Thursday, March 5, 2015
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‘We’re a big country, and there are not many occasions when the big players can actually get together’ 

Preston Manning talks about ‘the movement’ ahead of this week’s Manning Conference. ‘There are different flavours of conservatism. We’re constantly working on how do you keep them all under the one big blue tent.’

Steele offers a no-holds-barred account of politics

Graham Steele entered Nova Scotia politics as a well-meaning political player. He quit 15 years later, disillusioned. His book is a straight-shooting account of his time in NDP premier Darrell Dexter’s government.

Politicians ‘breaking democracy,’ need a new enlightenment to save politics, says author Heath

Chrétien agrees there was a real possibility a Yes vote would have terminated his political career

He does not rule out that he could have resigned after a referendum defeat, but not right away and possibly not unless he was under great pressure to do so.

The Top 100 Lobbyists 2015

It’s getting harder to do good political satire in this town, say Majumder, Kent

This Hour Has 22 Minutes stars Susan Kent and Shaun Majumder talk about their show ahead of this week’s taping in Ottawa, the first ever outside Halifax.

Photo of the day, Jan. 20

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne speaks at Canada 2020 luncheon

The Top 100 Most Powerful & Influential People in Government and Politics: 2015

Cabinet's Directors of Communications and Chiefs of Staff List 2015: Updated

Clearing the plains, Sir John A. Macdonald’s policy of starvation

Years of hunger and despair that coincided with extermination of the bison and relocation of groups to reserves, exacerbated by inadequate food aid from the dominion government, created ecological conditions in which the disease exploded. Half-hearted relief measures during the famine of 1878-80 and after, which kept plains people in a constant state of hunger, not only undermined the government’s half-baked self-sufficiency initiative but also illustrated the moral and legal failures of the Crown’s treaty commitment to provide assistance in the case of a widespread famine on the plains.

‘I now see something well worthy of all I have suffered in the cause of my little country’

Sir John A. Macdonald’s Toast to Colonial Union, delivered in Halifax after the Charlottetown Conference, September 1864.

Sir John A. Macdonald: 200 years old, but do we really know him?

Here are some things Canadians don’t know about their first prime minister.

Macdonald set bar for English-French relations

Canada’s commitment to both official languages is rooted in our history.

Macdonald was also a spymaster who fought terrorism

In Macdonald at 200: New Reflections and Legacies, Patrice Dutil and Roger Hall extract a multi-dimensional portrait of the man who is still surprisingly relevant today.

Sir John A. Macdonald’s call to greatness: Canada itself

This wily politician, a man who reeked of humanity and all its juices, played the key role in bringing the Fathers of Confederation to the table. Once he had them in his pocket, he went on to extend his vision for Canada all the way to the Pacific Coast.

The Hill Times’ list of the best 100 books in 2014

Party of One author Harris calls his book an ‘indictment’ of PM Harper

Michael Harris says he gets criticized as someone who doesn’t like Prime Minister Stephen Harper, but he says he doesn’t know Mr. Harper or dislike him. He just doesn’t like what Mr. Harper has done to the country.

Mulcair voted most valuable politician in 2014, Trudeau and May ranked second, third

Justin Trudeau’s high ranking for both Most Valuable Politician and Least Valuable suggests ‘we’re in for a really brutal partisan election coming up,’ says Lorne Bozinoff.


Parliamentary Calendar
Thursday, March 5, 2015
ITK hosts intimate preview of next week's Taste of the Arctic event March 2, 2015

The Hill Times photograph by John Major
ITK project coordinator Looee Okalik, using an 'ulu' or 'woman's knife' to cut off a portion of 'Nikku' or dried caribou.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
NAC Le Café's executive chef John Morris explaining his take on traditional Inuit menu items.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
First Air's Elisapee Sheutiapik, also former mayor of Iqaluit, with ITK health and social development assistant director Anna Fowler.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
First Air's Ron Lowry, Ms. Sheutiapik, ITK's Looee Okalik, iPolitics' Elizabeth Gray-Smith, ITK's Anna Fowler, The Hill Times' Rachel Aiello, First Air's Bert van der Stege, and ITK's Kathleen Tagoona.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
After the tasting, Chef John Morris joined the guests for the mini-feast of traditional Inuit foods.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
Chef John Morris spoons some jus on Ottawa Citizen food editor Peter Hum's plate.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
First Air's Ron Lowry and Bert van der Stege; and ITK President Terry Audla.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
ITK president Terry Audla digging in to the frozen Arctic char or 'Iqaluk' meat from the Rankin Inlet.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
First Air's Ron Lowry adding a bit of seal fur to his suit.