Hill Times Events and Great Canadian Theatre Company present

Political Arts – Pragmatism and Idealism in the Public Service

The public service is facing change and pressure from all sides. How can we meet these challenges while staying sane and idealistic? This discussion will present new approaches and innovative ideas. Speakers include Jennifer Brewin, the playwright/director of The Public Servant; Regional Executive Vice President of PSAC, Larry Rousseau; and Paul Dewar Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre.

This June 10 Political Arts event coincides with the Great Canadian Theatre Company’s production of The Public Servant. Step inside the halls of power as Madge, a young, idealistic and enthusiastic civil servant, gets ready to write her first official memo. It’s an auspicious occasion that brings to light all the inner-workings and absurdities of government bureaucracy. Get tickets for the play here.

PSAC members and Hill Times and Embassy readers use the code PSAC for a special discount on play tickets. Tickets for the special price may also be purchased through the GCTC box office at 613-236-5196.

This event is made possible with the gracious support from the Public Service Alliance of Canada–National Capital Region.

Following Political Arts guests will be invited to mingle at a reception with a selection of wines by Hobs & Co..

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Lobby Monitor Editor Yael Berger

Playwright/director for
The Public Servant and Artistic Director of Common Boots Theatre
Jennifer Brewin

Lobby Monitor Editor Yael Berger

Regional Executive Vice President of PSAC
Larry Rousseau

Lobbying Commissioner Karen Shepherd

Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre
Hon. Paul Dewar

Lobbying Commissioner Karen Shepherd

Moderated by
The Hill Times online editor
Bea Vongdouangchanh

Supported by


CommuniqueDirect.ca Creekside Estate Winery

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