Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015
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Beauty of Copps: she’s loved, despised, and often for same reasons

But for a party on life support, is Sheila Copps, a lightning rod for controversy, a woman who has roller-derby-style politics in her DNA, a figure as polarizing as any in an often polarized party, really the party president to dig Liberals out of their hole?

Conservative strategy for its Quebec revival: spread false rumours about imminent retirement of Liberal MP. Check.

If you can’t win it, try to steal it by spreading lies, sowing confusion, destabilizing the rightful winner and wallowing in the slime.

NDP leadership campaign more about race for endorsements than a battle of ideas

The NDP leadership campaign is so far not promising to freshen up Canada’s progressive discourse, but it could be the best venue to measure the chilling effect of the bare-knuckled Conservative approach to politics on the country’s political conversation.

Tories call Leslie and Gravelle traitorous duo for telling Washington that not every Canadian was a proponent of Alberta’s tar sands

To hear the noise from the Conservative side of the House of Commons, one would think that the Halifax NDP MP and her colleague from Nickel Belt, Claude Gravelle, were treasonous subversives who should be drawn and quartered at dawn.

PIPSC to take on feds with brains, not brawn, Corbett says

These will be tumultuous times because it is not only austerity that is driving this government in its war with labour. It is being driven by ideology and plain old politics.

Ferguson served up as an anglo piñata to francophone New Democrats

Michael Ferguson has toiled diligently in the service of the New Brunswick government and is now on the brink of becoming Canada’s new auditor general. But he should never get the job.

Harper’s not pulling unfamiliar rabbits out of new majority hat

The government’s penchant for using its reinforced Parliamentary arsenal to curtail debate has been par for the course for a governing party that routinely closed down Parliament in the face of political adversity in its minority days.

Votes that don’t promise change don’t create excitement

This year has been remarkable for the number of federal, provincial and territorial elections, but it will also be recorded as the year of the status quo.

Harper majority tightens iron grip on opposition parties too

It’s the opposition parties’ turn to see their already shortened Parliamentary wings clipped by Harper’s majority.

Mulcair now underdog in early NDP leadership sweepstakes, no accident

Among the prospective candidates, none worked more closely with Layton than Topp. He was at the late leader’s side until the very end.

Maybe it’s time we got to know Megan Leslie

So it is hard to imagine the federal NDP heading into its second consecutive leadership race without a serious female leadership candidate; not one freighted with symbolism, but one who carries a realistic chance to win.

Clement's earned a reputation for defending the indefensible

It won't serve him well as Treasury Board president. In that pivotal capacity, he will be in charge of tightening the belt of the federal government, and doing so under the wary surveillance of a suspicious chattering class.

Post-referendum tinderbox has turned into a pile of damp hay

Quebec is re-engaging on the national scene on terms that closely mirror the constitutional accord whose failure sparked its two-decade estrangement.

If Ontario was serious, it would draft constitutional amendment to abolish Senate

Under the Constitution, the power to initiate a discussion to reform Canada's parliamentary institutions does not rest exclusively with the federal government.

Conservatives put national media in their crosshairs

There's an emerging narrative designed to place the Parliamentary media squarely in the Conservative crosshairs recently vacated by Michael Ignatieff's Liberals.

This Parliamenet has a sunnier disposition than previous one

It's a mood enhanced by the fact that for the first time in two decades, the priority of the vast majority of Quebec's MPs is not to demonstrate that Canada is a failed federation.

Prime Minister has unique opportunity to alleviate Quebec's estrangement from federal institutions

As counterintuitive as it may seem, that starts with preserving part of the Bloc Québécois' legacy in federal politics.

Could be a long, long time before Liberals make it out of woods

Relegated to the wilderness on May 2, the Liberals don't even seem to be able to agree they need a compass.

Populist right and populist left to be going head to head for first time

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be returning to the Commons later this spring in control of the two Houses of Parliament for the first time. Depending on the scope of his ambitions, such free rein with the levers of power could prove more risky for his

Liberal election campaign like watching a plane crash, in slow motion

'The end of the world' was how one shaken lifelong Liberal insider described his party's slide to third place behind the NDP last week. Throughout its distinguished history, the Liberal Party of Canada has never been further from power than official oppos

Parliamentary Calendar
Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Dairy farmers protest against potential sector concessions in TPP trade deal Sept. 29, 2015 Oct. 2, 2015

The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Dairy farmers, mostly from Quebec and Ontario, drove tractors and cows to Parliament Hill Tuesday to protest rumoured market access concessions in the dairy sector under the Trans-Pacitfic Partnership deal.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
A few hundred dairy farmers, largely from Ontario and Quebec, met outside Parliament Hill Sept. 29, as tractors lined Wellington Street.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Farmers were there to voice concern over media reports, denied by government officials, that supply management concessions may be on the table in the massive TPP trade deal being negotiated in Atlanta this week.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Ontario dairy farmer Philippe Etter and Quebec farmer Bruno St. Pierre helped organize what they called a grassroots protest Sept. 29 on Parliament Hill, complete with tractors and half a dozen live cows.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Farmers descended upon Parliament Hill to let government negotiators know that any TPP concession to the country’s supply management system will be unwelcome.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Quebec lobby and producer groups, L'Union des producteurs agricoles du Québec and Les Producteurs de laid du Québec, helped secure last minute police and city permits for the event.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
The protest included some spilled milk (but no tears) near of the Prime Minister's Office.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Police were on hand to help corral half a dozen orderly bovine participants, while dozens of tractors lined the streets.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
The dairy rally was planned over the weekend at the grassroots level said one organizer and Ottawa-area farmer.
The Hill Times photo by Alyssa O'Dell
Is there milk in your cheese? Asks one protester.


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