Friday, Dec. 19, 2014
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Conservatives to road-test an alternative route to a second electoral victory

If the federal Conservatives can't win an urban southern Ontario riding like London North Centre next month, they're unlikely to stay in power

Gov.-Gen. could be only one standing in way of early election

Gov.-Gen. Michaëlle Jean wades uncommonly deep in political territory over past few months

Harper gets presented with two equally unpalatable notions

Harper will have to decide how much he can afford to stake on Quebec Premier Charest

History shows despite media outrage, the Prime Minister will have his way

As for the opposition parties who currently pay lip service to the cause of journalistic access, the evidence also suggests that once in power, they will pick up where Prime Minister Stephen Harper leaves off. Stay tuned.

The weird parallels between Parti Québécois and federal Liberals

If the Liberals are to quickly grow out of opposition, they too will have to avoid sticking their heads in the sand of wishful thinking.

Harper's media encounters more like army briefings

Stephen Harper has given himself a total of 13 days between the election and his swearing-in to come up with the first Conservative Cabinet in more than a decade. In 2004, Martin took 22 days to put together his second Cabinet in six months.

For incumbent Prime Minister Paul Martin, the best-case minority scenario could also be the most dangerous

A minority Liberal government that had a bit of time ahead of it might be more tempted to change the guard quicker than one whose survival would hang by a thread.


Parliamentary Calendar
Sunday, December 21, 2014
Maher, Den Tandt's Barrack Hill Balladeers perform at Tunes for Ottawa Food Bank shindig at D'Arcy's, Dec. 17 Dec. 18, 2014

Photograph courtesy of Dylan Robertson
D'Arcy McGees was packed on Wednesday night as Hill journalists, staffers. GR and PR folks came out to raise money for the Ottawa Food Bank.
Photograph courtesy of Mark Bourrie
Stephen Maher and Michael Den Tant performing alongside fellow Barrack Hill Balladeers at D'Arcy's Wednesday night.
Photograph courtesy of Stephen Maher
Mark Fraser and Bobby Watt start off the evening with Irish folk song Carrickfergus.
Embassy News Photograph courtesy of Laura Beaulne-Stuebing
Mark Fraser, Stephen Maher, Michael Den Tant and Celeste Côté.
The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello
The Barrack Hill Balladeers had been practising for a while before their performance, said Stephen Maher. The crowd enjoyed them.