Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015
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Hush-hush about LeBreton Flats anchor project plans, NCC’s secretive, arrogant style

The NCC always has been its own worst enemy when it acts as a developer with private partners.

Shining light on Justin Trudeau’s stand on transparency

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau’s private member’s bill would do little to ensure that Parliamentarians and the public would be entitled to know such things as the estimated Canadian Iraq war costs.

Harper’s Cabinet need not have any background facts, reinforces greater Cabinet secrecy

By eliminating the background analysis component of MCs, what the current PM has ensured, with mandarin support, is that Cabinet records themselves have now become more sanitized, compromised, and even more brazenly secret.

PCO’s new gig, as a central social media agency

PCO is using all kinds of newer platforms: from Twitter, blogs, a YouTube channel, podcasts, to photo galleries.

PM prerogative, public’s knowledge of his office and fleeting glimpses

It’s time for the Prime Minister’s Office to be covered by the Access to Information Act.

It’s open season on transparency in Ottawa

From deleted ministerial staff emails, to emasculating a proposed private member’s federal sunshine salary bill, authorities want to continue excluding a wide swath of government records from public access.

Six Tory Cabinet ministers take to road to showcase Harper government’s communications style

A quick look at how Tory Cabinet ministers last June communicated a Canadian Border Services Agency announcement of increases to the personal travel exemption limit of goods that could be brought back into Canada.

Privacy breaches underline weak, secretive federal data protection laws

Human Resources Canada’s loss of a hard drive with personal information of some 583,000 also raises questions about how much do we really know about the vast amount of personal information that the Canadian government or other governments hold.

Rubin: Idle No More takes on Harper’s dismantling of First Nations’ home base

A new kind of social media-savvy, youthful native rank-and-file leadership is emerging and it feels duped by Harper’s approach with his government’s fast-tracked legislative enactments and the government’s coordinated drive to resurface the look of reserves.

Feds won’t help Truth and Reconciliation Commission gather millions of government records for Research Centre, so it’s going to court

It’s important that a country be able to keep records of its past publicly accessible.

Supreme Court poised to hear key access-to-information legal challenge

It’s a key case expected to be held next year as the outcome of how broad policy advice secrecy claims will affect how much public access there is to government records in all Canadian jurisdictions.

Tories targeting First Nations and unions for fuller public disclosure

There is no comparable requirement for posting the exact salaries and benefits of government employees or the details of all transactions occurring between Ottawa’s legion of lobbyists and politicians and officials.

Canada’s Access to Information Act turns 30, but who’s looking or caring

Parliament has done nothing for the Access to Information Act which can be a legal weapon that sheds light into corrupt practices, government waste, unhealthy consumer and environmental situations, and government privacy intrusions.

Is a massive destruction of records on the way?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s rush to downgrade federal information holdings and services raises that concern.

Canada’s Health Infoway is too secretive

We desperately need to change the way our federal, provincial, and territorial laws readily exclude and exempt basic financial and consumer data, avoiding public and Parliamentary scrutiny.

Supreme Court ruling more often in favour of greater secrecy

In a February judgment, the Supreme Court essentially broadened and strengthened the third-party notification privileges corporations have that delay release and second lowered the evidentiary standards that the government needs to follow to show that records should remain secret. This will result in much more government data being kept secret under access legislation.

The parallel worlds of what’s public and private

Throwing the public the equivalent of two cute pandas or X-number of new data sets now and then, or undercutting Parliamentary committees’ work is not the equivalent of an open government partnership with the public.

Feds enter Twitter/YouTube era: one more Harper government messaging tool

The Privy Council Office approves several departments’ plans to create their own YouTube/Twitter sites.

Ottawa’s love of envelopes: from Brian Mulroney to the CBC

Parliamentary Calendar
Monday, October 5, 2015
Dairy farmers protest against potential sector concessions in TPP trade deal Sept. 29, 2015 Oct. 2, 2015

The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Dairy farmers, mostly from Quebec and Ontario, drove tractors and cows to Parliament Hill Tuesday to protest rumoured market access concessions in the dairy sector under the Trans-Pacitfic Partnership deal.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
A few hundred dairy farmers, largely from Ontario and Quebec, met outside Parliament Hill Sept. 29, as tractors lined Wellington Street.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Farmers were there to voice concern over media reports, denied by government officials, that supply management concessions may be on the table in the massive TPP trade deal being negotiated in Atlanta this week.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Ontario dairy farmer Philippe Etter and Quebec farmer Bruno St. Pierre helped organize what they called a grassroots protest Sept. 29 on Parliament Hill, complete with tractors and half a dozen live cows.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Farmers descended upon Parliament Hill to let government negotiators know that any TPP concession to the country’s supply management system will be unwelcome.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Quebec lobby and producer groups, L'Union des producteurs agricoles du Québec and Les Producteurs de laid du Québec, helped secure last minute police and city permits for the event.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
The protest included some spilled milk (but no tears) near of the Prime Minister's Office.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Police were on hand to help corral half a dozen orderly bovine participants, while dozens of tractors lined the streets.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
The dairy rally was planned over the weekend at the grassroots level said one organizer and Ottawa-area farmer.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Is there milk in your cheese? Asks one protester.


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