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Take this from an American, Canada, your political civility and respect are noteworthy

As facetious as Question Period can get, it does not stop politicians from exhibiting cooperation and an ability to move matters forward. This is something I do not believe I would see in today’s Congress back home.

Book on Order of Canada recipients profiles those not just desiring a better country, but working towards it

The Hill Times takes a look at five of the past Order of Canada recipients profiled in the new book.

‘There will never be a day when I do zero political cartoons,’ de Adder on cartooning and his surprising bestseller You Might Be From Canada If

'I want to evoke the same emotions in my work that I feel when I draw editorial cartoons.'

‘A shifting and adapting identity is in our DNA’: MPs, Senators describe what it means to be Canadian

Scores of MPs and Senators across the country explain what it means to be a Canadian.