Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014
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Copyright Act could affect Conservative fortunes in urban areas, says Geist

Industry Minister Jim Prentice calls Copyright Act 'fascinating'

Mulroney's dealings with Schreiber? $225,000 and 'a serious error in judgment.' Being the clerk of Mulroney-Schreiber committee? Priceless

Richard Rumas, clerk of House Ethics Committee, a 33-year veteran.

House Ethics Committee hopes to help judicial inquiry with Mulroney-Schreiber terms

Grit MP Paul Szabo defends committee, says it got more in first three hours than the RCMP got in 10 years.'

Conservatives still say Elections Canada unfairly singling out their expenses

Democracy Watch says Elections Canada hasn't looked closely enough at print advertising expenses for other parties

Government's seat increase bill 'flies in face of rep by pop,' says Aucoin

If passed, Bill C-22 would take effect after the 2011 census. House would be boosted to 330 seats after 2012.

Libs, NDP, and Bloc should open up election ad financing books too, say Conservatives

Chief Government Whip Jay Hill says, 'We're not doing anything differently under the rules than any of the other parties.'

Liberals, experts slam idea to hold referendum to abolish Senate

Tory Sen. Hugh Segal, who introduced motion to hold referendum, says he would vote against abolishing Senate in a referendum.

Parliamentary session will be a very 'wild ride,' and stakes 'extremely high'

Experts say the second session of the 39th Parliament will be high stakes brinkmanship.

Talk of prorogation, confidence votes, heat up for fall session

Government is said to prorogue any time now and return to fall business after the Oct. 10 Ontario election


Tories have 'no intention' of passing Clean Air Act: Van Loan

Government House Leader Peter Van Loan says government won't pass wholly-overhauled Clean Air and Climate Change Act

Government quiet on overhauled Clean Air

Opposition parties say Conservatives will let controversial Clean Air Act die on Order Paper

Tories, NDP agree to pass controversial justice bill in House

Opposition parties say Tories could spike Clean Air Act; it was 'dead on arrival' when minority government tabled it

Grits accuse governing Tories of blocking attempts to investigate RCMP pension fund scandal

But NDP Christopherson says Tories can use upcoming report against Liberals in next election.

Will PM stay put, or, pull Parliamentary election plug?

Governing Tories say they don't want an election, but Libs say Conservatives are setting up legislative exit strategies.

Government whip won't rule out confidence vote on Clean Air Act

Grit MP David McGuinty convinced Conservatives want an early election

House poised to debate, vote on budget and vote on Nadeau's anti-scab private member's bill

Lobby for and against Bloc's private member's bill C-257 banning replacement workers during a strike heats up as House gets set to vote on it at third reading on Wednesday

House poised to debate, vote on governing Conservatives' budget

Back in 1979, Bob Rae's budget sub-amendment brought down Joe Clark's Progressive Conservative government in dramatic vote.

Opposition parties want to know what million-dollar Public Appointments Commission has been up to without a commissioner

Director of Public Prosecutions' $98.5-million budget is half of government's new aid program to Afghanistan, says Goodale


Parliamentary Calendar
Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Lobbyists, MPs get in on the ice bucket challenge for ALS Sept. 3, 2014

Photo courtesy Summa Strategies
The team at Summa Strategies took the ice bucket challenge last week at the Parliament Pub. Summa challenged board members from the Government Relations Institute of Canada (GRIC) to take it next. From left: intern John McHughan, vice-chairman Tim Powers, senior adviser Louis-Alexandre Lanthier, consultant Kate Harrison, vice-president Jim Armour, vice-president Robin MacLachlan, president Tracey Hubley, senior adviser Michele Austin, and consultant Angela Christiano.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
The Government Relations Institute of Canada board members take the ice bucket challenge.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
GRIC directors feel the chill.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
From left: GRIC president Andre Albinati, secretary Joanne Dobson, board members Kevin Desjardins and Alayne Crawford, treasurer Phil Cartwright, and board members Alex Maheu and Jason Kerr.
Photograph provided Hill and Knowlton Strategies
Health Minister Rona Ambrose gets in on the ice bucket challenge.
Photograph courtesy Hill and Knowlton Strategies
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair.
Photograph courtesy Hill and Knowlton Strategies
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.