Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015
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Forsey says ‘outrageous’ Senate is tool of PMO, it’s the real scandal

Helen Forsey, author of A People’s Senate, is passionate about Senate reform. She’s got plenty to say about Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s track record on the Upper Chamber.

Harper transforming Canada from democratic state into market state, argues Gutstein in Harperism

Donald Gutstein investigates how some leading think tanks have influenced Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government.

Cities have power to influence human well-being, says Happy City author

Charles Montgomery’s Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design is one of five books shortlisted for this year’s prestigious Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing.

Smith’s grisly look at Afghanistan nominated for best political book of 2013

Graeme Smith says Western leaders do not have clean hands in Afghanistan.

Wells puts Harper into context, and then some

In The Longer I’m Prime Minister, Maclean’s magazine columnist Paul Wells writes a calm book about ‘a guy who makes people angry.’

Delacourt probes the ‘Mad Menization’ of federal politics

Susan Delacourt talks about her book Shopping For Votes: How Politicians Choose Us And We Choose Them and why it’s a bad thing when political parties treat voters like they’re morons.

‘Once a reporter, always a reporter’

For more than 40 years, Don Newman was a reporter and one of the best-known on the Hill. He talks about his life and career in his new book, Welcome To The Broadcast and offers his take on the media today.

Bestselling author of The Inconvenient Indian says feds mounting ‘all-out offensive’ on native lands

Thomas King talks about his book, The Inconvenient Indian, a remarkable narrative of native culture, policy, and history in North America. It’s also a powerful reality check.

Canada ‘played long, dirty, and hard’ to get Newfoundland into Confederation, says Malone

Greg Malone uncovers a radically different version of the history of Newfoundland’s entry into Confederation in his new book, Don’t Tell The Newfoundlanders.

Petrou on his new book, Afghanistan, the Middle East, and war reporting

Maclean’s magazine journalist Michael Petrou talks about his new book, Is This Your First War?

Former Canadian soldier Semrau grateful he wasn’t sent to prison for 20 years and to be alive

Robert Semrau was charged with second degree murder of a grievously wounded Taliban soldier in Afghanistan in 2008. He was later found not guilty of murder, but guilty of conduct unbecoming an officer and discharged from the Canadian Forces in 2010. Today, he talks about his experience with The Hill Times.

Stewart’s on a new mission: to help save humanity

Toronto native Rob Stewart talks about his documentary films Sharkwater, Revolution, and his new book, Saving Humanity.

‘Culture gives meaning to life and makes it pleasant and creative, it’s supremely important,’ says Meisel

John Meisel, the man Peter C. Newman calls a ‘national treasure with a Morovian accent,’ talks about his illustrious career and his life.

‘The Prime Minister is far more powerful than he should be,’ says Donner Prize-winning co-author Turnbull

Democratizing the Constitution: Reforming Responsible Government co-author Lori Turnbull argues for more written checks and constraints on the Prime Minister of Canada, for the sake of the House of Commons.

Canadian government and politics at a crossroads, it’s time to get with it

Don Lenihan argues for much greater citizen engagement in an increasingly complex world.

Liberals dying but not dead, says Newman

Peter C. Newman says the Liberal Party is isolated, has no leader, no power base, no money, no natural allies, no leverage as a third party, and no policies. Liberals say they have problems, but they will return.

The world according to Bill

Former NDP MP Bill Blaikie, a United Church minister, talks about managing religious belief in the public square and says not everyone who has religious faith in politics is on the right.

‘I don’t miss going at the daily barrage and all the BS’ on the Hill

Allan Fotheringham says he was inspired by Hunter S. Thompson and Tom Wolfe. That explains it.

Competition among religious ideologies will continue with ‘an enduring intensity,’ says Gruending

Former NDP MP Dennis Gruending looks at political ideologies and tactics of religious conservatives and progressives in his new book

Bourrie takes fresh look at how Canadian news was manipulated in WW II, says war reporting today ‘an expensive frill’

Author and Hill journalist Mark Bourrie talks about his new book The Fog of War: Censorship of Canada’s Media in World War Two, and why the number of Canadian journalists today who can actually understand and analyse military affairs ‘could fit around a kitchen table.’

Parliamentary Calendar
Thursday, October 15, 2015
Dairy farmers protest against potential sector concessions in TPP trade deal Sept. 29, 2015 Oct. 2, 2015

The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Dairy farmers, mostly from Quebec and Ontario, drove tractors and cows to Parliament Hill Tuesday to protest rumoured market access concessions in the dairy sector under the Trans-Pacitfic Partnership deal.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
A few hundred dairy farmers, largely from Ontario and Quebec, met outside Parliament Hill Sept. 29, as tractors lined Wellington Street.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Farmers were there to voice concern over media reports, denied by government officials, that supply management concessions may be on the table in the massive TPP trade deal being negotiated in Atlanta this week.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Ontario dairy farmer Philippe Etter and Quebec farmer Bruno St. Pierre helped organize what they called a grassroots protest Sept. 29 on Parliament Hill, complete with tractors and half a dozen live cows.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Farmers descended upon Parliament Hill to let government negotiators know that any TPP concession to the country’s supply management system will be unwelcome.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Quebec lobby and producer groups, L'Union des producteurs agricoles du Québec and Les Producteurs de laid du Québec, helped secure last minute police and city permits for the event.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
The protest included some spilled milk (but no tears) near of the Prime Minister's Office.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Police were on hand to help corral half a dozen orderly bovine participants, while dozens of tractors lined the streets.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
The dairy rally was planned over the weekend at the grassroots level said one organizer and Ottawa-area farmer.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Is there milk in your cheese? Asks one protester.


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