Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015
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Sounds of silence from Tory candidates

Another Orange Wave for Alberta?

Dismissing the possibility of another Orange Wave means ignoring what happened here in the spring.

Wright opens door on PMO scheming

Voters should probably wonder about a bloated office purportedly running the country that was consumed with secret machinations to protect the reputation of a man abusing taxpayer money.

All eyes will be on Vaughan and Chow

Vaughan has twice beaten the chosen successors to Chow. Now he must beat the icon herself. She’s in tough.

Scandals ensure future of Senate will be hot topic

Senator Don Meredith is one more reason that the future of the Senate will barge its way onto the agenda in this autumn’s election campaign.

Conservatives never redress, they retaliate

If you encounter dissent, you demonize. If you are crossed, you take the low road and fight back.

All three parties talk about change in Ottawa

Conservatives may believe Justin Trudeau is the only opponent in their way this fall, but Stephen Harper and the Liberal leader sparring over who has more Senators under police investigation can only help Tom Mulcair.

Mulcair NDP increasingly appears to be Canada’s party of change

For the first time since Trudeau was chosen party leader two years ago, the change candidate now appears to be Tom Mulcair. At very least, the NDP is building momentum at the right time.

Search for a just jury representation

The Supreme Court’s 5-2 decision, which ruled that the constitutional rights of Clifford Kokopenace were not violated when he was convicted of manslaughter by a jury that included no aboriginal members, again raises the question as to whether governments in this country are really doing enough to get aboriginals on our jury rolls.

‘Trap’ to snare Trudeau far from infallible plan

It may indeed be a diabolical Tory strategy, but it is hardly infallible.

Tories should stop using our money for their ads

The Conservatives have provided a national background Muzak of sloganeering and propaganda that aims to lull Canadians into a false sense that everything will be okay if you just vote for them.

Conservative budget a foundation for re-election

Budgets are not always pathways to re-election. But, six months out, Conservative strategists have likely given themselves a bit of a boost with this one.

Pay no attention to that little man in the courtroom

The Conservative government may be stealing furtive glances over its shoulder at the downtown Ottawa courthouse, but it is mainly going about its business, flexing the muscle of incumbency.

Duffy didn’t come to the courtroom alone

Mike Duffy didn’t just enter the courtroom with his wife, Heather, and lawyer Donald Bayne in tow, of course, he was dragging the Stephen Harper government, the Prime Minister’s one-time inner circle and the Conservative leadership in the Senate into the tiny courtroom with him.

Trudeau being squeezed on terror, war

On these two issues, at least, Justin Trudeau is finding it difficult to claim a middle ground that has long been his party’s traditional turf.

PM’s Syria decision shows laziness, arrogance

Sending Canadians into harm’s way is the most solemn decision a government can make, but Harper is doing this in the most arrogant, sloppy and lazy way imaginable. This is not to argue against the Islamic State threat, its barbarism, or this country’s responsibility.

Polls may force issue of progressive alliance

Voters may find it madness to be discussing a potential coalition government seven months before an expected election, but NDP Leader Mulcair has again pushed the concept to the forefront of political debate in this country.

Ten reasons why Canadian progressives coming together to oust Cons a non-starter

Tom Mulcair can have his fun, and the columnists can fell forests to print opinion pieces about it all. But an NDP-Liberal coalition is never, ever going to happen.

Harper’s 11th-hour embrace of unelected judges

It will be up to judges to allow any CSIS action that could be deemed potentially unconstitutional or illegal.

Terror shouldn’t be defined to further political goals

The government is doing nothing to reassure Canadians fearful of an anti-terror law if we can’t define terrorism. If one can be arrested for promoting terror on a computer in their parents’ basement, we should know what terror is.

Parliamentary Calendar
Tuesday, September 1, 2015
MPs, federal candidates take part in Ottawa's Capital Pride Parade, Aug. 23 Aug. 24, 2015

The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello

On Sunday, Aug. 23 Ottawa celebrated its 30th annual pride march through downtown. All four main political parties had a contingent in the parade, with the Liberals first in the line of marchers. Here Orleans candidate Andrew Leslie and a slightly hidden Ottawa South MP David McGuinty walk together, alongside dozens of supporters. 

The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello

Ottawa Centre Liberal candidate Catherine McKenna. 

The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello

More Liberal supporters march in the parade. Liberal MPP for Ottawa Centre Yasir Naqvi, Ottawa-West Nepean candidate Anita Vandenbeld, Kanata-Carleton candidate Karen McCrimmon, and Hull-Alymer candidate Greg Fergus were marching too. 

The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello

The local Green party contingent in the parade threw their support around Kanata-Carleton candidate Andrew West. 

The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello

The New Democrats making their way onto the parade route, flanked by local unions UFCW Locals 175 & 633, and the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). 

The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello

NDP candidate for Orleans Nancy Tremblay was all smiles next to Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar. 

The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello

Paul Dewar and the NDP supporters were yelling "Happy Pride" as they marched. Carleton candidate kc Larocque, Kanata-Carleton candidate John Hansen, Ottawa South candidate George Brown, and Nepean candidate Sean Devine were there, too. 

The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello

Despite a petition looking to ban the LGBTory contingent from marching in the parade, about two-dozen supporters took part, holding signs that included "I kissed a Tory and I liked it," and "I am Conservative, I support trans rights." The latter was inspired by backlash over Bill C-279,  the trans bill of rights that was killed by Conservative Senators during the last session of Parliament. 

The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello

Nepean Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod, and Ottawa Centre federal candidate Damian Konstantinakos (far right) were the only politicians The Hill Times spotted among the LGBTory contingent.

Ontario Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod. She also marched earlier this summer in the Toronto Pride Parade alongside Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown. 

The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello

The LGBTorys were joined by Melissa Hudson, the chair of Trans-Action Group, a non-profit focused on Transgender health and employment. As well, some marchers carried signs, seen above, that list the 18 federal MPs past and present who "stand with" the LGBTorys. 

The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello

The LGBTory contingent calls themselves the 'Rainbow Conservatives of Canada" according to a handout they had at their tent set up as part of the street fair alongside the parade. All parties had sign-up lists at their booths, looking to gain supporters and volunteers. On the handout, it says they want to "break the left wing monopoly on the LGBT community," and includes quotes from former Foreign Affairs minister John Baird, and former VP of the Ottawa Centre Conservative Association Fred Litwin


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