Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014
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Aboriginals issues hot in House, as bills pass Commons

Quebec Liberal Senator Aurélien Gill has introduced a private member's bill to establish an aboriginal people's assembly within Parliament.

Senator urges Prime Minister Harper to fill increasing Senate vacancies

Currently, there are 14 Senate vacancies, but there will be 30 vacancies by the end of 2009.

Only courts can decide on Tories' 'in-and-out' campaign financing scheme

Elections Canada says other parties were not questioned because parties made 'non-monetary' transfers.

PM Harper stalls, Governor General Jean should appoint Senators, says Grit

There could be at least 30 vacancies by the end of 2009, a 'grave' situation as Canadians would be underrepresented and hopes to address it in Bill S-224, says Grit N.S. Senator Wilfred Moore.

Conservatives confusing public on 'in and out' financing says Prof. MacIvor

It's the content of Tory Party's ads in question

Prime Minister's Senators Selection Bill C-20 'a joke,' claims NDP MP Charlie Angus

Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand says bill could confuse voters.

House Affairs Committee gripped by political difficulties

Whips met last week to talk about cooperation in this particularly testy minority Parliament but show no results.

Most 'dyfunctional Parliament' since Pearson's minority governments, says Franks

Leading Parliamentary expert Ned Franks says this Parliament is one of the worst he's ever seen.

Chief Government Whip Hill says Tories preventing 'tyranny of the majority'

But House Speaker Peter Milliken calls it a 'crisis' in House of Commons committees on the Hill.

Parliament's 'toxically political,' MPs say Tories filibustering committees

Bills are at a standstill at House committees.

Tories to Liberals: you can't handle the truth on 'in and out' spending controversy

Conservatives say no to progress on 'in and out' investigation so long as Liberal books closed, too.

PM 'has every right' to ask GG to dissolve Parliament on anti-crime bill: Tory Senator

If the omnibus crime Bill C-2 is not passed by March 1, Prime Minister Stephen Harper could head over to the GG's.

Conservatives have blocked ´in and out´ probe since August 2007

Liberals push for probe into Conservatives, but Tories criticize Grits for attempting to get around new election financing rules

Tories stall ´in and out´ probe, say others ´have something to hide´

Liberals suggest Conservatives want to delay ´in and out´ election spending probe until after another election.

Opposition MPs ´still concerned´ about nuclear safety risks in Upper Ottawa Valley

Natural Resources reports 300 earthquakes in Ottawa-Gatineau since 1980

Afghanistan and economy to be top issues in House of Commons

A downturn in the economy not a good time for incumbent government to go to polls, say political watchers

Ethics Committee steps up probe deadline into Mulroney-Schreiber

On The Take author Stevie Cameron withdrawn as a witness, NDP MP Pat Martin concerned testimony would damage her 'journalistic integrity.'

House Ethics Committee to grill Doucet, MacKay, Pelossi, Rock and more

Commons committee looking into Mulroney-Schreiber Affair expects to finish its job by the end of February.

Copyright Act could affect Conservative fortunes in urban areas, says Geist

Industry Minister Jim Prentice calls Copyright Act 'fascinating'


Parliamentary Calendar
Thursday, December 18, 2014
Maher, Den Tandt's Barrack Hill Balladeers perform at Tunes for Ottawa Food Bank shindig at D'Arcy's, Dec. 17 Dec. 18, 2014

Photograph courtesy of Dylan Robertson
D'Arcy McGees was packed on Wednesday night as Hill journalists, staffers. GR and PR folks came out to raise money for the Ottawa Food Bank.
Photograph courtesy of Mark Bourrie
Stephen Maher and Michael Den Tant performing alongside fellow Barrack Hill Balladeers at D'Arcy's Wednesday night.
Photograph courtesy of Stephen Maher
Mark Fraser and Bobby Watt start off the evening with Irish folk song Carrickfergus.
Embassy News Photograph courtesy of Laura Beaulne-Stuebing
Mark Fraser, Stephen Maher, Michael Den Tant and Celeste Côté.
The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello
The Barrack Hill Balladeers had been practising for a while before their performance, said Stephen Maher. The crowd enjoyed them.