Sunday, July 5, 2015
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Irregularities in Liberal leadership voter registrations being challenged by scrutineers

Irregularities in voter registrations for the Liberal Party leadership election are being challenged ‘big time’ as scrutineers for the seven remaining candidates are poring through the qualifications of tens of thousands of potential voters, says an official with one of the leadership campaigns.

It ain’t over till it’s over, Trudeau hasn’t won Liberal leadership yet, say Murray and Hall Findlay

Two Liberal leadership candidates whose profiles have grown significantly over the past week are challenging the media and punditry wisdom that Montreal MP Justin Trudeau has sealed a victory with four weeks remaining in the contest, and citing the Trudeau campaign’s last-minute appeal for an extension of the deadline for voter registration as evidence.

Garneau’s campaign admits phone survey didn’t comply with CRTC rules on political polling

Former Liberal leadership contender Marc Garneau’s campaign has admitted a contentious robocall telephone survey it conducted last week did not comply with federal caller identification rules for political polling.

U.S. Congressional watchdog says delays in F-35s could put costs of fighter jets out of reach

A U.S. Congressional watchdog monitoring the F-35 stealth fighter jet program is warning that persistent testing and development delays could take the sophisticated war plane’s price tag out of the reach of the U.S. military and partner countries, including Canada, that are backing the trouble-plagued project.

Most, including Quebecers, say Quebec should require well over 50 per cent to separate: Forum Research poll

Most Canadians, including a majority in Quebec, believe the province’s separation from Canada would require well over 50 per cent of the vote in a referendum on Quebec independence, a Forum Research survey has found.

Manning stands by decision to drop Flanagan from Manning Conference panel, says conservatives need to think before speaking, and need to own environmental issues

Reform Party founder recognizes conservative movement’s image problem with many Canadians and outlines strategy for change in annual conservative scouting report.

Canada ‘light years’ behind U.S. on data mining in election campaigns, time to catch up, say experts

NCC’s Stephen Taylor says Conservatives are getting ‘complacent’ and the Libs, NDP are catching up.

Bergen, Crockatt, Rempel say political parties don’t need quotas for female candidates, it's wrong

Conservative MPs Candice Bergen, Joan Crockatt, and Michelle Rempel talk about being female politicians at annual Manning Centre Conference.

Kenney recalls Dief’s historic 1958 majority election win, says Conservatives can win even bigger next time too

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says Conservatives should stick to their guns with the kind of crime, refugee, and economic policies that won over swaths of new Canadians in the 2011 federal election.

Conservatives must be better at microtargeting voters and communicating ideas to win more seats: data experts

Using the 2011 election results and data from each riding, Politrain Consulting data expert Mitch Wexler tells Manning Centre Conference attendees that Conservatives would win 189 seats, the NDP would win 108 seats, and the Liberals would win 36 seats in the 2015 federal election with 30 new seats in the House of Commons.

Ron Paul a polarizing figure, but 'conservatives not afraid of self-examination,' says Manning on former U.S. Congressman's appearance at networking event

'People either love him or hate him,' says Manning Centre communications director Olivier Ballou, who credits the 50 per cent increase in student attendance to former U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Environmentalists believe humans are a 'cancer' on the planet, says Sun TV's Levant

'Some environmentalists, they believe in the environment even more than they believe sometimes in people,' Ezra Levant told the Manning Centre conference on Friday, promoting his 'ethical oil' philosophy.

All 10 provinces plan to intervene in feds’ Senate reforms questions to Supreme Court

All 10 provincial governments have served notice at the Supreme Court of Canada they intend to intervene in the federal government’s reference asking for the court’s opinion on whether Parliament has the constitutional power to unilaterally limit Senate terms, hold elections to fill vacancies or even abolish the Senate entirely.

Justin’s got a juggernaut, but he’s not taking anything for granted in federal Liberal leadership campaign, say Trudeau backers

Liberal Party news that nearly 300,000 voting age Canadians have signed up to cast ballots in the party’s April 14 leadership election, with half recruited by leadership candidate Justin Trudeau’s army of volunteers, was sobering for the other candidates on Wednesday, even though Mr. Trudeau’s supporters on Parliament Hill warned against taking anything for granted.

Trudeau has federal Liberal leadership locked up, say Grit MPs, 'people want to see a leader they believe in'

Justin Trudeau has the Liberal leadership race locked up after rounding up the lion’s share of a new class of Liberal supporters who will be eligible to vote in the leadership election without actually joining the party, Liberal MPs say.

Conservative Sen. Duffy found one-page Senator’s living expenses form unclear, had to file it annually

The Senate residency form that Conservative Senator Mike Duffy originally claimed was confusing and led to what he said was a ‘mistake’ in claiming a Prince Edward Island summer cottage as his primary residence and allowing him to claim an estimated $30,000 since September 2010 as secondary residence expenses in Ottawa, must be filed every year, according to the detailed Senate rules about housing and travel expenses.

Feds suggest uproar over Senate residency, expense claims should speed up Supreme Court’s decision on Upper Chamber reforms

The federal government has cited the political uproar over residency claims and expenses of three Conservative Senators, all appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to put pressure on the Supreme Court of Canada for a speedy decision on whether Mr. Harper’s plan to overhaul Senate terms and hold nominee elections for Senators is constitutional, according to court documents.

Supreme Court speeds up hearings into Harper government's Senate reform questions, Quebec argues against the rush

The Supreme Court of Canada is expediting hearings into the federal government’s request for an opinion on whether Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s plan to unilaterally begin reforming the Senate without provincial approval is constitutional.

Candidates’ campaign meet-and-greet events new barometer for federal Liberal leadership strength

A new barometer for federal Liberal leadership contenders has emerged, aside from the sobering prospect the field of candidates faced when they saw Justin Trudeau’s daunting lead in financial donations last month.

Feds ask Supreme Court to fast-track Senate questions

The federal government has asked the Supreme Court of Canada to fast-track its request for a decisive opinion on whether Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s plan to limit Senate terms and establish a nominee election system for Senate appointments without provincial consent is constitutional.

Parliamentary Calendar
Sunday, July 12, 2015
Politicians, Candidates come out for Toronto Pride Parade, June 28, 2015 June 29, 2015

Photo courtesy of Twitter

On Sunday, Toronto didn't have to wait for the rain to stop for the rainbows to appear, or the politicians. Pictured here, federal and Ontario Liberal leaders Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne, joined by MPs Chrystia Freeland, Carolyn Bennett, and Bob Rae. Candidates Bill Morneau, Salma Zahid, and Bill Blair were there, too.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, really playing up the beard thing at this year's pride.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May alongside candidates Gord Miller, Mike Schreiner, and deputy leader of the Green Party of Ontario, Mark Daye.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

A first this year was a Conservative contingent actually walking in the parade. They were calling themselves the LGTBTories. Among them were MP Bernard Trottier, candidate for Toronto-Centre Julian Di Battista, and Status of Women and Labour Minister Kellie Leitch.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

NDP Toronto MPs Matthew Kellway and Craig Scott, with Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and candidate for Toronto-Centre Linda McQuaig.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett carrying the banner with the Women's College Hospital in the parade.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

In an appearance that has sparked some backlash among social-conservative Conservatives, MPPs Jack MacLaren and Lisa MacLeod marched alongside Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leader Patrick Brown.


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