Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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This sorry scheme of things

Today’s Senate problem can be broken down into three major overlapping components: the quality (or otherwise) of appointees to the Chamber, its takeover by rampant partisanship, and the basic modality of how it operates.

Enough with the vitriol, time to start the civil conversation

In his new book, The Great Divide, William Gairdner says populations in the democratic world are becoming ‘irreconcilably divided.’ And that’s not good for democracy.

Speaker Nolin remembered as compassionate leader who defended, unified Senate

Liberal Sen. Jim Munson said Pierre Claude Nolin had so many plans, so many new ideas and he was a unifying force in the Senate.

Sights and sounds from inside the 2015 media budget lock-up in Ottawa

The Hill Times asks lobbyists, reporters, researchers and stakeholders what they were looking for in the 2015 federal budget.

Feds continue to tiptoe around committing to a national seniors’ strategy

Health Minister Rona Ambrose says the need for innovation in health care is one of the most pressing public policy challenges.

Meet Joe Friday: investigator, art collector, Canada’s new integrity commissioner

Duffy feels ‘isolated’ and ‘betrayed,’ but optimistic about legal victory: Harris

Mike Duffy trial court exhibits

Duffy trial starts April 7: A Hill Times primer

Hill Times wins three CCNAs, nominated for six awards in OCNAs

In the CCNAs, we won for best feature series, best photo essay, and best agriculture edition. In the OCNAs, we were also nominated for best business and finance story, best environment story, best feature writing, best feature news series, best cartoonist of the year, and best website.

Idle No More a ‘remarkable assertion of aboriginal identity, confidence’: Coates

Author Ken Coates says he was amazed by the breadth of the Idle No More movement, the fact that it was in big cities and small towns, that it was primarily driven by young aboriginal people, and that it was so incredibly peaceful.

Progressives can change political landscape, says Broadbent

Ed Broadbent talks about winning conditions for the NDP in the next federal election.

VOX POPULI: On Tories’ Anti-Terrorism measures

‘Climate change is an existential crisis’: Klein

Aboriginal issue ‘biggest unresolved, fundamental issue in Canada,’ says Saul

Rickford confident Keystone XL will be approved, despite Obama’s veto

Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford talks about the future of the Keystone XL project, the government’s close monitoring of oil prices, public support and consultation for pipelines, and clarifying the government’s position on carbon pricing.

‘We’re a big country, and there are not many occasions when the big players can actually get together’ 

Preston Manning talks about ‘the movement’ ahead of this week’s Manning Conference. ‘There are different flavours of conservatism. We’re constantly working on how do you keep them all under the one big blue tent.’

Steele offers a no-holds-barred account of politics

Graham Steele entered Nova Scotia politics as a well-meaning political player. He quit 15 years later, disillusioned. His book is a straight-shooting account of his time in NDP premier Darrell Dexter’s government.

Politicians ‘breaking democracy,’ need a new enlightenment to save politics, says author Heath


Parliamentary Calendar
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Bottoms up at Hy's post-budget soirée April 27, 2015

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Trudeau advisers Gerald Butts, left, Robert Asselin, Ekos pollster Frank Graves, Postmedia News' Stephen Maher, consultant Andrew Balfour and National Post's John Ivison.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

CTV's Mercedes Stephenson and Rob Rosenfeld of the U15-Group of Canadian Research Universities.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Finance Minister and man of the hour, Joe Oliver, arriving in his New Balance sneakers.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Health Minister Rona Ambrose's Director of Communications Cailin Rogers and Policy Director Trina Morisette with Greenbridge's Sheefra Brisbin.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Joseph Finkle, consultant at National Public Relations, and Navigator Consultant Will Stewart.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

House Speaker Andrew Scheer and his chief of staff Kenzie Potter.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Greenbridge's Patrick Dion and Sheefra Brisbin.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Finance Canada Economist Heather Kay, Canadian Chamber of Commerce's Mary-Anne Carter, Gillian Frackelton, special assistant to Vicki Heyman, Kristina Martin of Capital Comms Group, and Bluesky Strategies' Shannon Donnelly.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Liberal speechwriter Colin Horgan and Global's Laura Stone.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Deputy Chief of Staff in the PMO Howard Anglin.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Treasury Board President Tony Clement.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Liberal Senator Dennis Dawson.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Nanos Principal and Strategist Greg Weston.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

RX&D Lobbyist Sarah Douglas and The Hill Times' Rachel Aiello and Bea Vongdouangchanh.