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Innovation In Seniors Care

The federal government’s commitment to a new Health Accord is considered to be essential to the sustainability of Canada’s health care system. As provinces and territories struggle to meet the health care needs of their ageing population, the Forum addresses opportunities to be able to deliver a health system for all Canadians. 

A Hill Times Live Event: Sparking Innovation

Earlier this year in the 2016 budget speech, the government reaffirmed its support to invest in universities, colleges and institutes to create 'hubs of discovery and innovation'. How do these hubs create and add value to Canadian business and help transform the economy?

A Hill Times Live Event: Women In Finance

On May 10 join Hill Times Events as we explore what it will take to encourage greater participation of women in finance. Opening remarks will be delivered by the Minister of Small Business and Tourism Ms. Bardish Chagger, MP (Waterloo, Ont.).

A Hill Times Live Event: Global Food Security & Climate Change

On April 21, join Hill Times Events for the release of a new report on global food security and climate resilience from the Food Security Policy Group. Presenting the report will be CARE Canada president and CEO Gillian Barth.

A Hill Times Live Event: Transportation Forum

This half-day event, will examine the 244 recommendations that fall within 14 thematic areas outlined in the Transportation Act Review report. The Transportation Forum, provides the first opportunity for commentary from senior leaders and policy experts working within the Transportation sector to discuss and review the substantive recommendations in the report.

A Hill Times Live Event: A New North American Future

On March 24, Hill Times Events presents A New North American Future. Faced with increased global pressure from international trade agreements, a strengthening Europe and emerging-markets, this Hill Times Policy Panel explores the public policy initiatives required to enhance North America's economic competitiveness. This event is timed to follow the Prime Minister's visit with the US President in early March and in anticipation of a tri-lateral meeting with Mexico and the US.

A Hill Times Live Event: Discussion on Criminal Justice Reform

Hill Times Events is pleased to bring you a free Policy Panel reader event on March 10, to discuss suggested reforms to Canada’s criminal justice system. Howard Sapers, Correctional Investigator for Canada will open the event and provide his insights that will frame the ensuing discussion.

A Hill Times Live Event: An International Women’s Day Discussion on Gender Equality

Hill Times Events is pleased to bring you a free reader event on March 8, International Women’s Day, to discuss gender equality and the important role women play in policy making. Julie Delahanty, Executive Director, Oxfam Canada will outline highlights in the findings of their latest research report written in conjunction with The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Making Women Count: The Unequal Economics of Women’s Work.

A Hill Times Live Event: Physician-Assisted Death

On February 16, Hill Times Events examines Physician-Assisted Death. The panel of experts consisting of Anne Sutherland Boal, CEO of the Canadian Nurses Association, Dr. Jeff Blackmer of the Canadian Medical Association and Maureen McTeer, author and lawyer specializing in health policy and medical law, will discuss all sides of the issue.

A Hill Times Live Event: Canadian Chamber of Commerce's Outlook 2016

On January 28, join Hill Times Events as the Hon. Perrin Beatty, President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce presents the Crystal Ball Report – an economic and political outlook for 2016-2017. Immediately following Perrin Beatty’s presentation, Hill Times Events has assembled a distinguished panel of experts to discuss the report and policy implications. There is no charge to attend the event and seating is limited. Register today.

A Hill Times Live Event: A Disappearing Middle Class? Poverty, Growth and Income Inequality

Amid continued economic uncertainty, income inequality continues to be at the forefront of the public affairs agenda in Ottawa. A shrinking middle class and the need to address growing inequality in Canada was a cornerstone of the 2015 Liberal election platform. On January 26, join Hill Times publisher Jim Creskey and our distinguished panel as we explore this important issue from both a national and international policy perspective.

A Hill Times Live Event: TPP Forum

This event examines the text of the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement from a number of different angles in order to better understand the opportunities and threats it presents to Canadian business and policy makers. Join Hill Times' journalists as well as leading industry, government, and academic policy experts for an in-depth analysis and assessment of the prospects for Canada under the new agreement.

