Sunday, May 3, 2015
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Doubts about motives persist as RCMP keeps evidence secret: Tim Harper

These videos are not there to satisfy any morbid yearning for detail, but to shed light on important questions about an event that will be taught in history classes for generations to come.

Veterans Affairs minister an ocean away amid criticism

Julian Fantino shows no contrition, only combativeness and a talent for reading talking points in the House of Commons.

Sometimes it feels like we’re working in a giant frat house on the Rideau

An institution that can’t find a way out of this mess has only itself to blame for the perception under which it now labours.

Harper-Wynne war will worsen

But he will have to be careful in how he handles a brash and increasingly frustrated Liberal government in Ontario.

Bill C-377 orchestrated by Harper’s office, anti-union lobbyist

Data compiled by the non-profit Canadians for Responsible Advocacy leave no doubt about the access to Harper’s Langevin Block office given to an Ottawa lobbyist—a former employee of Harper’s opposition office—acting on behalf of eight provincial ‘open shop’ construction associations.

Terrorist or murderer? Distinction is important

How this craven killer is ultimately labelled will have an impact on Canadians far beyond the twin killings of soldiers.

When fear invades your neighbourhood

I’d like to think that the neighbourhood will be back, that the shortcut across the War Memorial will be routine and the greetings of the security guards will be the same, but once fear invades the neighbourhood, it feels like it will never be the same again.

Independence erupts in House of Commons

When independence does erupt in the Commons, indecision is sometimes confessed and MPs can veer from party lines on principle, without being branded mavericks or sparking a media feeding frenzy.

Conservatives use patriotism, fear to sell their war plan

Saying sorry properly becoming a lost art

Ezra Levant sparked a boycott of Sun News by Trudeau. Paul Calandra had faced days of criticism and appears to have been taken to the woodshed by his boss. Justin Trudeau was facing a demand for an apology by the ambassador, among others.

New Brunswick campaign a dry run of Liberal strategy

Federal lessons cannot always be gleaned from provincial experience, but New Brunswick parallels were too enticing to ignore.

Harper-Duffy fracas may end badly for both

The Prime Minister may have a number of perfectly legal reasons to testify, but should he do so, he loses, Duffy wins and the Senator sleeps soundly in the political world in which they both live.

Harper’s phony 30-day Iraq timeline absurd: Tim Harper

We can’t just cheer from the sidelines. But the government should treat Canadians as adults, drop the phony 30-day reassessment deadline and explain why we will do more.

Reconciliation bid deserves mercy from cynics

Maybe it’s just more talk with familiar names. But when some of our former leaders decide that this issue still deserves their efforts, only the most cynical would not listen. And if they can force this dialogue onto the agenda in a federal election year, we all benefit.

Tory track record shows torching Trudeau may work

Conventional wisdom will tell you Justin Trudeau is on the ascendancy and this is frightening Conservatives, as evidenced by their over-the-top torch jobs on his judgment and character.

Criminal trial gives Duffy opportunity to go after PMO: Tim Harper

Harper says it’s up to Hamas to end conflict

In Ottawa, mutual ceasefires and peace talks are only for the weak-kneed and faint of heart.

MacKay offers pocket change to help young victims escape an unchosen life: Tim Harper

Under the government’s bill, Emily Symons of Prostitutes of Ottawa, Work, Educate and Resist, says those who want out of the trade have all the human rights, at the expense of those who wish to stay in the trade.

Conservatives could be tempted to campaign against courts in next election

This is a government determined to bring its brand of law and order to this country, whether it is cracking down on bogus refugee claimants, giving police more surveillance powers, bringing in mandatory sentencing, ending early parole or always going the extra mile to bring down the hammer in the name of victims’ rights.

Trudeau’s got momentum after Monday’s four byelections results

The voting trends are the only real numbers we have—they are not crowd counts, or Question Period performance, fawning local coverage in small towns or even fundraising numbers.


Parliamentary Calendar
Monday, May 4, 2015
Famous 5 Ottawa recognizes Wynne as a nation builder May 1, 2015

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne arriving at the NAC on Thursday, April 30, 2015. She was being recognized as a nation builder by Famous 5 Ottawa.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Premier Wynne making a grand entrance to a standing ovation of Hill women on Thursday, April 30.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson going in for a handshake with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Famous 5 Ottawa's founding chair Isabel Metcalfe and Malini Giridhar, vice-president of gas supply and business development at Enbridge. Ms Wynne joins a growing list of women who have been recognized for their leadership and courage in advancing equality.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Maclean's journalists Paul Wells and Michael Petrou.