Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014
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Public Works writes to five major European, U.S. fighter jet makers to replace F-35s, critics call it a ‘market’ analysis

The Public Works Department has written five major European and U.S. fighter jet makers to survey potential replacements for Canada’s aging fighter fleet, including the Lockheed Martin defence firm which is testing and developing the controversial F-35 stealth fighter jet, but the end result is likely to be only a ‘market’ analysis of costs and aircraft abilities, according to critics of the F-35 project and to a major U.S. aerospace firm that is taking part in the review.

Idle No More movement led by aboriginal women

And activists say the Idle No More movement is a challenge both to the traditional aboriginal leadership and to the Harper federal government.

Cauchon set to enter Liberal leadership race, Bertschi registers too

Former justice minister Martin Cauchon, at odds with front-runner Justin Trudeau over his abandonment of one of the party’s hallmark accomplishments, the federal long gun registry, was set to begin a mad-dash weekend gathering the 300 nomination signatures he requires to enter the race before midnight Sunday.

Liberals say they expect 100,000-plus eligible voters for leadership vote, and at least three candidates borrow money to cover initial $25,000 entrance fees

More than 100,000 Liberal Party members and voting-age Canadians who register as party supporters are expected to be registered as eligible voters for the Liberal leadership election set for next April, a senior party official says.

Seven candidates registered for Liberal leadership, Takach says next leader could determine Grits' fate

With less than a week left before the registration deadline for the federal Liberal party leadership race, only seven candidates were officially registered with Elections Canada as of Tuesday, despite a prediction from one of the contenders, Toronto lawyer and longtime Liberal George Takach, that the contest could be the party’s last chance.

Critics slam feds’ decision to scrap records of rifle, shotgun sales in wake of Newtown shootings in U.S.

The widening U.S. debate over tighter gun laws in the wake of a massacre of 20 children at a Connecticut elementary school on Dec. 14 has focused critics of the government’s decision last June eliminating a requirement for gun dealers in Canada to keep records of rifle and shotgun sales.

Council of Canadians says ‘Canadians have won’ no matter what; Barlow says voters will appeal to Supreme Court if Federal Court rejects arguments

Dramatic Federal Court hearings into allegations the results in six federal ridings from the 2011 general election should be overturned because of electoral fraud ended Monday, with a final argument from voters challenging the outcomes, depending heavily on a telephone survey that purportedly shows hundreds of voters fell prey to election day trickery.

Pollster Graves apologizes in Federal Court case for eavesdropping on Twitter after told to leave courtroom

Ekos pollster Frank Graves apologized in Federal Court on Friday for using Twitter to eavesdrop on what was being said about him after he was excused from a courtroom earlier this week while a judge spoke to the Conservative Party lawyer during a legal challenge over fraud allegations in the 2011 general election.

Federal Court hearings: RMG’s lawyer says company didn’t make any misleading calls to voters in last election

The Conservative Party’s principal voter-contact firm, at the centre of a Federal Court challenge of 2011 election results in six federal ridings because of alleged voting-day telephone fraud, made no calls to mislead voters, either ‘knowingly or unknowingly,’ a lawyer representing the company told court on Thursday.

Federal Court judge chastises pollster Graves for using Twitter to eavesdrop on court proceedings after told to leave courtroom

Ekos Research pollster Frank Graves, a key witness for the eight voters who want the 2011 federal election results overturned in six ridings over alleged fraud, was chastised by Federal Court Judge Richard Mosley on Wednesday for using Twitter to eavesdrop on a lawyer’s comments about his own credibility in the case after the judge asked him to leave the courtroom so Mr. Graves would not hear what the lawyer had to say.

Lawyer accuses Conservatives of delaying tactics in voter suppression Federal Court hearings

Six Conservative MPs whose 2011 elections are being challenged over allegations of widespread attempts to suppress votes with fraudulent or misleading telephone calls have used delaying tactics to hold off Federal Court hearings on the complaints, a lawyer for voters challenging the election results told court on Tuesday.

