Wednesday, April 1, 2015
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Government ruling any C-51 amendments to enhance oversight out of order, say opposition MPs

The Week Ahead, March 30 - April 2

Status of Government Business

Feds expected to amend Bill C-51

Rathgeber hopes to force the government’s hand by introducing balanced-budget legislation

Independent MP Brent Rathgeber will also table private member's bills on CSEC, the size of cabinet, and recall legislation.

Anti-Terrorism Act House committee hearings a ‘sham,’ say opposition MPs

Tories rushing Bill C-51 and opposition MPs say it’s difficult to explore the massive bill in-depth.

Conservatives 'beating drum' on terrorism, says civil liberties lawyer

The Finance committee, which normally might be tasked with work on economic or government fiscal issues in advance of a budget expected by late April, will instead turn its sights on terrorism soon after Parliament resumes next Monday.

Anti-abortion group launches anti-Trudeau campaign

Commons internet server system temporarily prevents access to Finley conflict of interest report

Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson finds Public Works Minister Diane Finley breached Conflict of Interest Act related to 2011 funding to Markham, Ont., community centre.

Experts, NDP concerned eight meetings not enough to study intricacies of feds’ anti-terrorism omnibus bill C-51

Feds have delivered most of 2013 Throne Speech promises, economy now a wild card

Feds table supplementary estimates, seeking approval for $139.6-million for incremental costs of Iraq, Ukraine missions

Anti-terrorism bill 'more about politics than public safety,' says civil liberties lawyer

'The Harper government has introduced this bill, in an election year, to create a political wedge issue of sorts, and unfortunately the opposition parties not only have recognized that but they are responding in kind rather than taking a principled stand on civil liberties,' says Paul Champ.

Delayed budget throws off fiscal cycle, rushes scrutiny, critics say

Opposition parties and the former Parliamentary budget officer are criticizing the governing Conservatives’ budget delay as a political move.

Families earning more than $233,000 will gain most from Conservatives' income splitting plan, says new report

'For low-income families with children, the probability of making even $1 is very low with only one in 10 getting that much,' says CCPA report.

Delayed budget could mean child care tax benefit cheques won't go out in July as scheduled

NDP MP Nathan Cullen says Conservatives will use time allocation and closure motions to ensure cheques are out the door on time. 'They are desperate to get out these cheques so they can buy a few votes,' Mr. Cullen says.


Parliamentary Calendar
Wednesday, April 1, 2015
A preview of Parliamentary precinct renos March 30, 2015

Photograph courtesy of Public Works
An artist's rendering of what the outside of the Sir John A. Macdonald building will look like when construction is complete. A new addition has been built, connected to the main heritage space by a glass atrium. Public Works says work wraps up this month, aside from a few finishing touches.
Photograph courtesy of Public Works
A cut-away view at the glass-walled atrium that will connect the historic Sir John A. Macdonald building space, formerly the Old Bank of Montreal building, to its annex addition.
Photograph courtesy of Public Works
An artist's rendering of the interior of the Sir John A. Macdonald building's historic space, which used to house bank tellers and will soon host special Parliamentary events.
Photograph courtesy of Public Works
A look at the multi-purpose room space that will be located in the new addition to the Sir John A. Macdonald building.
Photograph courtesy of Public Works
A digital overhead shot of the West Block as it will look after construction. The building’s courtyard is topped by a glass-domed roof.
Photograph courtesy of Public Works
The temporary House Chamber will be in an infill inside West Block’s courtyard, but MPs will be able to access the space without stepping outside, as the entire courtyard will be topped with a glass-domed roof.
Photograph courtesy of Public Works
An artist’s rendering of the inside of the temporary House Chamber to be located in West Block’s courtyard.
Photograph courtesy of Public Works
A rendering of a lobby area to be located near the West Block’s temporary House Chamber.
Photograph courtesy of Public Works
The House of Commons is set to add 30 new MPs after this year's election, meaning 30 new seats are needed in the Chamber. Pictured is a prototype of the new seating arrangement, which will be installed in the current Chamber after this year's election. West Block's temporary House Chamber will accommodate all 338 MPs.
Photograph by Public Works
A prototype of the new seating arrangement was set up in the House Chamber last year for some MPs to test out. Having theatre-style seats in the back two rows of the Chamber will allow 30 more MPs to sit in the current House Chamber.
Photograph courtesy of Public Works
A blueprint of plans for the West Block, including the temporary House Chamber, which will be converted to committee space when renovations to Centre Block are complete. Workers have to dig down about two storeys to build up a foundation to support this new addition.
Photograph courtesy of Public Works
West Block will have fully renovated committee rooms once complete, similar in appearance to this rendering.
Photograph courtesy of Public Works
A view of part of the Wellington Building’s lobby, set to include a green wall.
Photograph courtesy of Public Works
An artist’s drawing of a common space to be located in the Wellington Building.
Photograph courtesy of Public Works
An example of what the Wellington Building’s committee rooms will look like, of which there will be 10 total.