Monday, Sept. 1, 2014
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In took only minutes for Ottawa to return to its normal state

We have manufactured confrontation, a prime ministerial evacuation, Throne Speech obfuscation and trade deal exultation. It all started hours before the pomp and pageantry of the Throne Speech with another Conservative tradition, the contrived controversy.

Don’t be shocked by allegations of Canada spying

Public defiance, quiet compromise have served PM Harper well

It’s a style he will ride in the second half of his mandate.

House needs to debate assisted suicide

We’ll never know how Jack Layton would have dealt with Trudeau threat

What Brad Lavigne’s book does is remind us of the challenges thrown at Tom Mulcair since he assumed the job, challenges that Jack Layton would have faced had he had the chance to be opposition leader.

Mulcair delivers strongest indictment of Marois’ so-called values charter

It is a sure bet that one of the three federal parties will ultimately pay an electoral price in Quebec for this speedy repudiation of the charter. It is to the credit of all three of them that they looked beyond that inconvenience and chose human rights over political timidity.

On Syria, Harper retreats into role of the quiet Canadian

The world is split into many camps on the most serious international dilemma since Prime Minister Stephen Harper came to power.

Wallin blaming everyone except herself

Once a curiosity, foreign service union strike now verging on crisis

Much has been written about the plunging morale in a Canadian bureaucracy which feels diminished by its Conservative government masters and you can now add our representatives abroad to that list.

Canadian government must condemn Russia’s retrograde anti-gay laws at next month’s G20 summit

'We've been working hard behind the scenes, and obviously we're deeply disturbed, deeply concerned about President Putin signing this bill into law,' says Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

Approval could still come, but a rejection of Keystone could be part of Obama’s larger climate change legacy

A man who will not again face the electorate may be looking for a legacy issue and Canadian politicians may have unwittingly helped hand it to him.

Cabinet shuffle a spectacular feat of political marketing: Tim Harper

As for the tone and demeanour of this government, very little happened on July 15 to indicate a change there.

Random, unfocused violence near impossible to predict

The RCMP says it was a tip from the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service that twigged police to the alleged B.C. plot. If this turns out to be a real plot, good on CSIS.

Opposition leader must spend summer unravelling Mulcair mystery

If Justin Trudeau is Canada’s shiny object, then Tom Mulcair is Canada’s enigma wrapped in a beard.

Sorry spectacles in this Parliament, mud being tossed from one side of Commons and back again

Rathgeber proves to be sturdy political barometer of voter discontent

Takedown of Duffy and Wallin has just begun

It is either take down, or be dragged down with them.

I’m breaking up with pollsters

There are clearly problems with online methodology, which does not capture the views of those for whom English is the second language. Too many of those polled are not voting.

Two weeks in politics has brought a lot of change

But the frenetic pace of politicking here in the past couple of weeks has allowed for a close examination of the strengths and weaknesses of the three main political parties and their leaders.

Every time Trudeau’s criticized for being a celebrity, his political stock is sure to rise

That is likely the last mock striptease in the Justin Trudeau’s career. His d’Artagnan look will likely now be shelved and he should hang up the boxing gloves. But if he becomes too conventional, he will be playing into the hands of his opponents because Canadians are desperate for a little colour in a federal political palette awash in grey.


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Monday, September 1, 2014
Remembering Devon Jacobs Aug. 19, 2014

The Hill Times photo by Jake Wright

Devon Jacobs, right, with Monte Solberg and Jim Armour at the 2012 Manning Networking Conference.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Devon Jacobs with Liberal MP Scott Simms.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Devon Jacobs with former colleague Jim Patrick, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Liberal MP Mauril Belanger at the 2013 all-party party.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Devon Jacobs, centre, with Conservative MPs (from left) Susan Truppe, Colin Carrie, Ted Opitz, Lynne Yelich and Eve Adams.