Friday, March 6, 2015
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Harper’s 11th-hour embrace of unelected judges

It will be up to judges to allow any CSIS action that could be deemed potentially unconstitutional or illegal.

Terror shouldn’t be defined to further political goals

The government is doing nothing to reassure Canadians fearful of an anti-terror law if we can’t define terrorism. If one can be arrested for promoting terror on a computer in their parents’ basement, we should know what terror is.

Canadian Sniper of federal politics now in charge of Harper’s employment file heading into an election

A Calgary-born former hockey player and a one-time Reform Party worker elected at 25, Pierre Poilievre is the political equivalent of the hockey pest, the guy who yaps at you in the faceoff circle and gives you a glove in the face in the corner.

If it was time for Baird to get out, who’s next?

Something appears to be hanging unsaid as John Baird detaches from a job he clearly loved.

We need an adult conversation on climate change, carbon pricing at federal level now

But if there is timidity at the federal level right now, you can blame the tao of Stephen Harper.

Adult conversation on carbon pricing needed at federal level

As an international outlier, Prime Minister Stephen Harper must drop his insistence on continental action and move on some type of regulations against large greenhouse-gas emitters in the lead up to this year's global climate summit in Paris, says Tim Harper

Harper's re-election hopes hinge on anti-terrorism legislation, war in Iraq and an April budget

If you subscribe to the theory that incumbent governments defeat themselves, particularly those headed into their second decade, any one of these grenades mishandled will mean Conservative damage could be extreme, says Tim Harper.

Harper government feeling its way, not taking confident pre-election strides it had hoped

Byrne, McGrath, Telford three of most powerful women in Canada

For the first time in history, the three major federal campaigns in this country are being run by women and this might be the biggest leap forward in gender politics in recent memory.

Politics trumps reality in Tory budget

Don’t worry about the fact the Conservatives essentially spent the surplus they had last autumn and have pushed the next federal budget into the new fiscal year. The new Conservative math is political math.

Desire for change PM’s biggest threat

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a winner. But how many times can you go to the well?

Governing Harper different from campaigning Harper

Where once he might have hunkered down, election-year Harper demoted his man Julian Fantino in broad daylight on a working day, ignoring the urge to act during the Christmas break when holiday festivities and official inertia provide cover of darkness.

Prime minister has political winds at his back

Stephen Harper’s 2015 part is still very much unsettled and as we have just learned, events off the Parliamentary stage will largely define that role.

Doubts about motives persist as RCMP keeps evidence secret: Tim Harper

These videos are not there to satisfy any morbid yearning for detail, but to shed light on important questions about an event that will be taught in history classes for generations to come.

Veterans Affairs minister an ocean away amid criticism

Julian Fantino shows no contrition, only combativeness and a talent for reading talking points in the House of Commons.

Sometimes it feels like we’re working in a giant frat house on the Rideau

An institution that can’t find a way out of this mess has only itself to blame for the perception under which it now labours.

Harper-Wynne war will worsen

But he will have to be careful in how he handles a brash and increasingly frustrated Liberal government in Ontario.

Bill C-377 orchestrated by Harper’s office, anti-union lobbyist

Data compiled by the non-profit Canadians for Responsible Advocacy leave no doubt about the access to Harper’s Langevin Block office given to an Ottawa lobbyist—a former employee of Harper’s opposition office—acting on behalf of eight provincial ‘open shop’ construction associations.

Terrorist or murderer? Distinction is important

How this craven killer is ultimately labelled will have an impact on Canadians far beyond the twin killings of soldiers.

When fear invades your neighbourhood

I’d like to think that the neighbourhood will be back, that the shortcut across the War Memorial will be routine and the greetings of the security guards will be the same, but once fear invades the neighbourhood, it feels like it will never be the same again.


Parliamentary Calendar
Friday, March 6, 2015
ITK hosts intimate preview of next week's Taste of the Arctic event March 2, 2015

The Hill Times photograph by John Major
ITK project coordinator Looee Okalik, using an 'ulu' or 'woman's knife' to cut off a portion of 'Nikku' or dried caribou.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
NAC Le Café's executive chef John Morris explaining his take on traditional Inuit menu items.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
First Air's Elisapee Sheutiapik, also former mayor of Iqaluit, with ITK health and social development assistant director Anna Fowler.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
First Air's Ron Lowry, Ms. Sheutiapik, ITK's Looee Okalik, iPolitics' Elizabeth Gray-Smith, ITK's Anna Fowler, The Hill Times' Rachel Aiello, First Air's Bert van der Stege, and ITK's Kathleen Tagoona.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
After the tasting, Chef John Morris joined the guests for the mini-feast of traditional Inuit foods.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
Chef John Morris spoons some jus on Ottawa Citizen food editor Peter Hum's plate.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
First Air's Ron Lowry and Bert van der Stege; and ITK President Terry Audla.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
ITK president Terry Audla digging in to the frozen Arctic char or 'Iqaluk' meat from the Rankin Inlet.
The Hill Times photograph by John Major
First Air's Ron Lowry adding a bit of seal fur to his suit.