Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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New PMO chief of staff Novak takes top spot in The Hill Times' 13th Annual Terrific 25 Staffer Survey: Forum Research survey

A number of staffers have made their debut on The Hill Times’ Terrific 25 Staffer Survey this year, including a number of NDP staffers.

Canada risks losing its voice in rapidly-changing cyberspace

Citizen Lab director Ron Deibert uncovers the multi-polar struggle for control in the information age.

‘Soldiers coming back from war are fighting for their rightful place in society,’ says Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor exposes the current battle in Canada, for veterans with PTSD, in new documentary Homecoming: The Casualties of War.

Cabinet Shuffles cartoon strip returns to The Hill Times

Editorial cartoonist Michael de Adder’s saucy Cabinet Shuffles is back.

Holocaust survivor Vera Gara says don’t hate

Holocaust survivor Vera Gara has been publicly speaking about the Holocaust for 35 years at schools. She’s happy Ottawa will finally get the National Holocaust Monument.

Canada needs modern, holistic solution for the three million people who are food insecure, don’t know where next meal coming from: organizer Saul

Poverty and its related issues cost Canada at least $25-billion a year, according to the National Council of Welfare.

Baird picked as best Cabinet minister in 2013, according to The Hill Times’ 21st Annual Politically Savvy Survey

‘It’s the best barometer we have of interpersonal relations among political insiders in Ottawa,’ says Forum Research President Lorne Bozinoff.

Canada beefs up security intelligence, but accountability sorely lacking, say authors of award-winning book, Secret Service

Reg Whitaker talks about his book, Secret Service: Political Policing in Canada From the Fenians To Fortress America.

‘We’re still in a structural deficit,’ says former PM Martin

Former Liberal prime minister and finance minister Paul Martin reflects on the Liberals’ financial legacy and Conservatives’ missteps managing the economy.

Hall Findlay stirs pot in Liberal leadership bid

Cauchon’s a long-shot, but doesn’t want to stay on sidelines

Martin Cauchon is asking Liberals to elect him as the party’s leader to ‘get Canada back on track.’

Who’s on Whose Campaign Team?

Inspired by Idle No More movement, aboriginal youth speaking up

Hill Times wins general excellence, and more at OCNA, CCNA awards

The Hill Times, dubbed ‘one of the smartest, best-written newspapers in the country,’ wins first place for best feature, best rural, second place for editorial cartoonist and second place for editor of the year.

A look at Liberal Party leadership conventions

The Liberal Party of Canada officially came into existence on July 1, 1867, upon the Confederation of Canada.

Who Supports Whom in Federal Liberal Leadership Race

Indian Act needs to go, should be replaced with self-governance agreements, says candidate Coyne

Quorum editors sign off for last time, leave two others in charge

After 34 years of editing Quorum, Linda McLean and Trina Costantini-Powell, sometimes known as Thelma and Louise, have packed it in.

That’s one gussied up goat! Meet Batisse the Royal 22e Regiment’s mascot

Parliamentary Calendar
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Politicians, Candidates come out for Toronto Pride Parade, June 28, 2015 June 29, 2015

Photo courtesy of Twitter

On Sunday, Toronto didn't have to wait for the rain to stop for the rainbows to appear, or the politicians. Pictured here, federal and Ontario Liberal leaders Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne, joined by MPs Chrystia Freeland, Carolyn Bennett, and Bob Rae. Candidates Bill Morneau, Salma Zahid, and Bill Blair were there, too.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, really playing up the beard thing at this year's pride.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May alongside candidates Gord Miller, Mike Schreiner, and deputy leader of the Green Party of Ontario, Mark Daye.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

A first this year was a Conservative contingent actually walking in the parade. They were calling themselves the LGTBTories. Among them were MP Bernard Trottier, candidate for Toronto-Centre Julian Di Battista, and Status of Women and Labour Minister Kellie Leitch.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

NDP Toronto MPs Matthew Kellway and Craig Scott, with Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and candidate for Toronto-Centre Linda McQuaig.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett carrying the banner with the Women's College Hospital in the parade.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

In an appearance that has sparked some backlash among social-conservative Conservatives, MPPs Jack MacLaren and Lisa MacLeod marched alongside Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leader Patrick Brown.


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