen. Ogilvie

Canada is ready and prepared to take a greater role in advancing scientific research and discoveries through increasing the numbers of clinical trials conducted in our country, says Conservative Senator Kelvin Ogilvie.

Caucus reform bill bad for democracy, but Senate should pass it, says Dion

It would be a mistake for Canada to become the only democracy to impose, by law, a set of identical internal democratic rules to all parties and recognized Parliamentary caucuses, says Liberal MP Stéphane Dion.

Justice for aboriginal peoples should be Canada's top priority

We are not simply dealing here with a matter of righting a historical wrong for a small segment of the Canadian population. Rather, the question of building a more equal relationship between Ottawa and aboriginal Canadians is about reversing the moral decay of our society as a whole, writes Zach Paikin.

Indian residential schools part of broader Canadian story: Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Indian Affairs DM predicted in 1920 that in a century indigenous people would cease to exist as an identifiable cultural group in Canada because of residential schools.

Canada’s national security agencies too secretive, experts tell Senate Open Caucus

'In Canada, security is never part of federal elections, so this might be a good and unexpected outcome of our discussion around Bill C-51, however flawed the bill is and will prove to be,' says University of Ottawa professor Wesley Wark.

How Patrick Brown won the Ontario PC leadership race

Dismissed with little chance of winning, he has stunned the critics, capturing the leadership of the Ontario PC Party.

Israel: boycott, divest and sanction

When governments such as Canada’s and the U.S. provide carte blanche for virtually any action Israel undertakes it simply signals to Netanyahu that he has not yet crossed a Western democracies ‘red line.’

Inequality is a hot, important topic

But in an exhaustive new report, it is the bottom 40 per cent of the population that should be targeted if we want to address inequality in a serious way, not the broad middle class.

Canada needs to do a better job of managing financial uncertainty

Given the triple threat of uncertain oil prices, a volatile housing market and rising consumer debt, another crisis would likely hit us harder than the last one. It’s worth being well-prepared for that kind of risk.

The Fletcher Effect

Steven Fletcher describes autonomy as a core Canadian value. I remind him that autonomy has its limits, particularly when it causes others to feel more vulnerable and implicates the physician’s role in response to suffering.

The other drug problem in Canada’s cities

How Canada’s piecemeal pharmaceutical drug insurance coverage costs Canadian cities and taxpayers plenty.

Is Ottawa ready for an invasion of PhDs? Bring it on!

Congress is a critical gathering of many of Canada’s top researchers in the humanities and social sciences, meeting to test their ideas and share their contributions to community, the economy, innovation and scholarship.

Federal government should take leadership role on fighting MS

This month, the MS Society, alongside a group of outstanding MS Ambassadors, gathered together on Parliament Hill to launch MS Awareness Month with a strong message: Canada may be a world leader in hockey and maple syrup, but we’re also a leader in rates of MS in the world, and that’s a reality we’re not willing to accept.

Not enough being done to treat youth with mental illness: experts

The current approach to mental health in Canada also places an unnecessary burden on public finances. Jennifer Vornbrock of the Canadian Mental Health Commission stated that the dollar cost of untreated mental illness in Canada is $51-billion a year, a number which could rise to $300-billion in the next 20 years.

Canada should push for deeper integration with U.S., Mexico

Canada’s distinct global interests cannot be pursued adequately and forcefully without a reliable, entrenched structure of continental integration.

Parliamentary Calendar
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Politicians, Candidates come out for Toronto Pride Parade, June 28, 2015 June 29, 2015

Photo courtesy of Twitter

On Sunday, Toronto didn't have to wait for the rain to stop for the rainbows to appear, or the politicians. Pictured here, federal and Ontario Liberal leaders Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne, joined by MPs Chrystia Freeland, Carolyn Bennett, and Bob Rae. Candidates Bill Morneau, Salma Zahid, and Bill Blair were there, too.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, really playing up the beard thing at this year's pride.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May alongside candidates Gord Miller, Mike Schreiner, and deputy leader of the Green Party of Ontario, Mark Daye.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

A first this year was a Conservative contingent actually walking in the parade. They were calling themselves the LGTBTories. Among them were MP Bernard Trottier, candidate for Toronto-Centre Julian Di Battista, and Status of Women and Labour Minister Kellie Leitch.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

NDP Toronto MPs Matthew Kellway and Craig Scott, with Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and candidate for Toronto-Centre Linda McQuaig.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett carrying the banner with the Women's College Hospital in the parade.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

In an appearance that has sparked some backlash among social-conservative Conservatives, MPPs Jack MacLaren and Lisa MacLeod marched alongside Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leader Patrick Brown.


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