Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014
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Electoral reform could cost 'a pile of money'

House Affairs to hit the road, could travel to New Zealand to study election system

Grits, opposition face off over Throne Speech

Opposition parties say only final vote should be matter of confidence, Grits beg to differ

Will anyone dare challenge Speaker Milliken for top job?

For first time since 1986, House may not actually get a real election for House Speaker

It's the opposition show now in minority Parliament

Joint opposition plan to reform House smacks of 'showmanship': expert Ned Franks

Far-reaching terrorism bill coming into force bit by bit

Public Safety Act amends several federal statutes and has attracted its share of critics

Chrétien whip sees no 'huge' changes in 'dem def'

Whistleblower Bill at risk of dying on Order Paper

Government still has 18 bills on Order Paper, many expected to die due to election call

Speaker's ruling on Sun Media leak falls on deaf ears

'A caucus meeting is really an unknown beast to Parliament': Lib MP Roger Gallaway

Government to address MPs' concerns on 'democratic deficit'

Paul Martin's plan on democratic reform stalled

'Nobody really knows where to start, they don't know what the parameters are': Judi Longfield

Government shuts down debate on controversial ethics bill, to push Canada Elections bill

Liberals could go to the polls in late May or June

Parliament can only review 30 appointments yearly: Dion

MPs sound off on new rules for appointment reviews, some want to keep TV out

Libs admit bill to change definition of party not perfect

Bill will open door to fringe groups or individuals spreading 'extreme' views: Nystrom

Government House leader angling for new secretariat

New federal body would give Liberal House leader 'tools' to fix the democratic deficit

Grit Sen. Austin's ethics compromise falls flat

Senators no closer to reaching a consensus on legislation to create ethics watchdog

No break for Sober Second Thought until Easter

Government is threatening to keep Senators in their seats without a break until April 9

Tories wonder if Saada is next 'King of Closure'

Opposition dubbed Don Boudria 'king of closure,' argue his successor Jacques Saada is no better

Grit Senator Austin gets Liberal Senators onside

Sen. Austin convinces Grit Senators to pass controversial ethics bill

Prime Minister Martin to move on democratic reform

This week's government 'action' plan to stress ethics, accountability and role of MPs


Parliamentary Calendar
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Parliament Buildings' multi-billion-dollar renovation and construction: in photographs, by Liban Mohamed Sept. 23, 2014

The Hill Times photograph courtesy of Liban Mohamed

Third year civil engineering student, Liban Mohamed, a co-op student with Public Works this summer, tweeted this photo from the West Block. This is the excavation work to construct the West Block's portion of the new underground Visitors' Welcome Centre.

The Hill Times photograph courtesy of Liban Mohamed

Workers loading a fixture onto a construction elevator destined to top a chimney on the West Block's Mackenzie Tower.

The Hill Times photograph courtesy of Liban Mohamed

The secret staircase inside the Mackenzie Tower is named after Alexander Mackenzie, Canada's second prime minister. Mackenzie, whose office was in West Block, was apparently leery of lobbyists and used the secret staircase as an escape route.

The Hill Times photograph courtesy of Liban Mohamed

Copper roofing and metal vents near the top of the West Block's Mackenzie Tower, named after Alexander Mackenzie, Canada's second prime minister and first Liberal prime minister. Mackenzie, who was in office from 1873 to 1878, had his office in West Block. The Mackenzie Tower, the building's tallest tower, also to be completely dismantled and rebuilt as part of the restoration work.

The Hill Times photograph courtesy of Liban Mohamed

Small copper-rimmed windows set to be installed on the West Block's Mackenzie Tower. The West Block is one of four Parliament Buildings under construction as part of the Public Works' multi-billion-dollar rehabilitation project. It's expected to cost $2.64-billion by 2018. West Block's renovation is expected to cost $863-million and is expected to be completed in 2018.

The Hill Times photograph courtesy of Liban Mohamed

A worker wearing rubber gloves for protection is pictured cleaning West Block masonry with a toothbrush.

The Hill Times photograph courtesy of Liban Mohamed

A rooftop view of the West Block's courtyard, which is currently being excavated for construction of the $115-million glass-domed infill that will be the temporary home to the House Chamber beginning in 2018.