Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Push by Conservative Senators has all the elements of a marvelous yarn

The Senate has given them the cover they need to try it all again. It is still up to the elected opposition to push back.

Flaherty could throw a partisan punch, but he left his politics at the door

Jim Flaherty’s death reminded those of us who are honoured to call Parliament our workspace that the men and women who do combat there day in and day out had lives outside the Commons and there was a shared respect in the place regardless of political ideology.

Couples may stay together, but power is fleeting

Dimitri Soudas’ power has been clipped and Conservative MP Eve Adams’ future is uncertain.

Foreign policy rarely wins votes at home

Prime Minister Stephen Harper carefully kept daylight between his pro-Ukrainian, anti-Russian views and potential new markets for Canadian resources.

Flaherty’s successor to reap benefits of his hard work and Oliver ‘won’t scare the horses’

Global repercussions of a split Ukraine just too grave

It now demands the quick attention of every western nation, regardless of any ancestral ties.

Liberals credible opposition party, but hard work lies ahead

Short on bling, Conservatives did provide some bang

Harper to navigate a pretty tough ’hood as he heads to Mexico

Feds now move election reform bill as if the building were on fire

Timing of the sudden declaration of Senate Independence Day curious

Only when that court guidance comes back will we really be in the realm of Senate reform, and, in the meantime, there are still 32 unelected, unaccountable Senators roaming the red-carpeted Chamber, whether they call themselves Independents, Independent Liberals, Liberal Independents or the Marx Brothers.

Flanagan has been let back into the ‘family’

It is a reminder that the freedom to debate, particularly in the academic setting, is important in this country and that all transgressions are not met with life sentences.

It’s here: live Senate coverage of a Tory cover-up

Senate-PMO scandal ‘kind of smells, really a lot’

Flaherty doesn’t need to be source of Ford’s ‘come to Jesus’ moment

But Jim Flaherty is clearly concerned about his family friend and it is laudable that he has transcended politics to deal with this matter on a human scale.

McQuaig could be Linda Lightning Rod

Linda McQuaig, by her own admission, is facing an uphill battle in Toronto Centre. An old-style NDP moral victory could be at hand. Anything more would not only shake up Toronto, but provide a jolt to Ottawa.

Harper may have shut down one avenue of trouble in Senate expenses scandal, but plenty more loom

Harper in a place no politician wants to be

The Prime Minister is out on a ledge, hewing to a version of events that appears less credible each day.

In took only minutes for Ottawa to return to its normal state

We have manufactured confrontation, a prime ministerial evacuation, Throne Speech obfuscation and trade deal exultation. It all started hours before the pomp and pageantry of the Throne Speech with another Conservative tradition, the contrived controversy.

Don’t be shocked by allegations of Canada spying


Parliamentary Calendar
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Hill media, staffers send off PMO's Jason MacDonald at the Métropolitain Brasserie's bar Feb. 20, 2015

The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
Bloomberg's Theo Argitis and PMO chief of staff Ray Novak.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
The PMO's outgoing Director of Communications Jason MacDonald.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
PMO executive assistant Stephen Staley, PMO special assistant Myles Atwood, and Tory Party national campaign manager Jenni Byrne.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
PMO deputy chief of staff Howard Anglin and Postmedia's Stephen Maher.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
The Ottawa Citizen's Jason Fekete with the man of the hour, Jason MacDonald.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
The Toronto Star's Tonda MacCharles.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
CBC's Chris Hall and Melissa Lantsman, Finance Minister Joe Oliver's director of communications.
The Hill Times Photograph by Jake Wright
Michael White, Finance Minister Joe Oliver's policy director.