Gaining Consensus: Getting Issues Heard In The New Parliament

Gain valuable tips and insights on lobbying a new government by attending this Hill Times Events panel discussion. Moderated by Alyssa O’Dell, Editor of The Lobby Monitor, the panel features the opportunity to learn from three distinct perspectives: a lobbyist with Velma McColl, Principal, Earnscliffe Strategy Group, a former politician with Hon. Joe Jordan, P.C., Senior Consultant, Capital Hill Group, and an association/NPO from James Brennan, Director of Government Affairs & Co-Chair, National Green Budget Coalition, Ducks Unlimited.

A Hill Times Live Event: Climate Change

Global political leaders are coalescing to address climate change and carbon pricing. In October, China agreed to match the U.S. commitment of $3.1 billion and will become a climate financier. Last summer, the G7 vowed to create carbon neutral energy system by 2050, and the G20 leaders are under considerable pressure to be forward leaning as they meet a few weeks before COP21.

A Hill Times Events Breakfast Briefing: Platform 2015: Energy

Our final Platform 2015 election event focuses on Energy. Key to powering our economy, here we will explore important issues that include the major party positions on pipeline transportation, renewable energy, exports, labour and pricing. You are invited to take part with key stakeholders along with political and policy experts who will map out where they believe the next government could and should go.

A Hill Times Events Breakfast Briefing: Platform 2015: Transportation

Our third Platform 2015 election event focuses on Transportation. A key driver in our economy, here we examine the major party positions on freight rail regulations, a national public transit policy, inter-city transportation, a national ports strategy and project management. You are invited to take part with key stakeholders along with political and policy experts who will map out where they believe the next government could and should go.

A Hill Times Events Breakfast Briefing: Platform 2015: Health

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the conversation in our second Platform 2015 election event on Health. Here we explore important election issues including the party positions on securing federal transfers to the provinces, seniors care, a national drug policy, the impact of climate change on health, and access to family physicians among others.

A Hill Times Events Breakfast Briefing: Platform 2015: Agriculture

From the future of marketing boards, to grain transport and food safety, agriculture policy will be a critical and much debated subject this election. Be a part of this important conversation at The Hill Times Events Election 2015 Platform discussion on Agriculture Policy.

Spinning History: A Witness to Harper’s Canada and 21st Century choices

An unvarnished look at the Harper years and what lies ahead for Canadians. Veteran Toronto Star political and economics journalist Les Whittington has seen it all, and then some. In his new book, Spinning History, Whittington chronicles—with remarkable clarity and a cop-like, straight-up tone—the hallmarks of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government. It's a concise, well-written insider's guide on how the government has tried to change Canada over the last 10 years and it offers some suggestions for the future.

Political Arts—Pragmatism and Isealism in the Public Service

The public service is facing change and pressure from all sides. How can we meet these challenges while staying sane and idealistic? This discussion will present new approaches and innovative ideas. Speakers include Jennifer Brewin, the playwright/director of The Public Servant; Regional Executive Vice President of PSAC, Larry Rousseau; and Paul Dewar Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre.

Securing Public Spaces

Public Spaces provide unique challenges for lawmakers and security specialists to ensure they remain open and accessible to the public while protecting against a lone wolf attack. Jurisdictions around the world have been struggling with how to rectify this. The topic remains a challenge in the wake of the October 22 attack in Ottawa and the need for solutions has never been greater as Canada approaches the PAN AM Games and plans are underway in Ottawa for the celebration in 2017.

Lobbyist Gifting: Challenges for Lobbyists, Political Staff and Bureaucrats

• Are unregistered lobbyists on the rise because of conflict of interest rules?

• When is legal lobbying not ethical?

• Do lobbyists and political staff need closer scrutiny or more freedom?

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