Yukon voter recalls ‘fishy’ telephone call in last election; Tory MP Aspin says he has clear conscience in his Nipissing-Timiskaming riding’s election results

One of eight voters in a Federal Court challenge of the results in six ridings from the 2011 general election disputed on Monday arguments from the Conservative Party lawyer that the voters waited too long to complain about allegedly fraudulent phone calls on voting day and were in effect pawns for a public interest group, the Council of Canadians, that has campaigned against Conservative government social and economic policies.

Trudeau could be called before House Natural Resources Committee in February to explain controversial Alberta comments

The Conservatives’ plan to haul Liberal leadership contender Justin Trudeau before the House Natural Resources Committee over statements he made claiming undue Alberta influence over national social and democratic affairs will be delayed until at least February, in the thick of his run for the Liberal Party helm, a senior Conservative says.

Coyne: Grits don't have to apologize for long-gun registry

Toronto lawyer Deborah Coyne, one of four women vying for the federal Liberal leadership, says no Liberal has to ‘apologize’ for the federal long-gun registry, a political quagmire for the party for more than a decade.

Tories to haul Trudeau before House Natural Resources Committee to explain his Alberta statements, opposition parties call it a 'witch-hunt'

Conservative MPs have pushed through an unprecedented motion at the Commons Natural Resource committee calling Liberal leadership front-runner Justin Trudeau for a grilling over political comments he made two years ago alleging a negative Alberta influence over federal, social, and democratic policies through Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government.

Trudeau shrugs off Conservative attacks over his 2010 Alberta comments, says he won’t play Tory games; NDP back up Libs in Natural Resources Committee to try to stop Tory tactics

Liberal leadership front-runner Justin Trudeau shrugged off on Wednesday a barrage of Conservative attacks over comments he made in 2010 about Alberta’s disproportionate influence on Canadian social policy under Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a political 'game' he won’t play.

High-profile Federal Court Judge Mosley picked to hear voter suppression allegations case, hearings begin Dec. 10

The Federal Court has assigned one of its most high-profile judges, who made a key ruling ordering government disclosure of key interrogation video of accused Afghanistan war terrorist Omar Khadr, to hear the first court claims stemming from allegations of voter suppression in the 2011 federal election.

Liberal leadership candidate Murray calls for ‘one-time’ cooperation with major parties to defeat Conservatives in next federal election

Liberal MP Joyce Murray launched her bid for the leadership of the federal Liberal Party on Monday with a call for “one-time” only cooperation among the three major opposition parties in the next federal election in order to defeat Prime Minister Harper and bring in lasting reform to Canada’s electoral system.

Major projects of Parliament Buildings’ Long Term Vision and Plan

Press Gallery avoids lawsuit, grants veteran journalist six-month accreditation as it reviews new online news service

The Parliamentary Press Gallery issued a six-month temporary membership last week to veteran journalist Holly Doan three days before the new online news service she works for as features editor planned to launch an unprecedented lawsuit against senior gallery officials.


Parliamentary Calendar
Sunday, October 26, 2014
Lockdown on the Hill, Oct. 22 Oct. 22, 2014

Anne Marie Creskey

NDP MPs on Wednesday morning at the corner of Metcalfe and Wellington streets outside the Langevin Block, where the prime minister has an office, across the street from Parliament Hill. They include Rosane Doré Lefebvre, far left, Hélène Laverdière, second from right, and Charlie Angus, far right. 

Anne Marie Creskey

NDP MP Charlie Angus and other MPs wait in front of the prime minister's office at Langevin Block, after leaving the Hill on Wednesday morning. 

Anne Marie Creskey

Ottawa Police Service officers on Parliament Hill at around 10:45 a.m.

Anne Marie Creskey

Ottawa Police cars on Wellington Street in front of the Hill on the morning of the attack.

Anne Marie Creskey

An armoured police vehicle on Metcalfe Street headed toward the Hill.

Anne Marie Creskey

More police arrive on Wellington Street.

Anne Marie Creskey

RCMP officers on Sparks Street between Elgin and Metcalfe streets on Wednesday morning. Surroundings buildings were locked down and later evacuated. 

Anne Marie Creskey

Reporters and camera crews are pushed back to the corner of Sparks and Metcalfe streets.

Anne Marie Creskey

The prime minister's office in the Langevin Block is evacuated.

Anne Marie Creskey

Police with a stretcher on Sparks Street.