Friday, Oct. 24, 2014
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Harper gets presented with two equally unpalatable notions

Harper will have to decide how much he can afford to stake on Quebec Premier Charest

History shows despite media outrage, the Prime Minister will have his way

As for the opposition parties who currently pay lip service to the cause of journalistic access, the evidence also suggests that once in power, they will pick up where Prime Minister Stephen Harper leaves off. Stay tuned.

The weird parallels between Parti Québécois and federal Liberals

If the Liberals are to quickly grow out of opposition, they too will have to avoid sticking their heads in the sand of wishful thinking.

Harper's media encounters more like army briefings

Stephen Harper has given himself a total of 13 days between the election and his swearing-in to come up with the first Conservative Cabinet in more than a decade. In 2004, Martin took 22 days to put together his second Cabinet in six months.

For incumbent Prime Minister Paul Martin, the best-case minority scenario could also be the most dangerous

A minority Liberal government that had a bit of time ahead of it might be more tempted to change the guard quicker than one whose survival would hang by a thread.

PM's departure required to cleanse Liberal brand

Canadians tend to look to Ottawa in times of crisis and at such times, voters also usually prefer activist governments

From one incident to the next, the Martin team has become more adept at tailoring its response to the national mood, not necessarily to the most pressing needs in the afflicted areas.

Gomery report to introduce new clouds on Liberal horizon

If the government plans to get to a spring election with its feet dry, it will have to weather the first Gomery downpour.

Michaëlle Jean will turn out to be hard to dislike or to dismiss

Until the very last minute, Liberal strategists had feared that the installation of Michaëlle Jean as governor general would add fuel to the recent fire over her political allegiances. They need not have worried.


Parliamentary Calendar
Friday, October 24, 2014
Lockdown on the Hill, Oct. 22 Oct. 22, 2014

Anne Marie Creskey

NDP MPs on Wednesday morning at the corner of Metcalfe and Wellington streets outside the Langevin Block, where the prime minister has an office, across the street from Parliament Hill. They include Rosane Doré Lefebvre, far left, Hélène Laverdière, second from right, and Charlie Angus, far right. 

Anne Marie Creskey

NDP MP Charlie Angus and other MPs wait in front of the prime minister's office at Langevin Block, after leaving the Hill on Wednesday morning. 

Anne Marie Creskey

Ottawa Police Service officers on Parliament Hill at around 10:45 a.m.

Anne Marie Creskey

Ottawa Police cars on Wellington Street in front of the Hill on the morning of the attack.

Anne Marie Creskey

An armoured police vehicle on Metcalfe Street headed toward the Hill.

Anne Marie Creskey

More police arrive on Wellington Street.

Anne Marie Creskey

RCMP officers on Sparks Street between Elgin and Metcalfe streets on Wednesday morning. Surroundings buildings were locked down and later evacuated. 

Anne Marie Creskey

Reporters and camera crews are pushed back to the corner of Sparks and Metcalfe streets.

Anne Marie Creskey

The prime minister's office in the Langevin Block is evacuated.

Anne Marie Creskey

Police with a stretcher on Sparks Street.